10 Best Digital Converter Box in 2020

whilst plenty of human beings are moving to razor-thin HDTVs, now not anybody has that luxury. But when you have an older tv and want to get it up to date with the exceptional and state-of-the-art programming, there’s a less expensive choice than buying a brand new TV. A Best digital converter box can take the newer digital alerts broadcast by cable and nearby tv stations and convert them into a layout that a standard definition television can process.

Of course, the want for Best digital converter boxes is becoming smaller, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t customers in want. For you, we’ve prepare this complete manual to the 10 Best digital converter box models of 2020. We’ll point you to the first-rate models on the market and assist you higher understand this technology.

10 Best Digital Converter Boxes

1 KORAMZI HDTV Digital TV Converter Box

Need a Best digital converter that can adapt all of your video devices to the 21st century? The CB-107 by Koramzi has some of the best compatibility around, and while it’s not exactly rich in luxury features, it is reasonably priced and a great hub for all of your older electronics. In addition to the traditional HDMI connection, there’s also basic coaxial inputs and outputs as well as traditional AV ports for older TVs and devices.

As far as features, the choices here are solid if pretty universally baseline. That includes an auto tuning function as well as live recording. It may be simple, but this Best digital converter gets the job done, and it’s one of the best choices for older customers who haven’t caught up with the latest trends and want to do so without much technical knowledge. The only thing difficult to figure out here is what all the remote control buttons do.

Key Features
  • USB input for easy recording
  • Full parental control functions
  • Nice variety of ports
  • Support for NTSC through loop
  • Prone to audio syncing problems

2 Five Star ATSC HD Digital TV Converter Box

Plugging in the Five Star box is like traveling back in time to the days before streaming, and that’s not such a bad thing. In addition to offering full coverage of all of your favorite local stations, this device comes with an electronic programming device guide that lets you not just see what’s on TV but also meticulously plan out your recording schedule in advance.

And since it offers a flat antenna, the signal here is very strong. It may seem a bit awkward in photo reference, but that extended range really earns this model accolades for overall performance.

Key Features
  • Uses an effective flat antenna
  • Return within 30 days for a full refund
  • ATSC and NTSC compliant
  • Comes with dedicated RCA ports
  • Requires two AAA batteries

3 eXuby Digital Converter Box

The truth is that Best digital converter devices aren’t that complex of electronics, so you’re better off looking for a digital converter box that you can install and then rely on to work. eXuby provides some of the best and most durable performance around for a price tag of under $50, and the included and detachable antenna can expand the coverage area of this digital converter box to a full range of 35 miles. The storage capacity is a lot more expansive than competing digital converter boxes too, leaving your with an impressive Best digital converter box perfect for doubling as a media server.

Key Features
  • Max storage capacity well above average
  • Maximum range of up to 35 miles
  • Seven day electronic programming guide
  • Very sturdy build quality
  • Antenna isn’t the best quality

4 Mediasonic HW-150PVR ATSC Digital Converter Box

If you want to be successful with a digital converter box in this market, you need to be creative. Fortunately, that’s a necessity that Mediasonic fully understands. Their HW-150PVR is an all in one device that offers recording, a TV tuner, and a full built in media player for watching your favorite programming. As far as all in one media devices go, this is one of your best choices short of a streaming stick.

Best of all is the price. The traditional retail point for this digital converter box is around forty bucks. If you want to get a whole lot of functionality without spending much, you’ll get it here. It even comes with a full electronic program guide to help you keep track of and record all of your favorite TV shows and movies.

Key Features
  • In depth recording scheduling
  • Quality parental control features
  • Support for a 2 TB hard drive
  • Fully functional live TV schedule
  • Can’t watch and record at same time

5 RCA DTA-800B1 Analog TV Box

We’re pretty confident that the primary market for Best digital converter boxes skews older. The RCA DTA-800B1 is a digital converter box that’s easily accessible to less tech savvy customers while still offering the full range of features that you could hope for in a digital converter box. Best of all, it offers some of the clearest, crispest, and most vivid video reproduction that we’ve found in a digital converter box.

And it’s incredibly easy to understand too. All the key functions you’d want to reach from the box itself have been positioned with big and easy to read buttons, and the remote control is similarly intuitive and stripped down in its design. Scanning with this digital converter box is easy, and they’ve even put some smart systems in place so you won’t have to rescan your entire band of channels just because there are some new ones you want to add.

Key Features
  • Some of the best image quality
  • Very easy to navigate interface
  • One of the smartest designed channel guides
  • Can be positioned vertically or horizontally
  • One of the more expensive models

6 ViewTV AT-263 ATSC Digital Converter Box

Want to save your favorite TV shows and movies to watch again and again? ViewTV makes that easy. All you have to do is plug a flash drive in place to turn your digital TV converter into a home media center with plenty of storage space. Around the board, the features and specs here are pretty standard but also thorough. You’ll get parental control settings, an interactive programming schedule, and the ability to save your favorite channels.

Getting this Best digital converter box up and running is as simple as plugging in the power cord to the wall and the coaxial cable to your TV. The USB port is well positioned for easy access, and you can get a feel for the streamlined remote control in just a few minutes also.

Key Features
  • Compatible with 720p and 1080p
  • Top shelf parental control features
  • Wide range of recording features
  • Simple plug and play design
  • Remote control can be unresponsive

7 Ematic Digital TV Converter Box

The parental control settings are just the tip of the iceberg on a converter box that’s refreshingly robust. But those parental controls are very clever in their own right – letting you set up rules for what channels are blocked and automatically making use of parental guidance ratings to figure out when a password needs to be applied.

But even cooler is the time shift feature. While many of these devices don’t even allow you to record and watch TV a t the same time, this box includes a timeshift function. That means you’ll never be at the mercy of live TV again.

Key Features
  • Impressively deep parental controls
  • Pauses and resumes live TV
  • Comprehensive programming and scheduling
  • Easy to understand remote control
  • Small remote can be hard to manipulate

8 IVIEW-3500STBII, Digital Converter Box

The first time you look at the remote control to the IVIEW 3500STBII, you’ll find it intimidating. But over time you’ll come to recognize the vast amount of resources available to you. Because while this converter box is pretty basic at its core, it really makes the most of the recording functions available to it.

The specs here are right on base too. While there’s no built in storage, the USB drive can support drives with a capacity of up to 2 terabytes. That’s a lot of video to work with, but the sleekly designed media player app that’s built right in can keep everything neatly organized and readily available to you. And the wide variety of different connectivity options means that even older legacy devices can connect easily to your larger home TV setup.

Key Features
  • Truly comprehensive remote control
  • Supports storage of up to 2 TB
  • LED display shows programming details
  • Generous variety of video ports
  • May be complicated for new users

9 Sindave Digital TV Converter Box

Users looking to pick up local television channels don’t always have an easy time of it, but the external antenna added to Sindave’s digital TV converter box really helps the signal get where it needs to be even in more remote locations. And the inclusion of an HDMI output and cable means that you can even connect it to more modern TVs and pair streaming 4K content with all of the free and existing programming on the air.

And if you want to just save some programming to watch later, this digital converter box can help with that too. It can record programming in the background or live while you’re already watching TV, so you won’t have to make concessions for the sake of building your video library. The storage capacity here may be a bit limited, but a one terabyte hard drive can still store a lot of TV.

Key Features
  • Support for 4K passthrough
  • Offers live TV recording and viewing
  • Compatible with most video formats
  • Easy RF channel 3/4 toggling
  • Maximum storage is pretty low

10 Leelbox Converter Box

You won’t find a better price than that offered by Leelbox. Their converter retails for less than $30 and includes enough features to make it the anchor device for a lot of homes. External hard drive support gives you backup storage for all of your recordings, but it also includes a media player that you can use to play videos and music that you already have stored onto your connected hard drive.

Multiple formats are included, so there’s little need to worry about your video not working. The scheduling and recording options here are very robust. And while standard definition doesn’t represent the bleeding edge of video technology, it also comes with Dolby Audio for immersive soundscapes.

Key Features
  • Easy to justify asking price
  • Supports Dolby Audio tech
  • Local media player built in
  • Very easy to install
  • Max storage capacity of 1 TB
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