15 Best Xposed Modules for Customizing Your Android in 2020

It’s no question that Android is a quite customizable mobile operating system. if you have a rooted Android device, then you could even manipulate Android from its center. There are plenty of customization apps to be had for Android, but for the rooted devices, the Xposed Framework is frequently recommended.

For the ones unaware, the Xposed Framework is one of the most important tools for Android tweaks and customization. It’s basically a framework that used modules to amplify the capabilities of the Android mobile working device. further, there are masses of modules available for Xposed that can be used for Android customization.

15 Best Xposed Modules for Customizing Your Android in 2020

So, in this article, we’re going to percentage a number of the first-class Xposed Modules for customizing your Android device. if you have already got a rooted device and need to install the Xposed Framework, then you can examine this article – How to set up the Xposed Framework In Android (2 Methods). So, let’s discover the listing of nice Xposed Modules for customizing your Android device.

1. GravityBox

Nicely, GravityBox isn’t always exactly a customization device, but its more for modding and improving the features of Android. for example, you can upload custom icons inside the Navigation bar, add an app launcher to the navigation bar, and many others. now not best that, but you may also customize the LED notifications, change the color of reputation bar icons, and so forth with GravityBox.

2. ChromePie


As the name of the Xposed Module says ChromePie is an Xposed module that makes the Chrome browser greater usable with one hand on largedisplay smartphones. It essentially adds a pie control to the Chrome browser which places tab switching, bookmarks, history, etc within smooth reach of your thumb. So, ChromePie is any other excellent Xposed Module that you can use these days.

3. No Lock Home

Well, if you have been the use of Android smartphones for some time, then you definitely may know that Android has few clever lock quality to keep your phone unlocked at sure times or conditions. as an example, your display screen won’t turn off as long as the GPS  quality is active. Similarly, No Lock home is a smart lock characteristic that keeps your phone unlocked while it’s related to a specific WiFi network.

4. XuiMod

It is one of the nice and crown-rated Xposed modules for personalization. It brings the combined quality of more than one custom ROM. With XuiMod, you could effortlessly personalize popularity bar, navigation bar, battery meter, etc. no longer handiest that, but it additionally permits customers to play with the animations as nicely. So, XuiMod is some other exceptional Xposed modules for customization.

5. XPrivacy

Nicely, when you have a rooted tool and already the usage of the Xposed Framework, you then need to insert it in the XPrivacy module right now. You could use XPrivacy to forestall any precise apps from gaining access to positive statistics. It’s essentially a module for managing the app permissions, however, it’s a bit advanced and it’s primarily used to dam get entry to the emails, sensors, shell instructions, media, and many others.

6. Advanced Power Menu+

It is one of the high-quality and most superior power menu customizers that you could use on Android. With advanced Power Menu+, you could easily add, remove, or reorder Power Menu objects like Reboot option, shut Down alternative, and many others. other than that, the Xposed module can be used to add beneficial features to the power menu just like the screenshot button, WiFi button, display screen recorder, boot into healing, boot into safe mode, and many others.

7. Greenify

The app is already to be had at the Google Play Store and it works on non-rooted gadgets as well. However, there are a few qualities that may be enabled most effectively if you are using the Xposed framework. On a rooted Android device, Greenify mechanically puts apps in hibernation mode after the phone is locked to keep the battery. If you are the use of the Greenify module, then you may avail extra quality like deciding on apps to act every day in particular situations, see notifications even if the app is hibernated, and many others.

8. MinMinGuard

It’s far an advert-blocker Xposed module that you can use right now. Unlike all different ad blockers which simply take off the ads but continues the advert frame, MinMinGuard definitely deletes the whole ad body, leaving no entire space in among. To dam advertisements, you can either pick individual apps or can permit vehicle adblocking on the whole lot.

9. XBlast Tools

If you have been looking for an Xposed module to customize your Android smartphone, then XBlast equipment is probably a nice choice for you. Guess what? with XBlast gear, you may without difficulty customize your navigation bar, repute bar, and so on. No longer simplest that, however, XBlast gear also can be used to personalize the volume buttons, carrier label, gradient colors, etc. So, XBlast Tools is one of the high-quality Xposed module 2019 that you could use proper now.

10. XposedNavigationBar

It’s far some other fine Xposed Module at the listing which you may do not forget. The brilliant factor about XposedNavigationBar is that it permits users to tweak the Android’s Navigation bar to add more quality. As an example, apart from the back, domestic, and current button, XposedNavigationBar may be used to quality an extra shortcut to the bar. The more shortcut may be of whatever like app shortcuts, capabilities, and so forth.

11. Awesome Pop-Up Video

It’s now not precisely a Customization module, but it will improve the way you revel in motion pictures on a smartphone. It helps you to watch a video in a little popup window. The floating window sticks at the display screen whilst you are working on any other app. The Module has its very own gallery, but it works in other players too.

12. DS Battery Saver

Well, DS Battery Saver or Deep Sleep Battery saver is a battery saver app for Android. In comparison to Greenify, DS Battery Saver gives an awful lot finer control over while the hibernated apps must be woken up. The module offers three exceptional modes – Aggressive, mild, and Slumberer. every one of the modes follows one-of-a-kind regulations to place apps in sleep mode.

13. RootCloak

It’s one of the high-quality and most unique Xposed modules on the listing. It simply hides your root fame from the apps that you install. You simply need to choose the apps on RootCloak and the module will disguise the foundation repute.

14. CrappaLinks

If you have been the use of Android for a while, then you definitely would possibly know that whilst you open a hyperlink in your phone, as opposed to beginning the default app, it opens the link in a browser window. The CrappaLinks module fixes that issue on Android. The module forces the hyperlinks to open inside the dedicated app rather than a web browser.

15. Snapprefs

The module serves as a Snapchat Mod for Android. It lets you download Snapchat pictures and motion pictures on Android. Apart from that, it additionally gives masses of different capabilities like you can edit your pics before sending a Snapchat message, you get a blur device, a vicinity spoofing function, etc.


So, these are the 15 Best Xposed modules that you can use for customizing your Android smartphone. If you know any other such modules, let us know in the comment box below.


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