Animeheaven Alternatives – Top 20 Sites Like AnimeHeaven In 2022

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Animeheaven is a public anime streaming website where you can watch and download anime series for free.
The site presently offers over 3500 titles and is updated with new titles on a regular basis. A brief description of each anime series on the site gives background information about the series and its characters. It adds a comment feature that allows viewers to discuss anime-related issues. It includes a range of genres, such as Action, Adventure, Horror, Romance, or SuperPower, among others, as do comparable sites.

There are several titles in each category. It also has a search box at the top where you may type in the title, genre, or any other similar phrase related with your favourite video to find it. Animeheaven also offers a few distinct characteristics that set it different from the competition.

Animeheaven Alternatives – Top 20 Sites Like AnimeHeaven In 2022

These are the following AnimeHeaven Alternatives :

1. Anilinkz

Anilinkz is one of the best Animeheaven alternatives, allowing you to watch whole anime series. It has a large database of animated shows. The site is simple and easy to use, and there is no need to register. Simply browse to your desired location, choose your favourite material, and enjoy unrestricted fast streaming. It offers two ways to find your favourite material, including browsing categories and using a search box to type in the title of the series, just like other similar sites. Simply click the play button after finding your selected item and begin exploring at your leisure.

2. Hulu


Hulu is the most popular entertainment site for watching online movies since it offers a multi-platform experience.
Hulu also offers a spectacular variety of hundreds of award-winning films and TV episodes. Any digital media device or operating system can access it. Hulu is a popular streaming service that offers all of the newest features, tools, and a gorgeous interface. This lets you to watch anime, Hollywood, Bollywood, and a range of other films in a number of languages.

3. Netflix


Netflix is a video-on-demand service that allows customers to view award-winning films and television episodes from across the world. It is a web-based entertainment service that includes, among other things, dramas, action films, comedy, documentaries, and television Animeheaven to. The best thing about Netflix is that there are no adverts or commercials; users can expect a gentle run of any television show. There are three main payment choices available on Netflix: basic, standard, and premium. Viewers will also receive a gratis thirty-day trial period; however, this offer is only available for a short time.

4. Anime Planet

Anime Planet

Anime-Planet is an anime streaming service with over 40,000 licenced anime videos available to watch. It is the world’s first and most reliable suggestion database, supporting you in coming up with new viewing ideas, making a list, and watching anime online. On a very basic level, the site began in 2001 as the world’s first anime and manga recommendation database, and it has since expanded to millions of users throughout the world. It’s one of the most effective Animeheaven tosubstitutes.

5. Animeultima


Do you want to watch anime online but don’t know where to start? Here’s the best option available to you: is a free and popular anime streaming site aimed towards anime enthusiasts. It’s a basic and easy-to-use website that has almost everything related to anime, including films, dramas, episodes, and new releases. The site offers a large number of anime films to view for free, as well as download options. The sophisticated search engine of Animeultima allows you to find your favourite movies easily.

6. Animenova

Animenova is a fantastic site for finding anime movies, series, and dramas. It broadcasts anime episodes, videos, and cartoons on a regular basis. All of the site’s material is also accessible in dubbed, high-quality, and fast-streaming forms. The site’s subcategories include Anime Series, Naruto Manga, Dub Anime, Cartoons, and Movies.
It also has a sophisticated search option that enables you to type in the title and then press the Go button to find your desired things. Animenova has over 3000 titles and is continually updated with new series to deliver the most up-to-date entertainment to its fans.

7. WatchAnimeMovie


WatchAnimeMovie is a relatively young and well-known anime streaming service that offers free access to all current and vintage anime programmes. It offers easy-to-use streaming services that appeal to a worldwide audience. The websites’ series are organised into a variety of categories, including action, adventure, romance, horror, and humour. Each genre also offers its own set of options, such as regular content updates. also offers a variety of ways to find your favourite material, including browsing genres and entering the title of the anime series you’re looking for in a search box.

8. Funimation


Funimation is one of North America’s major anime streaming websites, devoted to improving the anime experience.
It’s more than just a location where you can watch anime. You may quickly get the most up-to-date information on anime series, as well as find anime games, guides, trending anime films, popular anime shows, home videos, and accessories, using this site. Funimation is a fully free website that you may use from any location on the planet. The ultimate purpose of the site is to provide the most immersive experience possible in the rapidly growing world of anime entertainment. To purchase anything or receive updates on new stuff, you must first register on the site.

9. Mangahere

Manga-Anime-Here is a leading anime streaming website where you can catch up on the most recent and popular anime series. Although browsing is absolutely free, it looks to be a paid service. You may use it at any time from anywhere in the globe. The site has a vast selection of new and classic anime films, and it is continually updated with new content to keep you up to speed on the latest and best anime series. To set itself apart from the competitors, the site has included a new News section that has all of the most recent anime and manga news.

10. Animeland

Animeland is a legal anime streaming site with a great user interface that contains categories like Dubbed Anime List, Anime Movies, Dragon Ball Super, and Genres. These components are easily accessible, and the overall design is simple, with a speedy and user-friendly interface. There are two ways to find your favourite movies on the site: browsing by category or utilising the search bar. In the search box, type the title of your favourite anime series.

11. AnimeStreams

AnimeStreams is a dedicated anime streaming service for anime aficionados. There are no intrusive pop-up commercials on this anime website, and it is absolutely free. It has a large selection of anime series covering various genres in compared to the others. Each category also includes a choice of options that are regularly updated with new content to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.

12. Masterani

Masterani is a well-known anime website where you can stream English-dubbed anime. It has over 2500 complete and latest anime series in high quality that you can watch from any location on the planet.
The site has a contemporary, easy-to-navigate user interface; you can quickly search for and choose your favourite anime from the drop-down results. You may also choose from a number of genres, including Action, Adventure, Vampire, and Science Fiction. You may also examine the average rating and read comments once you’ve chosen your favourites.

13. AnimeSeason

AnimeSeason is a high-quality anime website with a simple user interface. Complete series listings, continuing series, highly rated series, and all other genres are among the content categories on the website. To remain up to date on anime news, you may view anime material depending on your likes or popular amines. The bulk of AnimeSeason’s programming is subtitled in high-definition video, which is more engaging and pleasant than standard video.

14. Chia-anime

Chia-anime is a free anime website where you can watch all of your favourite anime shows from the past and now.
It is a pioneer and innovator in the Japanese anime business, as well as the only service in the globe that provides all of the popular series, including Bleach, Naruto Shippuden, and others. The site’s ultimate purpose is to provide professional content to a worldwide audience while also cultivating a thriving community. It has a large library of anime programmes spanning a number of genres, including adventure, aliens, ninja, fantasy, and horror, comparable to other similar services.

15. 9Animes

9Animes is a free anime website with a large library of databases dedicated to individuals who want to watch HD anime streaming. It’s 100% ad-free and has a huge library of great anime shows. Action, Adventure, Cars, Comedy, Horror, Romance, and Mecha are just a few of the genres covered on the site. Similarly, each genre has a number of options that are regularly updated with new content in order to give more and the most up-to-date anime streaming.
One of the most intriguing and pleasant elements of this site is the option to categorise information by genre, language, season, status, and year.

16. KissAnime

KissAnime is known as the “King of Anime Websites” since it has millions of subscribers from all over the world who can enjoy unfettered anime streaming. In compared to other anime websites, it has a large selection of series and, similar to YouTube, consistently releases episodes in all possible resolutions, ranging from 240p to 1080p.
KissAnime’s user interface is simple and easy to use, which appeals to a global audience. It offers a varied selection of genres, including horror, romance, comedy, action, war, and adventure, as do other streaming services. It’s one of the best Animeheaven substitutes.

17. 9anime


9anime is a well-known anime film and one of the Best Animeheaven Alternatives for watching high-quality English dubbed and subtitled anime movies.With millions of anime titles and new series and films uploaded on a daily basis, it is one of the most popular streaming sites. It has over 45 genres, including humour, fantasy, children, samurai, sports, vampire, Yuri, and police, just like KissAnime and other comparable sites. Each genre has its own set of films and television programmes to choose from and watch.

18. Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon Crazy is a web-based tool that allows you to view animated shorts and full-length anime films at any time and from any location. The site is devoted to anime aficionados and contains a large database that is often updated with new movies and cartoon shows. There are various classifications for animated shows and anime films.
Each category has its own selection of titles from which to choose and play. You may also sort claims by genres and years, which adds to the variety. This website’s most intriguing feature is that it provides anime dubbed films in a range of languages.

19. AnimeOwl


AnimeOwl is a large online platform that allows anime lovers to watch their favourite shows for free.
The site has a large collection that allows you to watch almost everything. There are also a plethora of genres, artists, categories, and subcategories to help you locate the right anime. You do not need to register; only establish an account and you will be able to broadcast your first show in HD quality

20. DubbedAnime


DubbedAnime is a website dedicated to those who want to view dubbed and subtitled anime episodes. It’s similar to KissAnime in that it combines all of the necessary features with a user-friendly interface that improves your streaming experience. It is one of the best anime streaming sites since it has both classic and recent anime episodes. The site has a vast database of the best anime shows from across the world, sorted by categories including Action, Adventure, Horror, and Romance. Each category has its own title, which you may scroll through and open at any time.

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