7 Great Guess Watches for Men This 2021


Guess was established in 1981 by Georges Marciano, and their first watch catalogs were instituted in 1984 under the names “Guess,” “Guess Steel,” and “Guess Collection.” Their watch collection has expanded significantly over the years, and they can now be discovered in many shops worldwide. But, are Guess timepieces of excellent quality, and do they represent great value for money? That’s a difficult question to answer because it depends on what you’re looking for in a watch. If you want a rather chic and elegant wristwatch from a luxury brand, and appearance is the most important factor to you, then go for it.

Here’s the point: most brand names don’t pay a lot of money for extraordinary movements, so you won’t find the more expensive ones in their collections. This isn’t a problem for most folks searching for designer timepieces, but if you’re considering a Guess watch, here are some of their most popular models.

1. Guess Men’s Quartz Watch (W0366G4)

Guess offers a very modern and relaxing option for those who favor silicone over stainless steel straps. This Guess Men’s Men’s Quartz watch ref W0366G4 comes in a 36 mm round stainless steel case with blue and rose gold band color and blue dial. It has a screw-down crown which is a great gift for your family, friends, and loved ones. This multi-dial watch has a calendar function including 24-hour display, day-date, and luminous hand. This Guess watch weighs 110g and is waterproof up to 100m.

2. Guess Men’s Multi Dial (W0247G3)

This Guess Men’s Multi Dial Quartz watch ref W0247G3 is another wonderful Guess watch with rose gold and blue mixed design. For those who prefer not to wear metal straps, the blue rubber strap makes it a pleasant choice. It has a 36 mm large round stainless steel case with rose gold combination hour markers and two mini dial displays, as well as a blue bezel, which makes it incredibly stunning. This stylish watch has an analog display and a quartz movement. It goes well with both casual and formal attire and looks gorgeous.

3. Guess Gents Watch Chronograph XL (W0076G4)

This Guess Gents Watch Chronograph XL ref W0076G4 features a rose gold case with a dark tan genuine leather strap, which is a natural fit. Guess has gone for the extended date display once again, making it an excellent gift for someone looking for a daring dress timepiece. This athletic, gorgeous watch can be a perfect gift for New Year, Christmas, birthday, and other occasions. This model has a calendar function including luminous hands, date, and stopwatch. Its brown leather strap with buckle measures 23 cm in length and 21 mm in width. The 44 mm round stainless steel case comes with a brown dial and 50m water resistance.

4. Guess Men’s 45mm Chronograph (U0170G2)

The Guess Men’s 45mm Chronograph ref U0170G2 is a dazzling black and gold chronograph that exudes luxury at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a watch that stands out, this is the one to go with. It comes in a 45 mm round stainless steel with metal bezel, black dial, and gold bracelet.

5. Guess Men’s 46.5mm Black (W0673G4)

The Guess Men’s 46.5mm watch ref W0673G4 is designed in the famous blue color. It’s one of the more laid-back styles available, but that may be exactly what you want. If you hadn’t spotted it at first glance, they’ve gone for an incredible design on the lugs. This watch model comes in a 46 mm round stainless steel case with a blue dial and black leather strap. This Chronograph is powered by a quartz movement and is a perfect companion in either formal or casual events.

6. Guess Men’s HORIZON (W0379G3)

The Guess Men’s HORIZON watch ref W0379G3 has a classic chronograph display and a traditional style. If you’re searching for a watch to give as a gift, this is pretty much the best bet. This watch has a silver stainless steel bracelet and a 45 mm stainless steel case with a blue dial. This Chronograph watch is powered by quartz movement with 50m water resistance and a day-date display.

7. Guess Gent’s Jet Blue Dial (W0797G1)

This Guess Gent’s watch, reference W0797G1, exudes luxury. Deep blue and gold have long been a popular combination among watch enthusiasts. It ends up giving you a watch that looks very costly for a low price. A 36 mm round stainless steel case with a silver and gold stainless steel bracelet and a white dial is featured on this timepiece. It is powered by a quartz movement and features a calendar display and 30m water resistance.

In A Nutshell

Most of the Guess watch collection, as well as many other excellent designer watch brands, is manufactured in China. Most of their watches are under $300, which is quite justifiable. They’re a reasonably priced watch brand that no reservations recommending. If you want to be stylish and practical at the same time, then don’t hesitate to try Guess watches.

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