AnimeFreak Alternatives: Top 25 Sites Like AnimeFreak To Watch Anime


AnimeFreak Alternatives: You can watch anime online for free thanks to Animefreak. One of Animefreak’s biggest features is that it offers both dubbed and subtitled anime and has a sizable global fan base. Each animation page has an extremely attractive and eye-catching user interface. When it comes to the features and operation of this website, it includes the ability to create a watchlist so you can always watch anime later if you find yourself too busy to view it at the moment.

To stream at Animefreak, all you need is a reliable, fast internet connection.

But what if this website is no longer operational? owing to copyright concerns! If the site is temporarily unavailable or if you simply don’t want to miss your favorite anime, then check out some of these top Animefreak alternatives.

Therefore, if Animefreak is no longer operational, why worry? Here are some of the top Animefreak alternatives that you should check out if you want to try something else.

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Top 25 Sites Like AnimeFreak To Watch Anime

#1. AnimePlanet

animefreak alternatives

Anime Planet is a good place to start as an alternative to AnimeFreak. For more than 20 years, our website has provided free anime streaming. You receive about 40.000 legitimate anime videos. On this website, you can watch the newest and most classic manga and anime films. Many people favor the website, which has millions of users. must be tried!

#2. CartoonsOn

animefreak alternatives

CartoonsOn is a more adaptable AnimeFreak alternatives website where you may watch free anime online. On this website, you may watch anime both for free and in a range of quality options, from high to low. The website also offers English-dubbed and subtitled anime films. To use this website, there is no registration or login process required. Simply click the link to get there, check for the things you want to appreciate, and you’re all set.

#3. KissAnime

animefreak alternatives

Who is not familiar with KissAnime? The third-best animefreak alternatives is KissAnime. Everyone has been using this amazing anime streaming service as their go-to choice for a long now. You can get anything you need to know about anime there. It makes sense why it is regarded as the King of all Anime Websites. Every day, millions of users use our website to view free material.
One can select from 240p to 1080p streaming alternatives. This website’s interface is quite user-friendly and pretty fantastic.

#4. GogoAmine


I’m sure you already know about this AnimeFreak alternatives website if you’re an anime lover. It’s only one of the greatest and most well-known websites for streaming anime globally. It offers the most recent information in addition to the classics and is free to use.
In the case that you are unsure of what to watch, you can browse the classes. You’ll undoubtedly spend a lot of time here. However, if you try it!

#5. Crunchyroll


If you’re a serious anime fan, you might be familiar with Crunchyroll. With its amazing material, this website has been providing services to millions of people for a while. As a result, it ranks well among animefreak alternatives.
So if you want more, you may also choose its better plan. On the site’s top side, there is a notice regarding the most recent updates. Naruto Shippuden, RADIANT, DARLING in the FRANXX, BORUTO: Naruto Next Generation, and other prominent exhibits are only a few of its highlights.

#6. Animelab


Another fantastic service that offers free weekly access to the newest and most recent anime stuff is Animelab. The number of articles on anime is unrestricted here. When you are unsure of what to watch, the categories like Genres, Newest Series, Best Rated, New Films, etc. will be quite helpful. This AnimeFreak alternatives website’s non-registration or enrollment requirements are another amazing feature.

#7. Animeheaven


Animeheaven is yet another free alternative to AnimeFreak, giving over 3500 names. You may download the content from the website so that you can watch it later in addition to viewing it online. The fact that this website is updated often is its finest feature. Therefore, you have the latest things every now and then. In order to give you a better understanding of what the program or movie is about, you also receive a description. You may choose to remark on a specific movie or anime collection on our website.

#8. KimCartoon


This website offers a huge range of free anime, making it one of the greatest Animefreak alternatives. This website’s user interface is really straightforward and easy to comprehend right away. There are no restrictions on your anime movies either. The nicest thing is that you can also download the movies.
Numerous categories, including those for Anime movies, TV shows, plays, and so forth, are available. In addition, you have the option of using the advanced search, which will return results in a split second. What precisely are you holding out for? Check out this amazing website now!

#9. AnimeFrenzy

animefreak alternatives

One of the animefreak alternatives, AnimeFrenzy, has a stunning black UI that keeps consumers interested. The website has sections for Ongoing, Shows, Popular, Educated, and other topics. The home display features the most recent and prominent displays. One may watch fantastic series like Boruto, Dorohedoro, Magica Record, Kyokou Suiri, 1 Piece, and many more.

#10. Narutoget

animefreak alternatives

Narutoget is one of the websites similar to Anime Freak that has a fantastic website dedicated to Anime and related content. You might like the manga content on this website in addition to anime movies and TV shows. It offers free anime to everyone in the world, and you can also discover the English dub of the original Naruto Shippuden series there. What more could you possibly need of an anime website?

#11. WatchAnimeMovie

animefreak alternatives

Another excellent AnimeFreak alternatives is WatchAnimeMovie. The website offers a comprehensive A-Z collection of anime movies and TV shows, all of which are available without charge. The website is quite well-liked and provides excellent material. It most certainly does not bore you. Also interesting is the UI. The fact that this website is updated often is its finest feature. You will thus have the most recent items.
You may choose from a variety of genres to find the things you enjoy the most.

#12. Manga-Anime

animefreak alternatives

Manga-Anime-Here is a alternative for AnimeFreak. The website offers a wide selection of great Magna, Anime series, videos, and other media. Here, you can can watch free vintage anime movies. You will always see the most recent stuff on our website because it is updated often. Manga-Anime has a number of unique features, including a News section that keeps you informed of all the most recent events in the globe. It’s really fun and educational!

#13. Chia-Anime

animefreak alternatives

Chia-anime is the best place to go if you’re looking for the newest music. Nearly all of the most recent as well as vintage anime programs and movies are still available to visitors on this often updated AnimeFreak alternatives website. There are several fantastic anime series available, like Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, and others. Therefore, if you want the newest, go for it!

#14. 9Anime

animefreak alternatives

If you are a true anime enthusiast, I’m sure you are aware of 9Anime. The site’s lack of advertisements and availability of several well-known strings are its strongest features. This AnimeFreak alternatives website’s arcade material may be streamed using a number of categories, including Season, Year, Newest, Language, and so on.

#15. Cartoon Crazy

animefreak alternatives

One of the greatest animefreak alternatives is Cartoon Crazy. As the name would imply, this website offers the best and most comprehensive selection of all Anime Cartoons. Not only that, you also acquire anime films. In essence, the website has a vast database of anime content. When you are unsure about what you want to watch, you may stream content much more easily by choosing from a variety of categories.

#16. Daisuki

animefreak alternatives

Daisuki is a website similar to anime fanatics with great anime streaming that offers both free and top-notch anime stuff. Of course, you must first spend a certain sum to get the best one. However, you may stream the website’s limitless anime material if you sign up for the VIP service.

#17. Animeland

animefreak alternatives

Animeland is the site to visit as an alternative if you’re seeking for a legitimate AnimeFreak alternatives. The focus of this website is clearly stated in the title. You may find a lot more anime articles here in addition to anime series and movies. The website offers a fantastic experience with straightforward designs.
You have access to both an advanced search option and beautifully arranged categories.

#18. Funimation

animefreak alternatives

An online music streaming service called Funimation offers a range of anime series, movies, games, merchandise, and other movies, among other things. In essence, the name of the site completely justifies it. On this AnimeFreak alternatives website, there is an endless supply of entertaining material. It’s one of the best websites to visit when you’re bored. The best aspect is that using it is completely free. What more could you possibly need of a website that provides free content?

#19. Animeflix

animefreak alternatives

Animeflix is yet another service that offers free anime viewing. The nicest thing about Animeflix is that, while being totally free to use, you won’t encounter many intrusive pop-up ads. The website includes a vast library of anime films and television shows that are thoughtfully categorized. Additionally, the website is often updated to provide its readers with the most latest content.
Along with a fantastic user interface that is simple to explore, the size also includes several categories like A-Z records, Anime Movies, English Dubbed Anime, Popular, and so forth. The possibility for users to request a certain anime program, series, or film is a standout feature I discovered on this AnimeFreak alternatives website. So if you’re looking for a certain piece of multimedia material but can’t seem to find it elsewhere, simply ask!

#20. Horriblesubs

animefreak alternatives

Horriblesubs is a well-known anime streaming service. This is a very new yet well-liked anime streaming, AnimeFreak alternatives website. Despite being young, it offers a substantial range of anime movies and shows that are hosted by outside servers. You can watch and download HD versions of anime shows on Horriblesubs.

#21. AnimeSeason

animefreak alternatives
AnimeSeason is another fantastic website that would be the perfect AnimeFreak alternatives. The website is quite orderly and well-organized, with sections for Top Rated, Ongoing Series, Genres that are further broken down into Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller, and other subgenres.

#22. Animenova

animefreak alternatives

The list of top AnimeFreak alternatives also includes Animenova, which offers high-quality audio material such movies, films, series, cartoons, and more. Additionally, you get a variety of arcade games. More than 3,000 titles are available on the website. Numerous categories and a sophisticated search function are also available. Anime string, dub Anime, movie listings, cartoons, Naruto manga, etc. are all options for streaming. There is simply no solution to this. Try it out!


masterani is another well-known website where you may play arcade games for free. The AnimeFreak alternatives website is well-known for its English-dubbed anime movies and television shows. There are almost 2000 high-quality anime movies and television shows available. This website’s user interface is also quite attractive and interesting. You may choose from a wide range of categories and genres, including comedy, thrillers, romance, and humor.


anilinkz is the next website in our list of the greatest AnimeFreak alternatives. This fantastic website includes a sizable collection of anime movies and television shows. To use this website, you do not need to register or log in. You just need to click the link and search for the content you want to stream. You can quickly search information using the advanced search option.
Alternately, you might enroll in one of the many genre schools that provide a variety of anime content. All told, the website has a lot to offer its visitors, so there is no need to hesitate before utilizing it.

#25. A2Zanime

animefreak alternatives

The top Animefreak alternatives also include the website A2Zanime. Another well-liked website for viewing material is A2ZAnime. The website provides a vast library of anime movies, TV episodes, games, and much more. For individuals looking for a variety of musical stuff, it’s the perfect location. To try it, not much will be required.

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