5 Best free Android Apps to Logo Maker in 2022

It doesn’t count number whether you are setting up a  new business or on line website; you will need an ideal brand to create & sell your emblem. Lets make facebook, facebook, youtube, tiktok, nike, amazon logo design. It become the logo maker that users be aware first while travelling your site; consequently, it turns into the maximum important factor for each online website or enterprise.

There are masses of online logo makers to be had at the internet. But, most of them were top rate websites. Also, developing a logo isn’t always an clean process because it’s totally distinct from traditional photograph enhancing.

So, to counter all such things, one desires to use logo maker apps. There are plenty of logo maker apps to be had on the Google Play Store that might create excellent logos in only a few minutes.

5 Best free Android Apps to Logo Maker in 2022

Therefore, in this article, we have determined to percentage a listing of best Android logo maker apps in 2020. With those apps, you may easily create particular logos right from your smartphone. So, permit’s check out the first-rate logo maker apps for Android in 2020.

1. Canva

Properly, Canva is one of the best andtop-rated graphic design apps to be had on the Google Play Store. This app can be used as a poster maker, video editor, and logo maker. If we talk approximately the logo maker, the app affords you with a ramification of options like specific icons, text patterns, backgrounds, color codes, and so forth.

2. Logo Maker

Because the call of the app says, logo Maker is an app designed to create logos from smartphones. The app is already used by hundreds of thousands of customers from all the world over. The great that it divides the logo maker developing materials in distinctive categories like Style, Business, Colourful, Lifestyle, application, and many others. Now not only that, however Logo Maker also gives a couple of backgrounds and overlays options.

3. DesignEvo

Well, DesignEvo is a extraordinarily new logo maker app to be had on the Google Play Store. The app is pretty lightweight, and it’s easy to apply. With this app, you can create beautiful trademarks in just a few minutes. The good thing is that DesignEvo gives users extra than 3500 logo templates, a hundred+ logo fonts, and powerful editing options to create specific logos.

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4. Swift Logo Maker Logo Designer

In case you are trying to find a logo maker app for Android to create custom logos in minutes, then you need to offer swift logo Maker logo designer a try. With this app, you could without difficulty create logos enterprise logos, private trademarks, or product logos. The create unique logos; the app gives you a brush device, free templates, layer-based editor, textual content fonts, and so forth.

5. 3D Logo Maker

This app is for the ones who’ve been searching for approaches to create 3-D logos from smartphones. Guess what? This app can design and generate 3-D logos in just a few minutes. To design custom logos, the app gives you plenty of templates, icons, symbols, and several other designing factors.

6. Iris Logo Maker

Iris Logo Maker

Iris Logo Maker is an Android app that is a full-featured logo designer that can help you make professional, unique, and remarkable logos. Iris Logo Maker gives you more colours, cultures, fonts, and textures than any of the other apps on this list.

With these tools, you can make logos that are unique and original in no time. You also get professional tools for editing text and improving the quality of the logo.

7. Dotpict




Well, Dotpict is a simple drawing app for Android that pixel artists can use to make art. It’s not precisely a logo app, but if you understand how to use it, you can create distinctive and strong logos in no time. With a few simple steps, you can make your own pixel art with the Android app.

You can download and use Dotpict for free, but if you pay for the pro version, it has more features. Dotpict also bundles features to make unique pixel art. With this app, you can make your own animations, look through the community to find pixel art made by other peopl

8. Ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X is a drawing app for Android that has a lot of great features for making logos. What’s that?  Ibis Paint X has more than 2500 materials, 800 fonts, 335 brushes, 64 filters, and many screen intonations. You can make great logos for one project with these materials. But you have to buy the full edition of Ibis Paint X to use all of its features.

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9. Font Rush

Font Rush

Everyone knows that the font represents the most important part of a logo. With Font Rush, users can make cool logos using the more than 200 different fonts the app gives you. In addition to the different fonts, Font Rush gives you more than 250 background images that you can use in your photos.

You can also use this app to make great logos for your own projects. Font Rush also has tools for making flyers, banners for social media, lettering, name paintings, and more.


So, those are the five best logo apps for Android in 2020. I hope this article helped you! proportion it together with your friends additionally.

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