100% Working Top Torrent Sites in 2021

best Torrent Sites

We’ve compiled a list of functioning torrent websites and the finest torrenting sites available worldwide so you can keep downloading for free. The bulk of these torrent websites are the greatest available, and torrenters adore them.
Here are the top torrent sites and greatest torrenting sites without further ado.

Top Torrent Websites 2021


Best Torrent Websites

YTS or YiFy require no introduction, since these two have made a significant contribution to the torrent community.
The website’s user interface is fantastic, much like Netflix’s. YTS has always provided high-quality films.  We haven’t encountered a torrent site as clean and nice as this one.


Torrent Sites for Comics 2021

This torrent website is one of the top torrenting sites since the torrent uploaders post the most recent files as soon as they are on the big screen. After the famed site KickAss Torrents was shut down, people turned to 1137x. It’s a sizable community of torrent uploaders.

The Pirate Bay

best torrent sites for games

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the torrent site offers rapid download rates. Despite the fact that the website has been prohibited in some countries, it continues to function. Users may easily download the Pirate Bay software for free from anywhere on the internet, as well as through the company’s website.


game torrents sites

Demonoid also provides music, movies, software, and TV shows. The website is difficult to navigate, but it does the job and can rank among the top torrent sites and finest torrent sites. One of the best torrent torrent sites and top torrent sites.


Best Torrent Websites

The torrents are of excellent quality, and the material catalog is vast. For torrenters, EZTV is a great alternative to Mininova, a BitTorrent website. It’s a terrific alternative to top torrent sites and a terrific best torrent sites backup to have.


game torrents sites

Torrentz2 does not host any of its own material, but it does index millions of torrent files from a variety of sources. This site is a solid choice with a good peer ratio, whether you’re like music or movies. Users had previously complained about malware injections, but the site has now addressed all of the dangerous vulnerabilities, which is really amazing. It’s a strong candidate for best torrent sites and top torrent sites.


game torrents sites

The download speed of RARBG varies depending on your internet connection. Rarbg has 10 distinct categories to choose from, including anime, TV shows, software, movies and more. For the torrent site to function properly, you must have a good, dependable internet connection.


Torrent Sites for Comics 2021

This site is well-known since it dominated the top torrent sites and greatest torrent sites for several years until being shut down. KickAss, Katcr and Kat. cr, are all similar sites that appear after a URL is removed. There are several mirror sites for Kat.cr that provide a wide range of high-quality torrent downloads. Currently, one of the top torrent websites available.


Torrent Sites for Comics 2021

Zooqle is a well-known torrent site. The website serves to all of the genres that consumers need and require, particularly movies and television programs. It is one of the greatest torrenting sites and top torrent sites because the interface is simple to use and the website is clutter-free, making downloading easier and more convenient. To expand its material collection, the website collects torrent links from a variety of sources, including Katcr and Torrenthound.

Torrent Downloads

Best Torrent Websites

Although it is not a well-known website, it is included in our list. It contains a large torrent collection with over 16 million files, including games, movies, TV shows, software, and more. This website offers benefits that may be accessed from any location. It is yet to be blacklisted and should be included in your list of the finest torrenting sites.


Torrent Sites for Comics 2021

For torrenters who rely on torrent downloads from the finest torrenting sites and top torrent sites for their daily chores, the website acts as a light. The website, which was created by two partners, was partially shut down due to a big disagreement between them.


Torrent Sites for Comics 2020

For Mac users, Torlock is a decent torrent site. The website concentrates on little torrent files that are simple to download. They mostly provide high-definition TV shows and films. A fantastic list of the greatest torrent sites and top torrent sites.

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