Top 20 Best Way To Share Large Files in 2022

Best Way To Share Large Files

One of the numerous advantages of contemporary technology is the Best Way To Share Large Files with others.Things might get a lot more difficult when the files are too enormous to exchange and transmit. We’re here to tell you that sending and uploading huge files for free is simple. We’ve prepared a list of free best app to share large files in this post, as well as suggestions for how to speed up the Best Way To Share Large Files process.

Top 20 Best Way To Share Large Files in 2022

These are the following Best Way To Share Large Files :

1. FileWhopper

There are a variety of software options available to send large files free 20gb address the issue of transmitting large files.The benefit of FileWhopper is that, unlike other servers, it allows you to transmit very large files. Unlike Google Drive, Dropbox, and other similar services, this one is paid once. Another benefit is that software like this always provides free space (up to 5GB), which is much more than double the amount of space available in cloud storage.

2. Cloud storage space

This is one of the most used and straightforward methods for storing and sending huge files.
Depending on the email provider, there are several clouds that give the same service: Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. This is reinforced by the fact that you can get free storage space (often 2 GB), with everything above that subject to a monthly subscription.

3. File compression software

When you have several files, this form of data transmission is generally employed. Then free software like 7-Zip compresses the entire folder at once, reducing the file size dramatically. 7-Zip compresses information without sacrificing quality, saving us both space and time. Another benefit is that they extract quickly and without the use of any additional software. This programme is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

4. File pizza

This Best Way To Share Large Files is unique in that the file is not kept anywhere and is sent immediately from one machine to another. This is a really simple technique to transfer an infinite number of huge files, and the only requirement is that the transfer be done while connected to the internet.

5. Send large files via email

And this is possible, although it could take a while. The first thing you need to do is save the desired file on one of the cloud services. Then simply send an email to the desired person. The recipient will be able to open the file via the nd it is doable, albeit it may take some time. The initial step is to save the required file to one of the cloud storage providers. Then just send an email to the person you want to contact. The file will be accessible to the receiver via the cloud storage provider you chose to transmit it.

6. Send-anywhere

This site is only for sending files with a maximum size of 4 GB. You will not need to register if you use the direct transmit option, but registration is required if you send via email or produce a download link.

7. Fireworks Send

Mozilla offers a free file transfer service that allows users to exchange files from any browser. The programme also comes in an Android version, albeit the description warns that it may be unreliable. The good news is that you can use 1 GB for free without registering, and you can receive 2 GB if you register.The length of time the files remain on the server is also determined by whether or not you are signed in. If that’s the case, you’ll have access to the server for the next seven days; if you’re not signed in, you’ll only have one day.

8. GE.TT

If you frequently exchange a big number of images, you will undoubtedly enjoy our server. The method of transmission is straightforward: send a link to your files via email, Facebook, or Twitter, and share it to people who have permission to see the document.This is an extremely fast and simple method of sending huge files. Simply fill in the required information, such as your and the recipient’s email addresses, and send the message. When it comes to file size, you may transfer up to 50 GB for free, but you’ll have to pay $ 15 per month for limitless huge files.

10. Use VPN

Yes, files may be transmitted using broadband internet traffic management. However, this is not the ideal option because it might cause the connection to severely slow down.

11. Use special service

Masv is one of the newest forms of data transmission facilities, and it is also known as Signiant and Aspera. Their main function is to transport massive amounts of data (above 20 GB), which they accomplish via the cloud. Payment is as follows: you pay what you spend, or 0.25 cents per gigabyte downloaded.

12. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is among the most popular and simple ways to send a file. It’s as simple as dragging the files and entering the recipient’s email address. The file size restriction is 2 GB, and the link is only valid for one week after which accessibility to the file is gone.

13. OneDrive

Google Drive gives you up to 15GB of free storage and lets you share huge items like photos and videos with just a few clicks. It also includes backup and synchronisation capabilities, which are both valuable features. You can’t beat the convenience of Drive if you already have a Gmail account, as it’s practically embedded right into the email service. Simply click the Google Drive logo in the email composition box to “attach” files to emails stored in your Drive account.

14. Dropbox

Dropbox, which is sometimes compared to Google Drive, is another excellent cloud storage solution that provides 2GB of free storage and a range of sharing possibilities. The fundamental functionalities are similar to Google Drive, however Dropbox also has a mobile app for devices that aren’t Android or iOS, such as the Kindle Fire.

15. OneDrive

Over the years, Microsoft’s OneDrive service has undergone substantial updates and renovations, making it one of the more competitive options for storing files and folders online.
You can share anything you want at any moment using its shared folder system, and you can stop doing so with the press of a button when you’re done.


Box has a more business-oriented focus than some of the other options in this section.While this does not imply it lacks features relevant to people, you will need to purchase a Business account (at least at the Starter level) to utilise its file- and folder-sharing functions, which needs a minimum of three users.
Each will set you back about $5 every month.


MediaFire offers 10GB of free storage with a basic account, but users may earn up to 50GB of free storage in total, and the sharing options are remarkably straightforward. However, the plan’s maximum upload capacity is 10GB, however huge files may still be uploaded without trouble. A 1TB plan is also available for $4 per month.



The file transfer capabilities provided by pCloud are outstanding, especially for massive file transfers.
The service has no file size or transfer speed limitations, so you may move files as quickly as your internet connection allows, which is very handy for individuals who have a Gigabit network.

19. Masv


Masv is a file transfer service for huge video files, graphics files, and other time-sensitive transfers that creative professionals must perform. If you work with files that are more than 20GB, you should consider using this service.

20. Prepare the Files for Compression

compressing files

Another proven and effective method of file delivery is compression. Compressing the files reduces the number of bits required to store them. It’s simple to create a zip file on Windows. Simply create a folder and place all of the items you wish to move into it. Right-click the folder once you’ve created it and select Send to > Compression from the options (Zipped folder). The documents are finished and ready to transmit.


It’s critical to select the best method for transferring huge data over the Web among the several options available.
Fortunately, technology is continuously improving, so you’ll have plenty of possibilities to locate exactly what you’re looking for. You must, however, discover a secure method to prevent your files from being accessed or hacked by a third party.

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