10 The Best Video Doorbell in 2020

In the long listing of markets that millennial’s are allegedly killing, doorbells may also appear to rank lovely low. If you’re traveling a friend’s house, odds are lovely exact that you’ll be higher off dropping them a text applying your finger to a bell, however there are a number of businesses out there changing the face of doorbells through turning them basically into miniature security systems.
These smart home gadgets often integrate sensors with extra complicated options like facial reputation and an intercom device to offer you with extra coverage of your the front door than ever before. However you deserve the best video doorbell. That’s why we’ve spotlighted 10 of the best video doorbells of 2020 in your consideration.

The 10 Best Video Doorbells

1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The Ring Pro constitutes a fairly significant step up in sophistication when compared to the Ring Doorbell 2, and it only costs about $50 more for the privilege. On the surface, they’re pretty similar. Both include the same basic feature sets, and the range of vision offered by the camera itself is exactly the same, but the Pro adds advanced motion detection into the equation. In practice, that means that you can create your own motion sensor zones rather than relying on prebuilt options.

Additionally, while both these models promise 1080p video resolution, the Pro offers much smoother frame rates so you won’t have to worry about choppy footage particularly in live view. It also sports a sleeker and stylish profile that will fit better if you’re working with limited real estate. You should also keep in mind that it needs to be hard-wired to your existing doorbell wiring.

Key Features
  • All the advantages of the Ring 2 and more
  • Exceptionally smooth video performance
  • Supports in depth motion detection zone tweaking
  • A stylish look that can fit into even the tightest spaces
Video ResolutionFHD 1080p Power SourceHard-wired Wi-Fi ConnectivityYes, 2.4 GHz Two-Way TalkYes Motion-Activated AlertYes, adjustable

2. Ring Video Doorbell 2

The Ring system is arguably the progenitor of the best video doorbell market, so of course it’s going to occupy the top position on our list. It may cost a pretty significant $200, but the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a stylish choice that will integrate well with your existing home automation system. Native compatibility with Amazon Alexa means that it’s a natural choice to be used in conjunction with Echo Dots you may already have in your home.

The adjustable motion sensors can be tweaked to suit the specific needs of your home, and the video feed and two way talk communications always come in crisp and clear. You can even save and archive your videos and share them with friends, family, or police with little effort. Paid security monitoring systems are also available, and you can fine tune your mobile alert settings.

Key Features
  • A fully featured home security solution
  • Plays well with existing Alexa enabled products
  • Protect Plus gives you 24/7 professional monitoring
  • Can be installed easily in just five minutes
Video ResolutionFHD 1080p Power SourceRechargeable battery or hard-wired Wi-Fi ConnectivityYes, 2.4 GHz Two-Way TalkYes Motion-Activated AlertYes, adjustable

3. Honeywell SkyBell Wi-Fi Best Video Doorbell

Honeywell has been producing some of the best consumer home appliances like thermostats and security cameras for a long time, so a move into the doorbell camera market seems a natural fit to them. The SkyBell Slim is proof that they’ve made the transition smoothly. The video frame rates aren’t up to snuff with some more recognized models like the Rings doorbell, but there’s still a lot to like about this model if you’re looking for something that’s functional in just about any situation.

Especially valuable is the fact that the camera here offers a 180 degree field of view. That won’t matter too much when just answering people at your door, but it’s a huge boon if you’re looking for this to double as a dedicated security camera that can identify cars and potential intruders. It operates in a range of -40 to 140 degrees as well.

Key Features
  • An ideal choice for people living in extreme environments
  • Great field of vision for total security coverage
  • Promises an exceptionally long battery life
  • Backed by a one year limited warranty from Honeywell
Video ResolutionFHD 1080p (15 fps) Power SourceBattery (life of up to five years) Wi-Fi ConnectivityYes Two-Way TalkYes Motion-Activated AlertYes

4. Zmodo Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Zmodo isn’t the most well known name in the best video doorbell market, but they’ve managed to provide a sensible range of doorbells that can keep pace with brands like Nest and Ring while coming in significantly under the cost of those models. And they manage to maintain most of the important features in the process. The Zmodo Greet offers 1080p video at a relatively smooth frame rate of 25 fps, and it can stream the video directly to your phone.

And for archiving purposes, Zmodo allows you to save your camera footage directly to the cloud. It even offers some cool features that you won’t find in many of its higher priced contemporaries. That includes the ability to record and assign your own voice messages and adjust the brightness of the doorbell with just a tap of the phone app. Night vision function extends to a distance of 16 feet.

Key Features
  • Easily turn on and off voice messages at the door
  • Answer calls directly from your phone even while away
  • Strongly weather resistant
  • PIR motion sensor reduces the risk of false alarms
Video ResolutionFHD 1080p (25 fps) Power SourceHard-wired Wi-Fi ConnectivityYes, 2.4 GHz Two-Way TalkYes Motion-Activated AlertYes, adjustable

5. August Doorbell Cam Pro

The August Doorbell Cam Pro is one of the best and slickest video doorbells on the market. Not only does it sport an incredibly cool aesthetic, but it also comes jam packed with cool features and some of the best specs across the board. The image quality here is pretty much unmatched. You get HD footage both in broad daylight and at night, while built in floodlighting provides you with an extra layer of security you won’t find with many other models.

And unlike many of its competitors, the August doesn’t charge you for streaming cloud storage. This doorbell camera can save up to 24 hours of footage at a time, and paying every month into the pro plan allows you to save up to a month’s worth of footage at once. Installation is as easy, and charging the best video doorbell is as easy as popping it into the dock.

Key Features
  • The best looking video doorbell available today
  • Hindsight starts recording before visitors arrive
  • Works great in low light and nighttime settings
  • Incredibly easy DIY setup process
Video Resolution1080p Power SourceRecharging battery Wi-Fi ConnectivityYes Two-Way TalkYes Motion-Activated AlertYes

6. VIVINT Smart Doorbell Video Camera Pro

There’s one group of people who should absolutely look to the Vivint Smart Doorbell: those who’ve already invested into the Vivint home automation ecosystem. This best video doorbell integrates nicely with the other products in the Vivint line, and it will transition nicely if you already have a smart home setup rigged up. But there’s a lot of features to recommend even if you aren’t on the smart home train yet.

A live video feed will be automatically streamed to your phone or your Vivint Skycontrol panel when someone rings the bell, but you can also establish settings for video playing when motion is detected. An especially cool feature for those with other Vivint security products is the ability to remotely unlock your security system if a friend arrives when you’re not at home. And in a nice addition, the Vivint can store up to a terabyte of footage on DVR.

Key Features
  • Supports both cloud and local storage for videos
  • Brilliant coordination features with other Vivint products
  • Good black and white night vision footage
  • Can archive up to a terabyte of footage
Video ResolutionFHD 1080p Power SourceHard-wired Wi-Fi ConnectivityYes Two-Way TalkYes Motion-Activated AlertYes

7. NETVUE HD Camera Doorbell

Netvue’s Belle is a doorbell camera that could potentially innovate the video doorbell market in some pretty incredible ways. At the heart of it is a relatively powerful artificial intelligence that can provide you with an immensely more sophisticated way to answer the door. By relying on some of the best facial recognition used in a consumer device, this doorbell camera can serve essentially as your concierge. Features including the ability to associate names with faces mean that the doorbell can direct delivery people where to drop off a package or greet your friends and family by name.

As you might expect from such a technologically advanced video doorbell, that’s just the tip of the iceberg concerning modern features. This is an incredibly smart doorbell camera that’s designed out of the box to work in conjunction with Alexa. You can even project door footage to an Alexa Echo Show screen.

Key Features
  • Utilizes powerful artificial intelligence and facial recognition
  • Premium plan gives you 14 days of continuous cloud storage
  • Customizable motion sensitivity and zones
  • Customer service available 24/7 even for free users
Video ResolutionNot listed Power SourceHard-wired Wi-Fi ConnectivityYes Two-Way TalkYes Motion-Activated AlertYes

8 RemoBell WiFi Video Doorbell

The first video doorbell that RemoBell has brought to market is a little rough around the edges, but it’s one of the best budget options, and it’s incredibly flexible to the needs of your home. The RemoBell is eminently easy to set up. All you have to do is download the mobile app and mount the device on your wall. It can be completed in a matter of minutes, and navigation is an absolute breeze.

And while it may be a bit bulky in size, there are a ton of features on display here. Push button notifications are fully customizable, and you can create up to five profiles for your household. The RemoBell is also resistant to water and weather, and it can withstand a sizable range of temperature conditions. Its infrared sensor also lets it tell the difference between cars and people in its field of view.

Key Features
  • Feature rich for such a cheap model
  • Advanced motion sensor and night vision capabilities
  • Comes with free 30 days of cloud storage
  • Supported by a full lifetime theft guarantee
Video Resolution720p Power SourceBattery powered Wi-Fi ConnectivityYes Two-Way TalkYes Motion-Activated AlertYes

9. MYPIN Video Doorbell Camera

Mypin is actually pretty identical to the Akaso in terms of general quality, features, and pricing. If you find yourself not liking the aesthetic of the Akaso model, the Mypin can suit your needs well. Features including an equivalent wide angle lens of 166 degrees, a tough IP65 outdoor waterproof design, and Wi-Fi connectivity ensure that this isn’t just another fly by night product, even if it can’t match the absolute highs of a more expensively priced smart video doorbell.

The image quality clocks in at a modest 720p, but the infrared night vision is particularly high-quality. In terms of two way conversations, the Mypin makes use of noise cancellation technology for better communication even when you’re in a crowded environment, and the PIR motion detectors can transfer notifications instantly to your phone via the compatible smart app.

Key Features
  • A budget doorbell that covers the essentials well
  • High-quality night vision detection
  • Supported by a full 12 month warranty
  • 32 GB of local storage free of charge
Video Resolution720p Power SourceHard-wired or rechargeable battery Wi-Fi ConnectivityYes Two-Way TalkYes Motion-Activated AlertYes

10. AKASO Video Doorbell

AKASO has made a real meat and potatoes model with their doorbell camera. It’s not going to reinvent how you think about how a video doorbell should work, and it’s not the absolute best option on the market, but it does arguably the best job of offering all the fundamentals for a great value. When connected to the internet, you can use either a smart assistant like Alexa or Tosee Plus to check out footage at the door or receive notifications when someone arrives.

Instant alerts can be similarly set up to be sent to your phone when there’s motion capture on the screen, and the smart sensors do a good job of filtering out cars or other non-threats. And the wide angle view of 160 degrees provides you with a great view of your surroundings even if you have a large yard in an open neighborhood.

Key Features
  • Great range of features for a low price
  • Infrared night vision sees to a distance of 5 meters
  • Comes with a full month of free cloud storage
  • Compatible with both the phone app and Alexa
Video Resolution720p Power SourceHard-wired or rechargeable battery Wi-Fi ConnectivityYes Two-Way TalkYes Motion-Activated AlertYes
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