Best 5 Free Partition Management Software for Windows 10 (2021)


Partitions on the hard disk works though not exactly, but similar to having a number of hard disks. Partitions can be done on unallocated space by logging in as Administrator. They help keeping the user files at separate location than that of the system files or operating system files. Creating partition is a great way to assign files to specific locations and keep you computer nice and neat.

Best 5 Free Partition Management Software for Windows 10

Let’s have a discussion over Best 5 Free Partition Management Software for Windows 10.

EaseUS Partition Master Free

EaseUS Partition Master Free

The free edition available for the EASEUS Partition Master allows creating, format, explore, deleting and converting partitions. It also helps to move, resize, hide or unhide the existing partitions without damaging even a single bit of data. Availability of ‘Copy Wizard’ lets you upgrade smaller partitions of the hard drive into larger proportions. Moreover, once a partition is selected the software enables the relevant task. The software supports up to 4.0 TB of hard disk and is supportive over different file systems. It supports


  • GPT partition
  • partitioning Linux file system
  • delete, recover, format and create EXT 2 and EXT 3 partitions
  • wiping and merging unallocated parts of the disk
  • transfer OS to SSD

Mini Tool Partition Wizard

Mini Tool Partition Wizard

With user friendly interface, it serves a simple to use platform for novice users. Apart from the standard tasks, such as creating, resizing, deleting, moving, formatting the tool also allows extended tasks including extension of system partitions. Various hard disks including SATA, SCSI, IDE and all USB external drives. Partition Recovery Wizard offers


  • Great functionality as it allows accessing the previously created partitions (irrespectively of the resource used)
  • complete recovery of data from the previously created disk partitions
  • Data Protection Mode can be selected while modifying the partitions or the disks. This mode is considered as insurance against data corruption that occurs due to sudden power failure or electrical disturbances that occurs while the software is in process.

 GParted Disk Parttion

GParted Disk Parttion

GParted is considered as the GNOME editor used to resize, delete, move, create, copy, explore, format, convert, hide and unhide partitions within a few clicks. It also allows creating partition table as well as enable and disabling partitions flags including hidden and boot.


  • The software is supported over:
  • NTFS file system used on Windows
  • FAT file system used on different computer systems
  • ext2, ext3, and ext4 file systems used on Linux
  • portable devices or disks
  • allows recovery of data from lost partitions

Paragon Partition Manager

Best 5 Free Partition Management Software for Windows 10

The software is available in Licensed as well as free edition. Licensed version comes with extensive features while the free version allows restricted functions. The basic features offered by the Paragon Partition Manager are creating, resizing, copying or deleting partitions.


  • The software wizard offers:
  • creating a new partition at appropriate location of the hard disk
  • format the partitions to NTFS file system
  • Assigning a drive letter and make it accessible in the system
  • Assigning the unused space of one partition to another
  • shows array of data

AMEI Partition Assistant

Best 5 Free Partition Management Software for Windows 10

AOMEI is free partition management software for Windows 10 that helps to manage the partitions completely. It is also supportive over Windows 8.1, windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. It allows the user to:

  • Resize Partition
  • Merge Partition
  • Split Partition
  • Move Partition
  • Extend Partition
  • Make bootable drive/ CD
  • Convert disk between GPT and MBR

The software applications mentioned above are the best 5 Partition Management Software for Windows 10 that allows partitions on disk in an effective and efficient manner without losing any data. Don’t worry if you aren’t experienced with managing disk partitions or  to fix problems like disk running out of space, partition inaccessible, changing or modifying disk partition size etc.


Above mentioned utilities are sufficient enough to solve those problems without asking too much information. The same applies to layman or inexperienced users.

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