10 Best Self Monitored Home Security Systems of 2020

Keep your house and your family safe with the best self monitored home security systems of 2020. Our manual allow you to store smarter. If the phrase “home safety” makes you suspect of pricey subscription plans and remote operators relaying your signals to emergency services, you’re a bit at the back of the curve. The improved connectivity of the cutting-edge world and the power and availability of wireless security cameras have made the basis of a self monitored home security machine greater low-priced and greater powerful than ever before.
We’ve recognized 10 of the best self monitored home security systems of 2020. But the best self monitored home security system is ready extra than simply excellent equipment. It requires for an understanding of what your private home wishes and a hold close of strong self tracking strategies. That’s why we’ve created a manual that will help you understand the good approaches to buy an set up a security system.

The Best Self Monitored Home Security Systems

1. Arlo Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera

Finding a good home alarm system is all about finding the balance between ease of use and customization, and Arlo’s monitoring system leans more towards the latter. The cameras are modular in design, and compatibility with IFTTT, Samsung SmartThing, and Arlo Smart allows you to get sophisticated with how they work together. That includes the ability to assign smart zones, control range of movement, and set alerts for detecting people. And your phone’s lock screen serves conveniently as your smart home monitoring dashboard. These cameras offer a 300 foot line of sight and work both indoors and outdoors for more comprehensive usage.

Key Features
  • Delivers quality 1080p HD footage
  • Great integration with your smartphone
  • Work outdoors and support night vision
  • Sirens built in to the cameras
TypeCamera, motion detector, sirenBattery Life2 – 3 months24/7 Professional MonitoringNoVoice Assistant CompatibilityYes, Alexa and Google AssistantMonitoring Contract RequiredNoMonthly Fees$2.99 (Arlo Smart), $9.99 (Arlo Smart Pro)

2. Ring Alarm Best Self Monitored Home Security System

Ring was one of the first home automated security companies to break out big in the age of smart homes, and their ease of use and versatility continues to make them one of the biggest players in the game. $200 gets you a simple five piece system that’s easy to install and easy on the eyes, and it works seamlessly in conjunction with Amazon Alexa. If you want a basic home security system that integrates comfortably with the technology that you already use in your everyday life, this is one of the best self install home security systems you’ll find. And the modular design means you can customize the system as your needs change.

Key Features
  • Range extender ensures it will work anywhere in your home
  • Convenient voice controls when connected to Alexa
  • Easy to install and simple to use
  • Optional 24/7 professional monitoring with no contracts
TypeCamera, sensor, motion detectorBattery Life24 hour backup24/7 Professional MonitoringOptionalVoice Assistant CompatibilityYes, AlexaMonitoring Contract RequiredNoMonthly Fees$10/month, optional

The Blink XT2 was designed as Amazon’s Ring killer before they bought the company out, and that means that you can get a great deal on this now defunct remote home monitoring system if you know where to look. Functionally, it’s very similar to the Ring in design. It’s intended to be mounted over your front door and serve as a way to keep an eye on anyone approaching. A two way speaker allows it to double as an intercom, but if you want to link multiple models together into a more comprehensive security system, you have the option. These self monitored security devices work indoors and outdoors and can be split into distinct zones.

Key Features
  • Built from the ground up to work with Alexa
  • Supports two way audio via the Blink app
  • Multiple models can be split into security zones
  • DIY install requires no wiring or tools
TypeFront door cameraBattery Life2 years24/7 Professional MonitoringNoVoice Assistant CompatibilityYes, AlexaMonitoring Contract RequiredNoMonthly FeesNone

4. abode DIY Wireless Home Security System

Adobe’s whole policy is about creating affordable DIY security systems that people with no mechanical experience can get up and running quickly, the the Essentials pack is the most fully realized vision of that philosophy yet. Professional monitoring is available but not required, and the whole system can be put together in a matter of minutes. Best of all, all of your monitoring is handled in the cloud. Compatibility with both a proprietary app and web portal allow you to control this self monitoring home security system more easily, and it comes with a powerful siren to ward off potential intruders.

Key Features
  • Siren emits a 93 decibel frequency
  • Utilizes a professional grade cellular signal
  • One of the easiest DIY systems to set up
  • Can be expanded easily with more Adobe products
TypeMotion sensor, door/window sensor, sirenBattery Life10 hour backup24/7 Professional MonitoringWith subscriptionVoice Assistant CompatibilityYes, AlexaMonitoring Contract RequiredNoMonthly FeesVariable

5. Fortress Security Monitoring System

The Fortress self monitoring security system gives you a lot for a little. Despite coming with a ton of different sensors and multiple fobs for activating your system directly, it will only set you back a little over $100. Fobs and key tags allow you to activate or deactivate your security system manually, but these self monitored alarm systems can also coordinate with the proprietary MyFortress app so you can receive alerts and control your monitoring right through your phone. In an especially nice touch, this system comes with an intercom so your family can easily get in touch with you even when you’re away.

Key Features
  • Remotely turn your system on and off through your phone
  • A ton of sensors for covering all the important entry points
  • A great range of functions without the need for a subscription
  • Works well for homes and small businesses
TypeMotion sensors, door/window sensors, sirenBattery Lifeapprox. 1 year24/7 Professional MonitoringWith subscriptionVoice Assistant CompatibilityYes, AlexaMonitoring Contract RequiredNoMonthly Fees$8.95 a month

6. Nest Secure guard Alarm System

Nest may be known for their smart thermometers, but they make a variety of different products that are designed to work in close integration with your existing smart home system. Their dedicated home monitoring systems offer everything you need for a little less than $250, and you don’t need to be a technical pro to get everything up and running. This is a system that allows you to easily set up an alarm system that works for you. A number of convenient preset modes allow you to set up scheduling and permissions without having to be a veteran tech guru.

Key Features
  • Tags let your loved ones come and go freely
  • Tons of great scheduling options
  • Window monitors sense motion and opening/closing
  • Optional passcode activation and deactivation
TypeMotion sensorsBattery Life2 years24/7 Professional MonitoringNoVoice Assistant CompatibilityYes, Google AssistantMonitoring Contract RequiredNoMonthly FeesNone

7. Samsung SmartThings ADT Smart Alarm

Samsung has been steadily developing one of the most expansive and interesting smart home ecosystems with their SmartThings line. If you already have SmartThings products in your home or are interesting in home automation, this ADT WiFi security system kit is a great place to start. But SmartThings can provide you with same home security features even if more expansive automation isn’t really your thing. ADT offers some of the best 24/7 monitoring in the business, and the wealth of different protocols that this system uses to connect to your devices means that you’ll never have to worry about your security system going dark.

Key Features
  • A great fit for homes with SmartThings products
  • Exceptional paid security services from ADT
  • Robust controls from your cellphone or computer
  • Can be installed in a matter of minutes
TypeMotion sensors, door/window sensors, sirenBattery Life10 hour backup24/7 Professional MonitoringWith subscriptionVoice Assistant CompatibilityYes, AlexaMonitoring Contract RequiredNoMonthly FeesVariable

8. SimpliSafe Best Self Monitored Home Security System

SimpliSafe offers the total package as far as wireless security systems go. This 9 piece kit offers all of the sensors you need to keep your doors and windows secured as well as a high-quality camera for more hands on surveillance. And while the mobile app offers you easy access to notifications and security logs, this is also a wireless security system with a monitor, so you can control everything without needing to use your phone. Safeguards are in place to make sure that this system continues to work even if your Wi-Fi network or power go out, and it’s a system smart enough to avoid the most common false positives.

Key Features
  • Able to distinguish between pets and intruders
  • No mandatory contracts or hidden fees
  • Weighted notifications that reflect the severity of a situation
  • Bright and large panel is easy to use even in the dark
TypeMotion sensor, door/window sensors, cameraBattery Life24 hours backup24/7 Professional MonitoringYesVoice Assistant CompatibilityYes, AlexaMonitoring Contract RequiredNoMonthly Fees$14.99+

9. iSmartAlarm Home Security

iSmartAlarm is one of the biggest names in the home security business, and this cheap security system is thorough while also being highly adaptable to modular expansion. You get a remote tag, motion sensor, and multiple door and window sensors, but building out a security system from that base is as simple as just buying more standalone components like indoor security cameras from the iSmartAlarm catalog. It’s also highly customizable. Monitoring is available through any Android and iPhone device, and it’s also compatible with Alexa. But the real advantage here is the diverse variety of things you can accomplish due to the IFTTT compatibility on display.

Key Features
  • A thorough and inexpensive security system
  • Clean design will look good in any home
  • Requires no subscription plan
  • Compatible with iSmartAlarm’s comprehensive catalog
TypeMotion sensor, door/window sensorsBattery Life1+ year24/7 Professional MonitoringNoVoice Assistant CompatibilityYes, Alexa, IFTTTMonitoring Contract RequiredNoMonthly Feesn/a

10. Scout Alarm Best Self Monitored Home Security System

Scout isn’t the cheapest alarm monitoring system you’ll find, but it’s easily one of the most thorough. This system can provide you with all the security you need for homes larger than 2000 square feet, and the ability to buy extra sensors piecemeal allows you to put together the exact self monitored alarm system that you want. The options for setting custom alarms here are dense, and Scout automatically sends notifications for any suspicious behavior directly to your home so you can decide whether or not it warrants a all to the authorities. It offers you a lot of options without requiring any technical knowledge.

Key Features
  • Designed for larger homes
  • A deep bench of monitoring and notification features
  • Expansive integration with a huge number of different products
  • Subscription fees are significantly less expensive than the competition
TypeMotion sensors, door/window sensorsBattery Life1 – 3 years24/7 Professional MonitoringWith subscriptionVoice Assistant CompatibilityYes, Alexa, Google AssistantMonitoring Contract RequiredNoMonthly Fees$9.99 – $19.99 a month
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