20 Top Best Video Conferencing Software For Online Meeting 2023

Video Conferencing Software

With built-in capabilities like chat, screen sharing, and recording, video conferencing software allows for online communication for audio meetings, and seminars. These best online meeting platforms facilitate long-distance or international communication, collaborate more effectively, and save money on the trip. Employees at various levels of a firm can utilize video conferencing tools examples to arrange or attend best virtual meeting platforms for large groups with coworkers, business partners, or customers, regardless of their physical location. Lets try best video conferencing apps for online meeting platforms for different types of video conferencing.

What is Video conferencing Software?

Video conferencing is a type of online technology that enables users situated in disparate locations to participate in in-person meetings without physically relocating to a single location. This technology offers significant convenience for business users operating in various locations or countries, as it effectively reduces the time, costs, and inconveniences typically associated with business travel. Video conferencing is utilized for job candidate interviews, business deal negotiations, and routine meetings.

For informal purposes, a video conference is referred to as a video call or video conversation.

Features of Video Conferencing

In brief scrums and critical meetings, video conferencing solutions reduce the need for in-person attendance, bringing convenience to everyone’s daily schedules, enhancing client relationships, and maintaining open and consistent communication across teams. Some video conferencing systems integrate with marketing automation and CRM software, allowing for the synchronization of essential business data into relevant conferences and faster follow-up communications and contact account upgrades.

  1. A product must meet the ensuing criteria to be considered for the Video Conferencing category:
  2. Allow two or more parties to communicate via video and voice via the internet.
  3. Allow video conference hosts to change meeting details and invite visitors.
  4. Within individual conferences, include capabilities such as screen sharing and chat.
  5. Provide the ability to record for future reference or presentations.

Video conferencing is a technology that enables users situated in disparate locations to conduct live, in-person meetings, frequently at a minimal or nonexistent cost.
Video conferencing technology can be employed in a variety of contexts, including board meetings, job training sessions, and presentations.

The speed and dependability of the data connection may influence the video conference’s quality and stability.
Video conferencing can be executed through devices, smartphones, and desktop computers, among other platforms.

How We Use Video Conferencing?

The primary benefit of video conferencing over telephone conference calls is that participants can see one another, fostering the development of more meaningful relationships.

There are numerous methods for conducting video conferencing. Web cameras may be integrated or connected to desktop computers, laptops, or other devices. For video conferences, smartphones and other connected mobile devices with cameras may also be utilized as connection devices. Typically, a software-based framework is employed in these situations to facilitate the transmission of communication via internet protocols.

Certain organizations utilize specialized video conferencing chambers that are outfitted with premium cameras and displays to guarantee crystal-clear conversations with minimal technical complications. Frequently, third-party providers install and assemble the technology necessary to conduct a video conference.

The reliability and pace of an individual’s internet data connection may have an impact on the quality and consistency of the video conference.

Video Conferencing Advantages and Disadvantages

Organizations comprising numerous offices may opt to implement direct video communications among their sites to foster greater collaboration among their teams.

The instructor can instruct a remote class from virtually anywhere, using video conferencing as a medium for conducting training. This is particularly feasible within a business setting, where it can equip employees with the knowledge required to execute their tasks more effectively. Video conferencing can also be utilized in the academic realm to establish a connection between a conventional classroom environment and pupils situated at a significant geographical distance from the institution.

Video conferencing can also be utilized to facilitate routine staff meetings or to update shareholders on the most recent developments within the organization. It may be utilized to introduce a new CEO, announce significant changes at a company, or present information in an interactive manner that encourages all attendees to engage in discussion regarding the content displayed on the screen.

Hotels and conference facilities occasionally offer video conferencing services to visitors who request them. This amenity may be provided in conference rooms or suites that have been specifically designed for this purpose.

Video conferencing facilitated individual consultations and meetings between clients and professionals, including attorneys, financial advisors, therapists, and tutors. Indeed, certain court cases and legal proceedings were exclusively conducted via video conferencing throughout large portions of the pandemic. Additionally, physicians and other medical practitioners have significantly increased their use of telehealth compared to pre-pandemic levels.

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 chat-based workspace. It brings together people, discussions, and material and the tools that teams need to interact more effectively. Try this the best video conferencing app.

2. Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings

Webex Meetings is the most engaging, inclusive, and intelligent video conferencing solution available for the current workforce. Make meetings more participatory and exciting by incorporating technology. Enable audiences to convey their emotions using animated emojis and gesture recognition.

Improve audience engagement with Slido’s next-generation dynamic polls and Q&A Customize the stage arrangement to focus on the most important topics and people. Slido’s anonymous polling/Q&A helps make meetings more inclusive by:

  1. removing language barriers with real-time language translation into 100+ languages.
  2. ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.
  3. Use breakout rooms to encourage everyone to engage by allowing more minor group conversations.
  4. Allow Webex to assist you in working more efficiently.
  5. Monitor and manage your work-life proportion and skilled connections with personal insights
  6. Make meetings more efficient with automatic transcriptions, notes, and highlights.

3. BlueJeans


BlueJeans is the modern workplace’s meeting platform. We combine video, audio, and web conferencing with the collaborative tools that people use on a daily basis. BlueJeans is the first cloud service to connect computers, mobile devices, and room systems in a single video meeting, allowing individuals to work efficiently wherever and whenever they choose. Teams rely on the meeting solution to conduct their best work. This the best free online meeting platforms.

4. Zoom

Zoom allows individuals to stay connected so that they may do more as a group. Zoom handles everything from meetings, chat, phone calls, and webinars to conference room systems and online events. Our safe, dependable video platform provides a high-quality, easy-to-manage, utilize, and personalized experience. The best video conferencing apps.

5. Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Everything you require to satisfy any task is now in one convenient location. Gmail, Contacts, Drive, Documents, Sheets, Presentations, Meet, and many more productivity and collaboration applications are all part of Google Workspace. It’s the ideal way to create, communicate, and collaborate, whether you’re at home, at business, or in the classroom. More time to get things done with familiar tools and fewer distractions. The best online meeting platforms

6. Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber

By combining presence, text messaging (IM), audio, video, and web conferencing, business voice, and visual sms into a single desktop client, employees would be able to collaborate effectively from anywhere. Try this best online meeting platforms. This is the best online meeting platforms.

7. Zoho Meeting

Video Conferencing Software

You’ll just need one system to handle your online meetings and webinars. The perfect choice for your combination work’s distant collaboration. As more organizations want to engage with clients and partners remotely, online meetings or videoconferencing is a fast developing section of the Internet. With screen/application sharing, sound, and video conferencing, Zoho Meeting is the easiest and most cheap online web conferencing platform for enhancing workplace communication. It allows individuals as well as small and large businesses to host and conduct safe and expensive online meetings quickly and easily. The best video conferencing apps for free online meeting platforms.

Right from your browser, host product launches, technology demonstrations, marketing materials, lead-nurturing sessions, information literacy webinars, and online meetings. The ensuing are some of the most typical circumstances in which the Zoho Meeting is utilized. You can use any website or pc operating system to hold safe, reliable web meetings and share your screen with your distant audience. Your remote audience might be from anywhere in the world and at various locales. By enabling real-time virtual meetings, Zoho Meeting saves time, travel, and money.

While in many situations, head meetings are still necessary and irreplaceable, the power of a Zoho Meeting gives the next best thing. Zoho CRM is very strongly connected with online meetings. From your Zoho CRM account, you can now arrange, invite, and host meetings, as well as access reports and recordings. With a few mouse clicks, you can plan cost-effective sales and marketing meetings. Show your products and services to the customer, as well as provide after-sales assistance. Simplify your selling process with online presentations, have web meetings for business planning and marketing, and contact your customers easily and promptly anywhere, at any time. With Zoho Meeting, you can attract new prospects or introduce new product releases to your existing client base. Host massive virtual events and broadcast them live on social media. Webinars and media releases may be efficiently handled, saving you time and money.

8. Whereby

Whereby Video Conferencing Software
There is no need to download any software or apps. Choose your unique URL and meet with just one click using your web browser — on mobile or laptop. This is the most straightforward approach to begin video chatting with your friends, colleagues, or family. Whether you need to collaborate on a personal project or discuss a marketing plan, Whereby provides an integrated place for participants in video meetings. During your video conference, collaborate with your team on Microsoft Word, Kanban, Miro Whiteboard, or view YouTube videos simultaneously.

It’s also connected with Google Calendar, making it simple to plan meetings. Better meetings take place when you use Whereby:

  1. Video meetings: Keep control of your meeting space by locking it.
    In addition, it is GDPR compliant.
  2. Recordings: You may record, download, and share your video conference with your team.
  3. Screen sharing: this feature lets users share a full screen, application, or tab.
  4. Picture-in-picture is also supported.
  5. Up to 100 attendees: Even on the free plan, you may have events with up to 75 attendees.
  6. Thousands of businesses have switched away from Zoom and Facebook.
  7. Whereby provides a free 7-day trial with no credit card necessary.

9. RingCentral, Inc.

RingCentral, Inc.

RingCentral, Inc., based on its strong Message Video PhoneTM (MVPTM) worldwide platform, is a leading supplier of business cloud communication and contact centre solutions. RingCentral allows contemporary mobile and dispersed workforces to communicate, create, and interact via any mode, any phone, and any location, making it more flexible and expense than older on-premises PBX and teleconferencing solutions that it replaces. The best video conferencing apps for free online meeting platforms.

10. BigMarker

Video Conferencing Software

BigMarker is the most customisable webinar, virtual, and hybrid event platform in the world. We create person branded events by combining strong video technology with extensive marketing and engaging experience capabilities. BigMarker’s all-in-one platform is used by companies all over the world to produce immersive and engaging virtual, hybrid, and webcast events.

BigMarker also offers interfaces, Apis, and white label services, allowing businesses to include sophisticated interactive video experience into their advertising, sales, and training stacks. Let’s work together to create your ideal online event. BigMarker is a Chicago-based company that manages events for hundreds of corporations and organisations throughout the world. Best Video Conferencing Software For Online Meeting Platforms in 2022.

11. Unified Conferencing

Video Conferencing Software

With an open API, you can quickly create new interfaces, add-on applications, and plugins to making your communications extra featured rich, personalised, and productive. We have made it more cost-effective, with a pricing model that costs per person rather than per port and flexible terms that allow great economies of scale, so enterprises can use current Unified Communications investments. The best video conferencing apps for free online meeting platforms.

12. iMind

iMind Video Conferencing Software

Users of iMind may have video conferences with many participants. It enables for the free conducting of 4-hour-long conferences. For example, iMind recently developed a feature that lets all users to modify the boards concurrently during meetings and brainstorming sessions. The Timetable feature in iMind allows you to schedule tasks and has its own file storage. Finally, Contacts allows you to contact your coworkers with a single click.

13. Jiminny


Making a successful sales team is the first step toward winning more business. With Jiminny, you can obtain greater insights on client dialogues, empowering your sales staff to develop and win together. All of your client discussions will take place on Jiminny. Record, transcribe, and analyse your sales team’s accomplishments and lessons learned so that they can easily communicate, teach, and increase revenue.

Jiminny provides you significant information on where to train for the greatest impact by connecting straight with your CRM. Furthermore, by automatically maintaining your CRM’s activity data clean and up-to-date, our Chrome plugin Sidekick saves you hours in total and administrative effort. If you want unique insights into client discussions, total visibility of sales performance, and actionable data to assist your sales staff improve, this is the platform for you. The best video conferencing apps for free online meeting platforms.

14. GlobalMeet Collaboration

Video Conferencing Software

With one meetings, team check-ins, and more, GlobalMeet Collaboration provides a superior meeting experience. With our all-in-one video conferencing software, you can start online meetings with only one click and no downloads. Video conferencing is simple, free, and available from anywhere with GlobalMeet Collaboration. Best Video Conferencing Software For Online Meeting Platforms in 2022.

15. BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans Meetings

BlueJeans is the modern workplace’s meeting platform. We combine video, audio, and web conferencing with the collaborative tools that people use on a daily basis. BlueJeans is first cloud service to link computers, mobile devices, and room systems in a single video meeting, allowing individuals to work efficiently wherever and whenever they choose. Teams rely on the meeting solution to conduct their best work. The best video conferencing apps for free online meeting platforms.

16. GoToMeeting


To run an effective virtual business meeting, this platform has all the required resources virtually. GoToMeeting stands out for its exceptional quality of calls, robust functionality, and exemplary customer service. This tool provides a quick, simple and secures online professional meeting solution that allows customers to click a button to see each other, exchange presentations and chat with colleagues and customers. Among other items, this program enables the computer’s contents to be exchanged when having an online conversation.

With an annual payment, the standard kit costs $14 per month or $12 per month and allows up to 150 participants. A business plan tier costs $19 per month (or $16 when charged annually), which raises the number of participants to 250, whereas the Enterprise plan will accommodate up to 3,000 participants. Best Video Conferencing Software For Online Meeting Platforms in 2022.

17. Slack

Slack meetings

Slack is a viral networking and collaboration tool for teams of all sizes, but it also provides built-in Video conferencing. Although Slack’s Video conferencing features are weaker than standalone Video conferencing solutions, for Slack customers who want to get on a video call quickly, they give the right choice. Slack also provides screen sharing and annotation features that allow participants to draw on each other’s screens. This function can be useful for collaborative work by remote teams.

18. Owl labs meetings owl

Owl labs meeting owl

OWL Laboratories offers an excellent physical tool for in-office Video conferencing though not a software program: Meeting Owl. Meeting Owl is a smart meeting room video conferencing camera that records 360-degree Video and audio and moves the camera automatically to concentrate on whoever is speaking. The effect is that remote participants feel like they are sitting with the rest of the team in the session.

When you need to set up a video call as quickly and conveniently as possible, Join. I is a great alternative. Without installing any software or scheduling a meeting, users can instantly build and share a connection to a personal meeting space. The user-friendly interface allows for one-click screen sharing but lacks other options with comprehensive features. Plans start at 10 dollars a month; there is a free trial available.

19. Google hangouts meetings

Google hangouts meeting

Google Hangouts, which provides individuals with free video calls, and the business video conferencing tool from Google, is also completely integrated with G Suite. Hangouts Meet is free for all G Suite users who can create meetings Google Calendar with up to 100 participants. Best Video Conferencing Software For Online Meeting Platforms in 2022.

Although Hangouts Meet (currently rebranded to Google Meet) lags behind Zoom in overall functionality, it offers communication resources such as screen sharing and dial-in numbers for those joining by phone. It also runs entirely in the browser, so no other software needs to be downloaded by users.

20. Pexip google meet

Pexip google meet

Pexip is a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to incorporate conventional video systems, communication solutions from Microsoft and Google, and business-grade Video conferencing and calling solutions that work with any device. It is one of the best web conference solutions available right now and one of the leading providers of video meeting interoperability solutions.

To make the use of web browsers to join Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business meetings, Google Hangouts Meetings, and regular Video conferencing meetings, it natively uses WebRTC, the worldwide standard for real-time video communications on the internet.

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