10 Top VivaVideo Alternatives for Android and iOS

Even as there is no dearth of video editors at Google Play Store and Apple App Store, only a few of them are as feature-rich as VivaVideo. Featuring easy-to-use editing tools, the app makes video editing on a smartphone lifeless simple. upload a bunch of appealing filters, crazy sound effects, and a ramification of pre-defined themes, and QuVideo’s offering turns into a complete package deal for creating funky videos. beyond these goodies lie a few downsides, just like the clunky UI and the lack of ability to address a couple of tracks smoothly. no longer simply that, the chinese app doesn’t have a reliable report in terms of offering the essential safeguard to the personal data as it has just been identified as spyware by researchers at VPNpro. And that’s exactly what has led me to round up the best VivaVideo alternatives for Android and iOS so that you can get the right replacement in 2020.

Best VivaVideo Alternatives for Android and iOS (2020)

VivaVideo is designed for both personal and professional use. So, we’ve chosen apps which could cater to both those components. while a few video editors excel in creating videos for marketing or branding, others are extra geared towards making cool short clips for sharing on TikTok, fb, Instagram, and different comparable sites for a laugh. A few video editing apps have tried to stirke a balance so that both newbies and pros can find them appealing. Now that you realize what these top VivaVideo alternatives for iOS and Android have in save for you, let’s get going with the roundup!

1. Quik

As the name itself makes it crystal clear, Quick is designed to make video editing incredibly simple. Just in case you hate to go through the roundabout ways to create a nice-looking video, you should give a chance to this video editor. I bet you would fall in love with its ability to offer a fully personalized video editing experience. If you think that it has sacrificed quality in favor of simplicity, let me tell you that it’s as efficient as some of the best video editors out there.

For one, the app can let you add up to 200 images and video clips to create a video. Not to mention, the app excels in getting the desired data from GoPro footage and picks up exciting moments after a thorough analysis. In addition, it detects faces and colors to frame each shot with precision. Another feature that makes it an ideal VivaVideo alternative is the great selection of over 25 themes, each sports stunning transition and graphics. And with a ton of text overlays, title slides, GPS stickers, and free songs at the disposal, designing videos becomes really fun.

2. KineMaster

If VivaVideo claims to be super cool in terms of video editing, KineMaster is not behind either. In fact, there are quite a few areas where the latter has an edge over the former. For starters, KineMaster sports a more elegant interface that makes navigation a breeze. Plus, it also makes a bit easier to add and combine multiple layers of video to make editing clips less hassle-free on a mobile device. Even in terms of color adjustments, it looks a touch better than its famed rival. Be it correcting colors or applying different color filters, KineMaster ensures the process remains straightforward.

One of my favorite features in VivaVideo is a solid library of effects that play a key role in making a clip look pleasing to the eyes. Having taken a close look at the variety of effects offered by KineMaster, I must say that it comes very close to VivaVideo. The awesome slow-motion effects and sound effects are my top picks. However, when it comes to transitions or EQ presets, KineMaster clearly pips ViaVideo sdue mainly to the sheer numbers and variety. If you love using different transitions, I would recommend you to try it out. Everything considered; KineMaster is a fully-featured alternative to VivaVideo for iPhone and Android.

3. PowerDirector

If I were to choose a VivaVideo replacement app purely based on the pro-grade video editing tools, PowerDirector would be one of my top picks – by a long distance. What puts this app ahead of the curve is the efficiency with which it allows editing and exporting videos in 4K resolution. It features a pretty handy speed adjustment tool that lets you comfortably fine-tune the speed of any video. Whether you wish to create a fast-forward video or go for a stunning slow-motion clip, the speed adjustment tool can let you do so with ease.

Another feature that has caught my attention in this app is the video stabilizer. Times when you want to fix shaky footage, the video stabilizer can have a role to play. As far as fixing shaky videos is concerned, I find PowerDirector far more consistent. In addition, it also gives a strong competition to VivaVideo when it comes to transitions, effects, and filters. And with a fairly good collection of background music, it ensures you have the luxury to choose from both funky and quirky sounds.

4. FilmoraGo Video Editor

FilmoraGo is the sort of video editor that can appeal to both pros and newbies. So, if you are looking for a ViaVideo alternative that can come with all the high-end yet incredibly easy-to-handle tools, it could be a better choice. The app features an intuitive timeline that can take on multiple tracks at one go without any lagging, unlike VivaVideo that often seems to stutter a bit especially when handling multiple tracks.

In addition, FilmoraGo can safely claim to beat its counterpart when it comes to soundtracks and sound effects. Yeah, you got that right! The app has an impressive roster of tracks that can be used for a variety of videos including glamorous, humorous, quirky, and more. Not just that it can also let you use voice recording for a more personalized effect. Personally, I have loved its sticker pack and the animated text which plays a key role in making a video steal attention. Oh yes, the option to customize filters has also looked in line with my taste. And I bet you may find them equally good as well!

5. Splice

For a simplified video editing experience, you can bank on Splice to live up to your expectations. The app is optimized to run smoothly on mobile devices. And with a lightweight and fully customizable interface, it feels snappier than VivaVideo. Beyond the UI, Splice can safely claim to rule the roost in terms of having nice-looking filters for a variety of videos. So, depending on the type of theme your video has, you can use a filter to adorn its looks in a jiffy.

Aside from filters, Splice has also got plenty of background colors, attention-grabbing title slides, and text overlays. On these aspects, it can go neck and neck against VivaVideo. However, when it comes to transition styles, Splice is a shade better than its counterparts especially on iOS devices thanks largely to the consistency. Featuring a huge variety of free music and sound effects, it’s got enough music up its sleeve to add the befitting sound to your clip.


Believe me, you don’t have to be a pro to edit videos on a smartphone like a pro. Well, if you doubt my statement, I would recommend you to take VLLO for a try. The app has got one of the most intuitive UI that looks familiar right from the word go. And with pretty easy editing tools like speed adjustment, merging, and cutting, giving a better look to videos seems quite straightforward. Just like VivaVideo, VLLO comes with a range of filters and effects that can go a long way in beautifying your videos.

As someone who always likes to have the luxury of a powerful library of sound effects, I have found VLLO up to the mark. The app has a growing collection of royalty-free background music with different tones. Additionally, it also offers audio fade in/out effect to give a pro touch to your clip. That’s not all, it has over 1000 hilarious stickers that can add some amusements to your clip. As compared to VivaVideo, VLLO has looked more solid to me in terms of stickers. Do check them out, if you never seem to get enough of the crazy stickers.

7. Adobe Premiere Rush

If you don’t mind going through some learning curve initially, Adobe Premiere Rush is the one I would recommend you to check out, especially for creating cinematic movies that can send social media on a blitzkrieg. As is always the case with most of Adobe’s offerings, Premiere Rush is equipped with an enviable library of powerful tools. Probably the best part about this video editor is the multitrack timeline that can let you take on four videos and three audio tracks simultaneously. Perfect for the crunch times where you have to produce high-quality social media posts.

VivaVideo is often praised for having a vast collection of beautifully designed filters and effects which make creating social media videos a breeze. In this aspect, Premiere Rush is on par, if not better. Just like VivaVideo, it also offers the desired flexibility so that you can customize your video, fine-tune color, size, font, and even use a peculiar voiceover as the background music. What’s more, Premiere Rush also comes with advanced tools for sound balancing, noise reduction, and auto-ducking, which make it far superior to rivals. Long story short, if you want to get a highly-rated VivaVideo alternative for creating social media posts for marketing or branding, give serious consideration to Premiere Rush (the pro version is available for $4.99 or $9.99/month).

8. InShot

InShot claims to be a top-notch video editor that allows creating videos with a variety of music. Having given a close look at what it has in store, I must say that it’s checked off all the important boxes. And if you have set your sight on making funky videos with crazy sound effects, you would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative. The app comes with an ever-growing library of sound effects that can put VivaVideo’s offerings to shame.

As for filters, they are both in large numbers and a wide variety. So, it doesn’t matter whether you want to make your movie embrace a retro look or wish to make it trending, chances are those filters can live up to your billing. That aside, the app has kept the UI at the minimal level to feel smooth and snappier. Plus, the additional goodies like emojis and sticker packs add plenty of fun elements.

9. Magisto

For creating eye-catching videos that can put you at the top of the trending chart, Magisto promises to be a great contender. What makes it so handy is a large collection of professionally designed video editing tools that can let you create fun-loving videos for social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The app leverages artificial intelligence to simplify the whole editing process. As the editing tools are quite straightforward, you can easily get a good grip on crafting videos. That aside; Magisto has got a vast commercially licensed song library.

Comparatively, Magisto’s music library has got not only more songs but also far more variety. If it’s the variety of music that forced you to look beyond VivaVideo, it can easily turn out to be the ideal replacement. Furthermore, Magisto movie maker is equally efficient in terms of creating a cool slideshow and video collage which has become a rage these days. Though this app is available for free, you will need to spend $29.99/month or $59.99/month to unlock all the powerful video editing tools. Price-wise, it’s quite expensive but considering the tools, it’s worth giving a shot.

10. YouCut

Though not as versatile as VivaVideo, YouCut can turn out to be your automatic pick if ease of use matters more to you. The app is quite lightweight and comes with some of the most eye-catching filters and FX effects to let you embellish your clips based on a specific theme. Just in case, you aren’t pleased with the readymade offerings, you can customize your filters and effects for a more dramatic effect.

That aside, the app works pretty well in merging videos without distorting the quality. Even in terms of video trimming, splitting, and slicing, it’s highly efficient. If it’s these qualities that you are looking for in a VivaVideo substitute, it would be the right answer to your needs. Furthermore, you can use YouCut to adjust colors, tweak the aspect ratio, and choose from a variety of backgrounds.

Choose Top VivaVideo Alternatives for iPhone/Android

So, these are top-ranked VivaVideo alternatives that you could use for your iPhone or Android device. With both pro and easy video editors lined up, finding the one that let you help stunning clips for sharing on social networking systems need to be a painless exercise. Through the way, which one is your favored video editor for a mobile device? And is there any video editing app really worth which includes on this roster? It might be wonderful to have your comments inside the remarks under.
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