10 Best RGB Fans in 2020

The primary purpose of a computer fan is obviously to keep the hardware interior your PC as cool as feasible without putting off too much noise. However in case you’re a gamer with a flamboyant sense of fashion, the fans inside your computer can upload an entire lot of personality in your gaming rig.

Of direction, the capacity to put on a light display for your computer case shouldn’t be the first precedence when shopping for computer fans, however there are plenty of fans out there that discover the right balance between flash and substance. We’ve picked out ten of the best RGB fans to be had. similarly to offering information on each best RGB fan model, we’ll also provide you with a few evergreen advice you can use whilst shopping for best RGB fans.

Best RGB Fans in 2020

1. upHere Computer Case Fan 120mm LED RGB Silent Fan

If you’re looking for the best RGB fan for your computer but are working on a more limited budget, up Here offers some of the best bang for your buck. Three fans for less than $20 is an incredible price, and the standardized format of the three fans here ensures that they’ll work without much fuss on practically any gaming rig. up Here has taken some low tech but efficient solutions to common problems here as well. Silicone pads help reduce unnecessary noise even when these fans are running at full power, and the RGB lighting will work without having to configure anything.

Key Features
  • One of the best deals on fans
  • Polished fan vanes for smooth performance
  • Sports an aseimatic design
  • Suitable for any part of your PC
  • Operating noise is a little loud
  • Not built for high performance use
  • Lighting effects are fixed
Number of Fans3 RPM Range1000 +- 10% Number of LEDs9 Max Air Flow53.02 CFM Size120, (featured), 140 mm Noise26.4 dB-A

2. Thermaltake Pure Plus 12 RGB TT PWM Case Radiator Fan

Thermal take has gone all in with RGB lighting in the past few years, but that doesn’t mean that the quality of their fans suffers as a result. You’ll get three fans for right around $60, as well as a static pressure fan for more effectively dispersing hot air from your internal hardware. Managing these fans is incredibly easy too, so it’s a great choice for beginners who haven’t done much gaming rig customization yet. The compatible software gives you a fully visual interface that simplifies the process of adjusting both lighting and fan speeds. You can even control these fans with your voice thanks to the inclusion of Amazon Alexa compatibility.

Key Features
  • Can sync with your motherboard
  • Intuitive but comprehensive management software
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Self lubricating low noise design
  • Designed only for use as replacement fans
  • Software can be slightly buggy
  • Only available in a three pack
Number of Fans3 RPM Range500 – 1500 Number of LEDs12 Max Air Flow56.45 CFM Size120 mm Noise25.8 dB-A

3. Corsair Hydro Series H100i RGB Radiator RGB PWM Fans

Efficiency is the name of the game with the Corsair H100i Pro. While this Corsair best RGB fan is available in a variety of different sizes, the 240 mm model is where it really shines. The power in these Corsair RGB fans can match many fans one and a half times the same size, and the noise is significantly more manageable than what you’d find in larger fans. And while this Corsair fans RGB lighting customization isn’t the best we’ve seen, the software here is really top notch. It’s also easy to adjust the lighting on this best RGB fan. Corsair uses the exceptional Lighting Node interface for handling lighting configurations.

Key Features
  • Great efficiency for the size
  • One of the best interfaces around
  • Can run in zero RPM mode
  • Lighting Node interface is great
  • RGB lighting customization is a little weak
  • Uses a lot of wires
  • Slightly pricey for the provided specs
Number of Fans2 RPM Range360 – 2200 Number of LEDs16 Max Air Flow63 CFM Size120, 240 (featured), 280, 320 mm Noise36.0 dB-A

4. Pccooler 120mm Moonlight PC-3M120 RGB LED Case Fan

Pccooler makes fans that are built to last. Available in a three pack, the PC-3M120 is rated for a lifespan of a full 30,000 hours. That means your gaming rig will probably fail before your fans do. There’s plenty of options to create some cool light shows here too. The ten different lighting modes cover a wide variety of creative and more conventional lighting modes – including one that will sync automatically with in game music. You don’t need to be experienced to get everything up and running either. The design is plug and play, and the fans run very quiet.

Key Features
  • Rated for a life of 30,000 hours
  • Very easy to install
  • Above average operating volume
  • Aerodynamic blade design
  • Cables can be hard to distinguish
  • Lights can only be controlled with remote
  • Fan syncing sometimes fails
Number of Fans3 RPM Range1000 – 1800 Number of LEDs18 Max Air Flow54.0 CFM Size120 mm Noise30 dB-A

5. DEEP COOL MF120S 3x120mm RGB PWM Case Fans

The DEEP COOL MF120S doesn’t look like any other fans on the market. Their slick design resembles something that might have been pulled from Area 51, but you can count on it to be compatible with human hardware. Mounting these fans is a breeze, and once you get them up and running, you’ll have access to nearly 17 million color combinations for all of the LED lights built in. That cool looking frame is more than just show too. Since it’s constructed from a singular skeleton design and doesn’t make use of a traditional frame, it can fit just about any chassis easily.

Key Features
  • Very cool fan design
  • Works as case or radiator fan
  • Frame made from lightweight aluminum
  • Offers 36 different lighting modes
  • Tend to run a little loud
  • Packing tape can be hard to remove
  • Relatively high asking price
Number of Fans3 RPM Range500 – 2000 Number of LEDs9 Max Air Flow45.4 CFM Size120 mm Noise33.4 dB-A

6. InWin Polaris RGB Twin Fan RGB LED 120mm Fan

The Polaris by In Win isn’t the fastest fan around, but it doesn’t need to be. Instead, these fans are targeted at gamer with less stringent power demands and a desire for a cooling system that will run almost silently. Two fans are included in this pack, and in a refreshing change of pace they don’t require an external remote to control them. Instead, they can sync up with the existing RGB configuration designated by your motherboard. Best of all, you can pick up both for around $40. These fans may just be the best deal if you’re looking for the best balance for your dollar.

Key Features
  • Syncs with your existing motherboard lighting
  • Six independent LEDs per fan
  • Efficiently designed dust filters
  • Very fair asking price
  • A little loud in horizontal position
  • Doesn’t use a hydraulic bearing system
  • Relatively middling air displacement
Number of Fans2 RPM Rangemax 1280 Number of LEDs12 Max Air Flow43.31 CFM Size120 mm Noise20.2 dB-A

7. Antec Prizm 120 ARGB 5+C 120mm RGB Case Fan

Cooling fans are often bundled together for the sake of practicality, but you’ll rarely find a five pack like what’s offered by the Antec Prizm . The focus here is on creating fans that can compensate for the often lethargic solutions packed into pre-built gaming computers, and that’s bolstered by strong compatibility with a variety of different manufacturers. Hook this up to an MSI, Gigabytes, or ASUS chassis for simple and seamless RGB configurations that are in sync with the rest of your PC lighting. This five pack isn’t cheap, but it offers some of the best performance around and the ability to scale up for serious overclocking.

Key Features
  • Synchronized lighting with countless motherboards
  • Scales to the needs of overclockers
  • Hydraulic bearing for quieter performance
  • 16.8 million lighting combinations
  • Fairly high asking price
  • Five fans may be a lot for some gamers
  • Runs noisy at higher speeds
Number of Fans5 RPM Rangemax 2000 Number of LEDs18 Max Air Flow45.03 CFM Size120 mm Noise32.6 dB-A

8. Cougar Hydraulic Vortex RGB HPB 120 PWM HDB Cooling Fan

Cougar can get you up and running with efficient fan performance and solid lighting with no hassle at all. Just plug the pin connector into your motherboard, and you’re ready to go. Cougar makes use of some cool innovations that you won’t find anywhere else too. The unique angle of the blades means that you can see the coloring even from the back or sides, while optimized fins create the trademark “vortex” phenomenon that Cougar is so proud of. Hydro-dynamic bearing is at work to ensure a longer lifespan.

Key Features
  • 100 different lighting modes available
  • Efficient use of hydro-dynamic bearings
  • Innovative and trademarked Vortex cooling
  • Light looks great from any angle
  • RGB splitters are a bit flimsy
  • Compatible with a limited number of headers
  • Can be hard to find in stock
Number of Fans1 RPM Range600 – 1500 Number of LEDs18 Max Air Flow45.34 CFM Size120 mm Noise24.3 dB-A

9. LIAN LI Bora Digital Series RGB BR LED PWM Fan

When it’s not turned on, the Lian Li Bora doesn’t look like anything to write home about. There’s a chance you wouldn’t even know there’s lights on the fans if you don’t get it up and running. An RGB remote control is accompanied by compatibility for a majority of motherboards. There’s also a dedicated remote for fan speeds, so you never have to dig into a single configuration menu if you don’t want to. RGB lighting takes a back seat to performance in this model, but it really excels at offering decent cooling without an excessive noise level.

Key Features
  • Remotes for blades and lights
  • Supports 10 different lighting modes
  • Works without any software
  • Available for a great price
  • Sticker looks a bit unprofessional
  • Needs more screws for radiator mounting
  • Lighting can be jittery
Number of Fans3 RPM Rangemax 1280 Number of LEDs12 Max Air Flow57.97 CFM Size120 mm Noise29 dB-A

10. Fractal Design Prisma AL14 140mm PWM RGB Fan

Spending a lot of money on fans might seem exhausting after building or buying a new computer, but the $40 you’ll drop on the Prisma AL14 is absolutely worth it.Compatibility is available with most motherboard headers, so you can do away with the remote control if you’re so inclined. And no matter where you want to use this model in your computer case, you can rely on the solid vibration dampening to keep it running nearly silent.

Key Features
  • Support for a large number of headers
  • Uses vibration dampening corners
  • Unique trip wire for fans’ blades
  • Very low static pressure
  • Relatively high asking price
  • From a relatively unknown manufacturer
  • Only comes with one fan
Number of Fans1 RPM Range500 – 1700 Number of LEDs6 Max Air Flow103.85 CFM Size120 mm Noise15.1 dB-A

Wrapping Up

Searching out the best RGB fan? We’ve were given you protected. And whilst we constantly update our list to make certain that only the best RGB fans are included, the purchasing manual offers you with all the tools you want to task out further and check out other models. whether you’re curious about the which means of static pressure or a translation of CFM, preserve this page bookmarked so you’ll always have the resources you want useful.
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