15+ Best South Park Episodes

Even among the small community of animated sitcoms that have survived throughout the ’90s, “South Park” stands out as a completely unique institution, approaching its 25th year best south park episodes on television.

It didn’t suffer from the apparent dips in quality that have tarnished “The Simpsons'” legacy, and it never best episodes of south park got lost in the shuffle of too many Seth MacFarlane shows like “Family Guy.” While “South Park” has had its share of episodes that haven’t aged well, this is mostly due to creators Trey Parker and Matt south park best episodes Stone’s fondness for relevant social satire. Over the previous quarter-century, “South Park” has served as a more thorough chronicle of the cultural zeitgeist south park funny episodes than almost any other fiction-based TV funniest episodes of south park series.

So, which episodes of “South Park” have lasted the test of time? Which are considered the actual cream of the crop, 300 episodes after the show’s premiere? Let’s take a closer look with the help of IMDb.

15+ Best South Park Episodes

1. About Last Night… (Season 12, Episode 12)

About Last Night…

Barack Obama’s victory is revealed to be an elaborate cover for an audacious best south park episodes heist in a pitch-perfect parody of “Ocean’s Eleven” (in cahoots with John McCain and Sarah Palin). Behind the best episodes of south park scenes, the writers south park best episodes took a chance on the plot and finished funniest episodes of south park the episode the morning after the real-world election Best South Park episodes imdb results came in.

2. Mr. Hankey, the Best South Park Episodes Christmas Poo (Season 1, Episode 9)

30_Mr. Hankey and the Christmas poo

The debut holiday instalment, one of the most enduring of the first season episodes, provides an ideal best south parks episodes template for “South Park”: a spot-on parody of a cultural staple. Moreover, Like the TV Christmas special; irreverent and inspired musical numbers. The perils of politically correct groupthink; insight into child psychology. Finally, with its title singing excrement, a charming yet disgusting Best South Park episodes ranker scatological centrepiece.

3. Naughty Ninjas (Season 19, Episode 7)

Naughty Ninjas

Although not quite as accurate as “The Simpsons,” the sitcom is still frighteningly prescient. South Park abolishes its police force. Secondly, In this episode, which aired five years best episodes of south park before nationwide calls for south park funny episodes law enforcement defunding in 2020, causing neighbourhood mayhem when funniest episodes of south park the youngsters, dressed as ninjas, are mistaken Best South Park episodes on Netflix for ISIS recruits.

4. All About Mormons (Season 7, Episode 12)

All About Mormons

Years before Parker and Stone’s Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon,” the team dabbled in best south parks episodes satirising the most extreme aspects of south park best episodes Mormonism – in song! However, It’s a lot nicer than the vicious ridiculing of the Scientology programme, and the Mormons get the Best South Park episodes after season 15 last word.

5. Put It Down (Season 21, Episode 2)

Put It Down

Craig’s efforts to restrain Tweek’s mounting meltdown represent the fears produced best episodes of south park by a slew of concerns, including North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, distracted driving. Moreover, The funniest episodes of south park incoming south park funny episodes president’s (the Trumpian counterpart of Mr. Garrison) careless Best South Park episodes buzzfeed tweeting.

6. The Jeffersons (Season 8, Episode 6)

The Jeffersons

Michael Jackson has always been easy prey for comedy, but 15 years before the bombshell documentary “Leaving Neverland,” Parker and Stone savagely yank. In addition, The glove off when the pop legend sneaks into South Park under a south park best episodes fictitious identity and fake moustache, creepily inserting himself into the kids’ circle.

7. Major Boobage (Season 12, Episode 3)

Major Boobage South Park

Kenny goes on a hallucinogenic voyage through a surreal, sci-fi universe populated by a big-busted warrior woman and mammary-centric, Geiger-like architecture, produced by inhaling cat urine. However, It’s lavishly funniest episodes of south park animated and rock-scored, and it’s based on the 1981 cult masterpiece “Heavy Metal.” Finally, It’s also hilarious from start to Best South Park episodes Reddit 2021 finish.

8. You’re Getting Old! (Season 15, Episode 7)

You’re Getting Old

It’s one of the show’s more dramatic and timeless episodes, focusing on Stan’s existential distress at turning ten. In addition, suddenly feeling turned off by the numerous pop cultural things and genres he’d previously enjoyed, which literally turn to shit in his eyes.

9. You Have 0 Friends (Season 14, Episode 4)

You Have 0 Friends

This episode delves further into the unneeded demands and ludicrous real-world spillover that south park best episodes came with joining the then-new Facebook. However, The parodies on social media artificiality are funniest episodes of south park ruthless, while the storey of Kip, who is eager for connection. Finally, It is effectively Best South Park episodes to watch high compelling.

10. Best Friends Forever (Season 9, Episode 4)

Best Friends Forever

Who better than the ever-expiring Kenny to serve as the show’s Emmy-winning commentary on the right-to-die debate? South Park debates whether to turn off the vegetative fourth grader after an south park funny episodes accident. Finally, Despite the fact that his gaming abilities are critically needed to assist angels win an impending war between Heaven and Hell.

11. Medicinal Fried Chicken (Season 14, Episode 3)

Medicinal Fried Chicken

Randy Marsh’s frantic drive to secure a pot prescription after finding the local KFC has been turned into a medical marijuana shop ends in one of the show’s funniest sight gags, while Cartman’s bid to obtain funniest episodes of south park the suddenly illegal fast food takes a “Scarface” turn.

12. Crème Fraiche (Season 14, Episode 14)

Crème Fraiche

The Marsh family is nearly rip apart as Randy, a Food Network fetishist, fetishizes meal prep and Sharon. Secondly, The believing he’s lost interest in her, gets fit with a Shake Weight. Moreover, It appears sexually excited by funniest episodes of south park their training sessions. The carnal sight gags and double entendres are not subtle, which adds to their appeal.

13. Dancing With Smurfs (Season 13, Episode 13)

Dancing With Smurfs

Cartman uses his platform reading the morning announcements to level outrageous attacks on Wendy Testaburger’s tenure as student body president and bolster his own political agenda south park funny episodes in another foreshadowing episode — AND there’s a delirious “Avatar”-inspired sequence in which Cartman goes native in Smurf Village.

14. The Death of Eric Cartman (Season 9, Episode 6)

The Death of Eric Cartman

There’s no serious social analysis or massive pop cultural commentary here, just pure, joyful fun. Cartman assumes he’s died after driving his irritated buddies to the point where they decide to ignore his presence entirely. He convinces Butters that he is a ghost in need of assistance in moving on, and he sets out to right the many, many wrongs of his existence.

15. Woodland Critter Christmas (Season 8, Episode 14)

Woodland Critter Christmas

A standout among the series’ holiday-theme episodes. Moreover, It’s also one of the most twist: told in rhyming narration reminiscent of classic TV Christmas specials, Stan’s encounter with a maddeningly chipper group of adorable furry forest animals has a fairy-tale feel — until their bloodthirsty, Satan-worshipping agenda is reveal.

16. Butters’ Very Own Episode (Season 5, Episode 14)

Butters’ Very Own Episode

Of the many great Butters-centric episodes to choose. From, his first solo outing offers a perfect storm of retro-sitcom flourishes. However, Like Butters’ peppy theme song and deeply dark and twisted plot turn. Such as when Butters’ mother loses her mind when she discovers her husband’s secret gay hookups. It decides to kill her son in her madness.

17. Black Friday / A Song of Ass and Fire / Titties and Dragons (Season 17, Episodes 7-9)

Black Friday Trio

In one of its signature epic trilogies, the series deftly blends a spot-on parody of “Game of Thrones” with trenchant analyses of the bargain-obsessed hysteria surrounding the first shopping day of the holiday season. The intense game console wars — all topped off with Kenny’s gender-bending cosplay subplot. Finally, A certain fantasy author’s fixation with flaccid wieners.

18. Scott Tenorman Must Die (Season 5, Episode 4)

Scott Tenorman Must Die

The cruel, egomaniacal, greedy, racist, gluttonous heart of “South Park” is clearly Eric Cartman. No episode better illustrates the sociopathy that fuels him than his relentless quest to even the score with an older kid. Who repeatedly gets the better of him — until, in the disturbing but side-splitting finale, he doesn’t.


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