What Happened to Rabbit? Best Site Like Rabbit.it

Site Like Rabbit.it

In this post, we’ve identified and explained alternatives to rabbit website to make it easier for you to select the right one. Rabbit (also known as Rabb.it TV) was a fantastic forum for organizing social gatherings and watching movies and videos with friends. This helped them to be dispersed while still watching the same programs.

Best Site Like Rabbit.it


You will practically hang out with your mates on Kosmic alternatives to rabbit website. You don’t want to install something or even register. You will easily build a space where you can talk and connect using your webcam. You may also post a browser tab or a screen and whatever is happening there.

Kosmic, like rabb.it replacement, allows you to watch synced Youtube and local video streaming sites like Rabbit. So, you can play NES and SNES emulators with your buddies, or Quake 3, Texas Holdem Poker, and other games. With a URL, everyone will enter the room right away. Strangers will always ask to enter your room.


Rabbit is a kind of rabb.it alternatives that lives in Rave is a web-based media network with the aim of also serving as a social media hub. It allows you to share the songs and videos you’re listening to and watching with your peers. You may even submit it to your mobile computer. Rave is a  apps like rabbit that offers streaming content similar to rabbit alternatives.

YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, Vimeo, and Viki videos will all be shared. You may also use Dropbox to upload videos and songs. This software is compatible with nearly all smartphones. Rave is compliant with Android and iOS devices as well as tablets.

Netflix Party

This Netflix Party is a Google Chrome plugin extension. Before you can begin sharing, you and your friends must first install the extension, log into Netflix, and pick a video to share. Build a Netflix Party with the extension, and then invite your friends. You can also talk in real-time when watching updates.

This extension only deals with Netflix and does not work with local videos or any other platform. In some cases, this is a platform rabb.it alternative, but it is not an app  alternatives to rabbit website.


Metastream is a term that refers to Rabb.it alternatives that in Meta stream’s live synchronization replay is remarkable since it utilizes its patented technologies to offer an optimized listening experience to a large number of users with little to no lag. In addition, it provides on-screen chat, fast user management, and video queuing, similar to apps like Rabbit.

In addition, the Meta stream works for nearly every major streaming service, including Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube. However, it lacks the ability to upload or download files, as well as audio and webcam support. Metastream is one of the finest rabb.it replacement options, whether you like it or not.


Watch2gether is a joint collaboration between two individuals. rabb.it alternatives in On Soundcloud, you can listen to music and watch streaming Twitch videos. Unlike rabb.it alternative, only users can look for and play videos. The biggest disadvantage is that you can’t log into third-party accounts, so you can’t watch Hulu or Netflix. You will, however, have access to a large library of free videos on the company’s help site. It does not, though, have screen-sharing websites like rabb.it replacement.


ShareTube is one of the best Rabbit alternatives because it allows you to instantly build a chat room and invite your family and friends. You can watch YouTube videos that are synced, use streaming sites such as rabb.it alternatives , and make your own playlist. This has one of the simplest interfaces for building and entering chat rooms without needing to create an account.

Since it only works for YouTube, you must enter the URL of the YouTube video to begin syncing. There’s also the possibility of holding a group chat. It doesn’t have any of Rabbit’s characteristics, but it does have a practical way to watch videos with friends and relatives.


We can’t forget about Kast’s purchase of  apps like rabbit alternatives, can we? Kast is a programming program that runs on both Mac and Windows computers. Kast is about to be released for iOS mobile, and you can use it as an alternative to Rabbit in the browser.

Kast is now a full app for messaging, exchanging supporting links, emails, and voices, among other items. Rabbit and other streaming platforms are also available. Even then, You will get over 100 people over for TV and movie events. You can also work games with your colleagues and share your gaming experience in real-time.


Twoseven is a video streaming and sharing platform rabb.it alternatives, with the added benefit of allowing you to communicate with the users. It does not, however, allow live audio commentary, unlike rabbit alternatives. Twoseven focuses on three major features: a real-time experience with no delay, live webcam responses, and full support for video streaming platforms like rabb.it replacement.

YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and a slew of other services are also supported by Twoseven. This program also comes with a Chrome plugin that allows you to download videos from every website. As a result, Twoseven is a dependable Rabbit option that allows for unrestricted playback without interfering with your live viewing experience.


So far, myCircle.tv is the most fitting rabb.it replacement option. myCircle.tv helps you to watch content from Twitter, Dailymotion, and Vimeo together in real-time. You can also see the videos only on the website or share the URLs with others to watch them together. Emojis are supported in a talk, but there is no camera or audio support. Overall, it’s a promising medium and a rabb.it alternative.


AnimeParty is a no-frills platform, similar to Rabbit, that is solely devoted to viewing and viewing anime. You can now have a private space that you can share with your family and friends. This has an anime collection where you can select from a number of titles and begin watching them right away.

You can also use the community chat feature in this app, similar to Rabbit TV, to stay connected. Aside from that, it has excellent sync playback and would not cause you any problems while viewing videos.


Together TV

Via a web-based browser, you can see synchronized video playback files when watching TV. This is one of the few alternatives to Rabbit that allows you to watch content from Netflix, Hulu, and other subscription-based streaming services.

Since this web-based program will share a remote desktop screen from your computer, you no longer need to share your login credentials. You can ask the website to play random videos for you, or you can directly download video and music files. The best thing about this  apps like rabbit is that you can have a free audio talk with your friends on Together TV.


Airtime, like Rabbit, is a smartphone device that runs on both iOS and Android. You will share all of the content on your mobile device with your family and friends using Airtime, regardless of where they are. You will now listen to music and stream videos at the same time. Aside from that, you have the choice of sending texts.

Airtime now only integrates for the platforms that it supports. As a consequence, you can listen to Spotify music and watch YouTube videos. Airtime also helps you to play games and post GIFs. This is another lovely app close to Rabbit.


Parsec is a game streaming service similar to rabbit alternatives, but it also allows you to watch games. It helps you to invite your mates and watch videos in real-time with them.Furthermore, you would not face any latency problems while using Parsec. Your friends will be able to leave real-time feedback on your posts, and you will be able to communicate with them while watching them.

Other members cannot access the videos because it was not designed for video streaming. To compensate, it has a superior synced replay, which is Rabbit’s key feature. So you can group chat as well, although it lacks camera or audio support and only allows for positional power. This is one of the healthier Rabbit replacements.


SyncLounge is a decent Rabbit option if you use Plex because it helps you to play synced media flawlessly. This platform isn’t a full substitute for Rabbit. Plex, on the other hand, has a dedicated co-watching app. It will encourage you to connect to your Plex library and create a private space for you and your colleagues and people to watch movies.

While SyncLounge does not use Plex to transfer data to multiple users, its synced playback is very fine. It’s similar to Rabbit in that it allows you to communicate with other users. You can also make the video viewing experience social and interactive.


Synatop,  apps like rabbit, is a web-based software that helps you to watch videos with your family and friends over a remote network. It is free to use Synatop with other options, but you must first build an account. After you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to add applications to it. You can view movies, listen to music, play sports, and work on your ideas collaboratively.

Since Synatop is a full remote desktop network, you can share any kind of content with it. Rabbit, for example, is one of the streaming platforms available. There is no need to download anything since this is entirely dependent on the internet. However, it has the downside of just allowing you to stream movies from the titles available.

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