Best 5 Android Apps To Increase Your Work Productivity

None of us new to Android. In reality, it’s been so much into information and media that many techies have was Android specialists over night. at the same time as most of these specialists give attention to improving your Android revel in for gaming and watching films, no one really thinks about using the smartphones for the purpose they have been build – improve your operating requirements and enhancing your productivity.

Nowadays we’re going to discuss 5 should have apps with the intention to make a contribution toward your productiveness and make you your boss’s new favourite! without tons ado, lets get started.

SwiftKey Keyboard

When you have been the usage of stock keyboard (the Keyboard application that got here with the smartphone) until now, you’re but to enjoy awesomeness. Developers across the world were working hard to increase the typing speed of the people on contact screen telephones and one such invention is the sliding typing. This method has completely removed the want to faucet every and every button at the screen to put in writing. Now all you want to do is, place your finger on the display as soon as and slide it over the alphabets to complete the word  without lifting your finger even for a microsecond. The prediction feature and the dictionary inside the telephone takes are that the perfect word pops up on the display and accordingly reduces your typing efforts and time.


When it comes to productiveness, the first factor that involves mind is scheduling and organizing the everything related to your paintings and entertainment. This is what precisely this app lets you do. The easy and clean interface complete with glossy lines and widgets compel you to feature responsibilities to it (the beauty  of this app literally forces you to use it). You can schedule events for the current day, subsequent day or even next week and hold a track of your activities. What makes this planner special from others is its potential to be used as a take a look at list. Just slide your finger across a task  and it’ll be marked as complete. i would recommend this app to every person who has to take care of lots of  things and those who’re a touch forgetful.


This software is nothing less than a boon for everyone who has to work on remote computer systems. It allows you to control and run your computer or even your friends pc from everywhere within the world. All you need is team Viewer installed on the mobile and computer you are trying to use and an lively net connection on both the devices. The application can even get entry to computer systems in the back of a robust firewall without problems and all the communique executed between pc and mobile passes thru highest safety standards so you do not should worry about the safety at all.

Google Drive

Love it or  hate it but Cloud is the destiny. The largest purpose for the growing reputation of cloud is its anytime, anywhere and everybody feature . This means that documents stored on cloud can be accessed by way of all people with an energetic net connection every time they need. Google drive is one in every of my preferred apps with regards to operating with files and sharing the identical with my team. It gives me all features the provided by some other cloud application (even paid ones) and comes with the Google seal of accept as true with (you may continually anticipate Google. They may be surely THE pleasant). This software even eliminates the need to have separate programs for MS-Office  files and PDF files. If all this become not enough, you can even down load your files from the cloud onto your cellular phone and examine them later while you need.


How about a non-public assistant apps who might deal with all your calls, notes, questions and messages with only a voice command? Sounds sweet. Doesn’t it? Assistant does the same thing. One of the Best virtual help app at the Play Store, This application from SpeakToIt has accumulated a great deal applaud from people round the sector. it’s been featured in lots of courses on-line and offline already and boasts of a stage of intelligence that no other digital assistant has reached yet. It takes all of your commands, notifies you of the  events, remembers your favorite places and options and even assists you in calling and texting at the same time as you’re at the back of the steerage wheel. The best thing about this app is that you do not need to remember special commands for assistant to work.You speak naturally and it understands.

Get Productive

The above applications are absolutely the best in their niche and whilst blended together, they are able to do wonders and make you effective even on the cross. They’ll assist you keep time and prepare your obligations and your self in a better way. Do you you think I missed out an outstanding app? Feel free to add it in the comments below and we will do our best to blog about it.

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