12 Best RSS Reader Apps For Android

Take a look at out the 12 best RSS reader apps for Android smartphones. With those apps, you can easily follow your favorite blogs with out spending whatever.

RSS which stands for ‘truly easy syndication’ or ‘rich website online summary’ is nothing other than just a easy text file with a few primary statisticsInformation can be some thing like a information article, how-to tutorials, or something else. RSS became designed to make the information transfer process easier between websites to the user in a form that’s easily readable to customers.

Now, you all might be asking about what’s RSS Feed. properly, RSS Feeds is used to push anything from text, movies, gifs, photos, and other media content material that’s available on any precise internet site. For instance, if you subscribe to RSS feed, you’ll need an RSS reader to read all the content.

12 Best RSS Reader Apps For Android

RSS reader apps for Android becomes the most important thing for the viewers. To read RSS feeds, you need to have a device that we call RSS Reader. Now, RSS Readers are available on specific paperwork like RSS app, web sites, or the one that can provide feeds through email.

So, in this article, we’re going to discuss a number of the best online RSS Reader that you can use. So, permit’s discover the listing.

1. Feedly

The great thing about Feedly is its interface which looks clean and well organized. Apart than that, the app is exceptional for reading feeds of various websites or blogs which you have subscribed to. The homepage of Feedly is also filled with the latest news from everywhere. So, Feedly is some other best free RSS Reader app for Android that you can use.

2. The Old Reader

Properly, the Old Reader is one of the best online RSS Reader which you can use. Talking about the RSS Reader, The old reader gives masses of current capabilities and users can easily add RSS Feeds from their preferred blogs. Now not simply that, however the old Reader additionally allows users to feature feed URLs for the supply they need to subscribe  to. The Old Reader additionally allows users to attach their Google and Facebook accounts to know what their friends are reading.

3. FeedMe

If you are searching for an offline RSS reader app on your Android cellphone, then you want to offer this app a try. FeedMe is one of the best and light-weight RSS reader app to be had for Android smartphones. With this app, you can without problems add the RSS feeds of different blogs. As soon as completed, the app automatically syncs the website content and helps you to get right of entry to the feed

4. Flipboard

If you are searching out a free RSS Reader app for your Android cellphone, then Flipboard is probably the best choice for you. Guess what? The interface of Flipboard is quite stunning, and it’s not anything much less than Feedly. Basically, Flipboard is a news aggregator, but you can easily transform your daily RSS feeds into a magazinestyle reader.

5. Inoreader

In case you are looking for a simple RSS reader that can give you access to latest blog content, web sites, magazines, newspapers, etc, then Inoreader may be a great choice for you. The app is top fast and its virtually very clean to use. If you purchase the premium version of Inoreader, then you can keep articles for offline viewing.

6. Flym

Unlike all other RSS reader apps for Android, Flym additionally lets you add RSS feeds of different web sites and blogs. What makes Flym different from its competition is that it sends you notification of recent articles. The app is extraordinarily lightweight and it’s truly the best RSS feed app for Android.

7. Palabre

In case you are searching out a free and stunning RSS Reader, then you may try Palabre. The interface of the app is brilliant and it has support for offline viewing. But, customers don’t get an option to add RSS Feed of any blog, and it shows news content from various popular web sites.

8. Newsfold

Well, Newsfold grabs the feed from Inoreader and Feedly. On Newsfold, you may discover nearly all the content material which you see on Feedly. However, the interface and navigation on Newsfold is extra remarkable, and it comes with a few unique functions. Newsfold also has dark and light themes which enhance the readability. Apart from that, Newsfold additionally brings in support for offline reading, add-free reading, etc.

9. Podcast Addict

Well, Podcast Addict is an app that lets in users to manipulate Podcasts, Radio, Audio Books, Live Stream, etc. The great thing about Podcas Addict is that it additionally allows users to manage RSS news Feeds. The app additionally offers tons of specific features like widgets, Android wear help, Android Auto help, completescreen reading mode for RSS news feeds, and so on.
Just like all other RSS Reader app, RSS Savvy also allows customers to follow their preferred websites. The app arrives with a easy and well-organized interface and it allows customers to organize their feeds across any number of configurable tabs.

10. Readably

The app allows customers to follow their favourite web sites. The key thing about Readably is its user-interface and customization options. As an instance, Readably presents customers a darkish mode which greatly reduces the eye strains while improving the clarity. So, Readably is any other RSS Reader app for Android that you may use proper now.

11. Read – Simple RSS Reader

Because the name of the app says, Read – Simple RSS Reader is any other best RSS Reader app on the list which is speedy, lovely, and easy to use. The Android app allows users to feature RSS Feeds in their favorite blogs and podcasts. Not just that, but Read – Simple RSS Reader additionally allows users to bookmark articles.

12. NewsBlur

It’s a news app for Android that brings the latest and trending news from different web sites in your smartphone. The app additionally got the capacity to add RSS feeds to different web sites. With NewsBlur, you may also subscribe to news, subscriptions, etc.

So, these are some of the best free RSS reader app that you may use on your Android cellphone. So, what do you think about on this? Share your views within the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Share it along with your friends additionally.


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