6 Simple Ways to Delete Negativity from Your Life

Everything that we are going through in our life has an effect on the decisions that we make. If you think about it, making a decision becomes a lot easier if you are going through a positive phase in your life and becomes harder if you are dealing with something negative. As your thoughts influence everything you do in life, I am going to highlight three simple ways you can delete negativity from your life.

1. Stop Listening To People Who Share Negative Stuff

The first thing that you have to do is to disassociate yourself from toxic people. Whether it is watching the news or following toxic people on social media, you need to distance yourself from such things so that you can pay attention to the good stuff in life. You can literally stop people from telling you bad stuff by asking them politely. If they still don’t seem to listen to you, it’s better to leave them in their own negativity than sink in with them.

2. Share Your Bad Experiences

The worst mistake that you can make is to hold negative things inside of you. Just like rust eats up iron, your negativity is going to eat you up from the inside. So, you should stick to anonymous platforms like Doe, where you can share your negative experiences without exposing your identity. You can share your story with people who go through the same thoughts so that you know what to do.

3. Pay Attention to How You Speak To Other People

Not only should you disassociate yourself from toxic people, but you should also do some soul searching yourself. If you are speaking in a negative tone all the time, you need to pause and reevaluate the effects it has on other people. Instead of bursting out your negativity onto other people, you should practice using some loving words.

The best part: your good friend will never ever know

4. Stop others from telling you bad news

Literally: stop people when they begin informing you something bad! Say something like, “I do not want to hear this,” or “don’t inform me that sort of stuff.” If they continue to inform you more, stop them by restating your demand: “I’m major. I do not wish to talk about this. Let’s discuss something else, please.” Believe me, this works. I’ve done it.

5. Stop associating with people who pull you down

Have you seen the Disney film “Inside Out” with your kids yet? Keep in mind Sadness? Do you become friends that are like Sadness, always explaining the negatives that could go wrong when you attempt and tell them something you’re thrilled about? If so, it’s probably best that you restrict interactions with those individuals. It’s kinda hard to have a chipper and favorable mindset when socializing with someone like that who drains your power and pulls you down.

6. Pay attention to the type of radio or tv shows you listen to

Please stop listening to gossip early morning shows on your method to work! Find a station that in fact plays music throughout your early morning commute rather. Or, even better, play a CD or playlist from your iPod. Or subscribe to Pandora (my personal fav). Likewise, consider what types of tv shows you routinely view. Are they dramatic or amusing? Amusing is more positive than significant. So as attractive (and addictive) as it is to see a marathon of Law and Order: SVU, attempt not to. Okay?

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