10 Best Sound Booster Apps For Android Device in 2020

It’s absolute confidence that everyone loves to look at movies, tv shows, but, there’s one trouble which we regularly deal with at the same time as playing track and watching videos – a number of Android smartphones aren’t loud enough.

Because of this, customers have left without a different option aside from changing the tool. but, changing an Android smartphone only for low Sound isn’t a really perfect choice. So, what we are able to do? properly, app developers have created a few apps that can maximize the capacity of your tool’s sound. Simply search for ‘Sound Booster’ at the Google Play Store, and you will find tons of apps over there.

10 Best Sound Booster Apps For Android Device in 2020

So, in this article, we’ve got rounded up some satisfactory Android Sound booster apps which can sincerely make your Android sound louder. So, permit’s explore the listing of great Sound  Booster Apps for Android 2020.

1. Sound Booster GOODEV

It’s one of the qualities and top-rated Sound booster apps to be had for Android smartphones. The good factor about the app is that it works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. It gives users a few sound profiles that may be customized to decorate the sound output (headphones).

2. VLC for Android

Nicely, the popular media player app, of course, VLC is available for Android as properly. The coolest component about VLC for Android is that it supports almost all media formats. What’s more essential is that it lets you grow the sound output to the maximum level. However, growing the sound above the default level would possibly damage the audio system or maybe your ears.

3. Precise Sound

If you are searching out a full-featured quantity manage hub for your Android tool, then a unique extent is probably the great choice for you. bet what? With a particular extent overrides Android’s 15 quantity steps restrict, giving up a hundred specific quantity levels. It correctly hooks into your tool’s audio gadget to provide greater quantity manipulate alternatives.

4. Equalizer FX


It is one of the top-rated Android equalizer app available on the Google Play Store. since it’s an equalizer app, it gives customers more than one sound profile. It also sounds profiles particularly Bass improve and Loudness Enhancer that may raise the sound output.

5. Viper4Android

If you have a rooted Android phone, then Viper4Android is probably an exceptional choice for you. wager what? Viper4Android wishes root access to apply sound filters on the overall device. With that, the improved sound effects can be felt from any Android app which you use. Viper4Android has a function called an additional Loud mode which runs from slight to severe energy ranges. no longer just that, but Viper4Android additionally offers few Speaker optimization options that permit you to acquire higher sound nice out of your phone’s speaker.

6. Super High Sound Booster

Well, this app is closely popular at the Google Play Shop, but how it works stays unanswered. The Google Play store list says that it may boom the extent in just one click, but doesn’t offer any information on how it does. The app doesn’t offer customers an equalizer which may be used to improve the audio tones.

7. Sound Booster PRO

This app claims to increase all music media extent which includes video sound, game sound, song sound, etc. If that wasn’t sufficient for you, then permit me to let you know that the app also claims to increase all gadget quantities like ringtone quantity, notification Sound , etc. The app works on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphone and its, in reality, the first-rate extent booster app that you could use right now.

8. Super Loud Sound Booster

The app affords customers a bass amplifier that can be used to enhance the bass stage. However, just like the terrific high Sound Booster, exceptional Loud extent Booster’s Google Play store listing doesn’t throw lighting on how the app work. in spite of this, the app maintains receiving superb evaluations from the customers.

9. Speaker Boost

Nicely, this app is a touch bit specific as compared to each other app indexed in the article. Instead of depending on Equalizer and sound profile, it complements the sound quantity by means of eliminating the distraction noise. Aside from that, Speaker improves also offers a music amplifier. The android app works on both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphone.

10. Sound Amplifier

Nicely, Sound Amplifier from Google is every other best quantity booster app that you can use proper now. The app is best meant to beautify the audio from your Android tool the usage of the headphones. The primary features of Sound Amplifier include boosting quiet and decrease loud sounds, personalizing the listening revel in, lowering the unwanted or distracting noises.


Playing super loud sound and listening in high Sound for a prolonged amount of time can destroy both speakers or hearing. So, if you are going to distorted audio, make sure to lower the Sound level. Lots of users have reported destroyed speakers and earphones. So, make sure to use these apps at your own risk.


So, these are the ten best Android Sound Boosters apps that you can use right now. If you know any other apps like these, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also.


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