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Free movies online are a simple and cost-effective method to watch your favourite movies from the comfort of your own home. Yes, there are many of sites where you watch Free online movie streaming sites can acquire movies “for free,” but the Free online movie streaming sites ones listed below are virus-free and fully legal to use, while being ad-supported.

Today I’m going to show you how to watch movies online for free complete movies without having to spend a dollar or subscribe to cable television. Here are the greatest websites for watching free movies Cinema movies and TV shows… If you have any DVD movies, you may convert them to MP4, MOV, or other video formats for use Watch free movies online on your computer, phone, or television. VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper or WinX DVD Ripper are both fantastic options for Best free movie streaming websites making DVD movies available on a variety of devices. It also allows you to 1:1 clone DVD to ISO for backup, which Free movies and tv shows online eliminates the risk of DVD scratches, damage, or loss.

Are Free online movie streaming sites Legal?

The availability of free streaming websites is not unlawful in and of itself. It is also not unlawful to just navigate to these free movie websites. We’ll mention a few free movie websites that Watch free movies online are legal streaming platforms that control the distribution rights to the content they broadcast.

If you don’t have the required authorization and rights, however, streaming copyrighted information for free is unlawful. This is an instance of piracy, and the penalties might be severe. We don’t advocate watching the latest MCU film or binge-watching the most recent programme on these sites. There are legal alternatives to renting movies, and you may watch them even if you’re on a budget or if they’re not accessible in your country.

Are Free online movie streaming sites Safe?

Many of the websites listed below are hosted on official platforms, making them safe to browse and utilise. There are, however, “unverified” choices, which may include malware or dubious downloads. We used the VirusTotal tool to check all unverified sources below to verify whether they are safe to use. When browsing untrusted Free online movie streaming sites websites, the best approach to secure your safety is to use a VPN. Using a VPN protects you against hackers, untrustworthy website owners, ISPs, and other undesirable actors on the internet. This will allow you to connect to the Internet anonymously while streaming movies from untrusted sources.

The Best Free online movie streaming sites 2022

The finest free online movie streaming services that are still operational in 2022 are listed below. Although they are the most popular platforms at the present, that does not imply Watch free movies online they all broadcast legal content. We’ll color-code each item to show you which ones have the distribution rights, allowing you to enjoy them without breaking the law.

#1 Peacock TV

Homepage screenshot of Peacock TV with Logo to watch new movies free online

Peacock is a platform about which we’ve written a lot since it’s a fantastic way to view new movies for free online. We’ve written a post about how to go to it from everywhere Free online movie streaming sites on the earth, and it’s one of the few places where you can view free movies without breaking any laws. Peacock, which debuted in July 2020, offers a large collection of free movies and TV shows. It’s all free as long as you don’t mind seeing adverts.

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#2 Crackle

Homepage screenshot of Crackle with Logo

Since Sony purchased Crackle in 2006, it has been referred to as “Sony Crackle.” Crackle is a relatively obscure free streaming service. This is unfortunate because it is fully legal and offers a diverse collection ideal for viewing movies online. It offers free movies and TV shows from companies such as Lionsgate, MGM, Sony Pictures, and DreamWorks free movies Cinema Animation.

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#3 Tubi

Homepage screenshot of Tubi with Logo

Tubi is a free movie streaming service that owns the broadcasting rights to all of its material, making it a legitimate business. Tubi allows you to view free movies without breaking the law. Fox Corporation owns this platform, which has been around since 2014. It includes content from major entertainment studios such as Paramount, MGM, and Warner Free movies and tv shows online Bros.

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#4 Cineb

Homepage screenshot of Cineb with Logo

Cineb is a new free streaming service that is attempting to establish itself in this market. It has a lovely simple design, good video quality, and minimum commercial interference, making it an excellent site for watching Free online movie streaming sites movies AZ Movies Watch free movies online online!

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#5 SolarMovie

Homepage screenshot of Solar Movie with Logo

SolarMovie, like Cineb, is a newcomer to the field, but it’s quickly gaining traction because to its personalisation. Users will appreciate how simple it is to filter media by genre, nation, and Free online movie streaming sites release date, with anime, fantasy, mythology, sci-fi, and many more categories to pick Free streaming sites from.

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#6 IMDb TV

Screenshot of IMDbTV website page with logo added

The service’s free streaming platform is IMDb TV. It, like Peacock or Tubi, lets people to watch movies for free online in an entirely legal manner. However, it is only available in the United States, so if you want to use it, you’ll need a VPN like NordVPN. IMDbTV no longer has its own website since being acquired by Amazon. However, its collection is still available on Amazon for people to enjoy.

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#7 MovieStars

Homepage screenshot of MovieStars with Logo

MovieStars is a relatively obscure free video-on-demand service. In a good day, it draws 10% of the viewership of its competitors, yet we’ll include it on our list because of its low commercial intrusion. On MovieStars, everyone who is annoyed by invasive advertisements while watching movies online will have a pleasant time.

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#8 Vudu

Homepage screenshot of VUDU with Logo

Vudu is a wonderful real MovieStars alternative. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a large collection, and you won’t be able to locate new releases as soon as they’re available on other streaming services. Even so, it’s one of the top free streaming sites that only shows stuff that is freely Watch Hollywood movies online free streaming available.

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Homepage screenshot of AZ Movies with Logo

AZMovies is one of the most well-known free streaming services available, and it has been operating for quite some time. It offers thousands of films and has a large monthly audience. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much all that AZMovies has to offer. It just has movies and no TV series, and the commercials on the site might be irritating.

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#10 MyBundleTV

Homepage screenshot of MyBundle with Logo

In comparison to the other streaming platforms on the list, MyBundleTV is a rather unique platform. It does not have its own video hosting. Instead, it’s a free movie streaming service that assists you in locating a platform on which to view specific pieces of media. It’s similar to a free movie streaming directory or listing site.

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#11 FlixTor

Homepage screenshot of FlixTor with Logo

One of the most popular free streaming services is FlixTor. We’ve already discussed it in our article on how Flixtor works and if it’s legal (it is). It boasts a user-friendly design, a large collection, and high-quality movies and TV series. If you search for a title on FlixTor, you can almost always expect to find it in high quality. The advertisements aren’t too bothersome either.

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#12 USTV Go

Homepage screenshot of USTV GO with Logo

This is as near to a real TV experience as you can get on the internet. USTV Go offers cable-exclusive programming from almost all US stations. It’s all 100% free, and there are Free online movie streaming sites no advertisements to distract you when you watch TV on your Free movies app computer.

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#13 Streamm4U

Homepage screenshot of Stream 4 You with Logo

Because of its ad-free collection, Streamm4U makes our list of the top free online movie streaming services. It doesn’t contain the most free movies, it’s not the most attractive, and not all of the files are of great quality. To say the least, it’s hardly the first site that comes to mind while seeking for free movie streaming services. However, because it is free, people continue to use it.

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#14 Music HQ

Homepage screenshot of Music HQ with Logo

Despite its name, Music HQ is not a music streaming service. It’s a free movie and TV programme streaming service with a powerful search engine and a Night Mode if you care about that sort of Free online movie streaming sites 25 movie sites Watch free movies online Best free movie streaming websites stuff.

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Homepage screenshot of YouTube with Logo

If you haven’t heard of YouTube, we’d be extremely shocked. It’s the Internet’s most popular video streaming platform. What you may not realise is that it frequently contains full-length films and Free online movie streaming sites television Legit free movie websites series best free movies streaming sites Best free movie streaming websites.

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#16 YesMovies

Homepage screenshot of YES movies with Logo to watch new movies free online

It’d be a delight if YesMovies was a reputable site. It offers a user-friendly layout, intuitive navigation, and a massive collection of thousands of free movies and TV Free online movie streaming sites shows. It’s a popular free movie streaming platform with customisation tools like a favourites 123movies free movies streaming sites list.

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#17 123moviesgo

Homepage screenshot of 123 Movies with Logo

123moviesgo is a well-known movie streaming service with a large catalogue. In addition to the existing titles, adding new content to the site is also relatively quick. They’ve even leaked stuff that hasn’t been released yet. This massive library is a great plus. It also includes an easy-to-use interface, a clean design, and video material that is of reasonable quality.

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#18 Internet Archive

Homepage screenshot of Internet Archive with Logo


Then The Internet Archive is the place to go if you want to watch movies. All of the information on the site is lawful, as it features public domain vintage films. No distribution rights are required. There’s nothing on the Internet Archive for you if you’re seeking for the newest summer top 100 free movies streaming sites blockbuster.

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#19 Afdah

Homepage screenshot of Afdah with Logo

Afdah is a well-known free online movie streaming service. It boasts a large collection of movies and TV series, all of which are available in high-definition, and it only sometimes has a pop-up ad. While the name is a little more difficult to remember, the platform’s experience isn’t bad HD movie streaming sites.

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#20 Pluto TV

Homepage screenshot of Pluto TV with Logo

PlutoTV is another legally owned and run platform. It’s a ViacomCBS property that allows you to view the finest movies and TV shows from MTV, Nickelodeon, and Free online movie streaming sites Comedy Movie streaming sites Reddit Watch free movies online Best free movie streaming websites Central.

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#21 Yify TV

Homepage screenshot of YIFY TV with Logo

Yify TV features a large collection and an easy-to-use UI. It also features subtitles, making it a worthy addition to our list of the top free movie streaming sites. It’s an ad-filled mess anyway, and it Free online movie streaming sites doesn’t have distribution rights for the stuff Watch free movies online it broadcasts.

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#22 GoStream

Homepage screenshot of GoStream with Logo

GoStream is not like the other entries on this list. On the surface, it’s the same thing: free stuff, a lot of advertisements, good quality, and a large collection. GoStream, on the other Free online movie streaming sites hand, is a movie streaming service. This implies that no TV programmes will be available on the site.

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#23 Xumo TV

Homepage screenshot of Xumo TV with Logo

Xumo TV is another legal streaming service, however it has a much smaller library of material. Xumo struggles to acquire a large audience because it is not backed by a large business. It does, however, offer both VODs and live programming, as well as being available on a variety of devices Best free movie streaming websites.

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#24 Bounce TV

Homepage screenshot of Bounce TV with Logo

Bounce TV is a digital streaming network aimed towards African-Americans residing in the United States. It includes shows and films having a varied cast and is aimed at a certain Free online movie streaming sites Watch free movies online Best free movie streaming websites demographic.

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#25 Yidio

Homepage screenshot of Yidio with Logo

Yidio isn’t your typical streaming service. It’s a directory, similar to MyBundleTV, where you can locate the sources for each movie or TV show. Despite the fact that it does not host anything on its servers, it joins our list of the top free movie streaming services. The media sources are occasionally free, while Yidio is always free.

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#26 PopcornFlix

Homepage screenshot of PopcornFlix with Logo

PopcornFlix is a free movie streaming service that takes pride in its user-friendly interface. It’s also really simple to use on a range of devices, which is unusual for Free online movie streaming sites unauthorised streaming Watch free movies online services Best free movie streaming websites.

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#27 VexMovies

Homepage screenshot of VexMovies with Logo

VexMovies offers free access to a large number of HD items, including movies and television episodes. When compared to the other items on the list, it is unremarkable, but it is ranked lower since it has a significant disadvantage. It hasn’t been updated since 2018, thus it isn’t the first place people look for new releases.

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#28 Tiny Zone

Homepage screenshot of Tiny Zone with Logo

Many people still admire Tiny Zone as a free movie streaming service. It’s simple to use, commercials aren’t too annoying, and it has a large selection of movies and television Free online movie streaming sites Watch free movies online series Best free movie streaming websites.

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#29 Movies Found Online

Screenshot of MoviesFoundOnline website with logo in the corner

Movies Found Online is the next free movie streaming site on our list of free movie websites. It features a good selection of free movies, ranging from old cult classics to more recent indie releases. Animated shorts and films, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and TV programmes are all available on the site.

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#30 VidCloud

Homepage screenshot of VidCloud with Logo

VidCloud is often updated with new episodes of popular series, although their library isn’t very large. VidCloud isn’t the first choice for users seeking for a timeless classic. Nonetheless, its Watch free movies online non-intrusive advertising earns it a spot on our list of the top free movie streaming services.

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#31 Kanopy

Homepage screenshot of Kanopy with Logo

One of the most intriguing choices on our list is Kanopy. To begin, you’ll need a library card in order to see the films on this website. This might be a university library card or a public library card. You gain free access to some of the most recent movie titles when you sign up with the card.

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#32 FMovies

Homepage screenshot of FMovies with Logo

FMovies is one of the most widely used free movie streaming websites. It has over a million monthly users and owes its appeal to its large and constantly updated movie Free online movie streaming sites selection. The titles on the site are all accessible in 1080p HD, with several in 4K as well.

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#33 MoviesJoy

Homepage screenshot of MoviesJoy with Logo

MoviesJoy is the ideal alternative for you if you’re seeking for a basic free movie streaming website with excellent search capability. The site features a basic design that resembles that of Google. On the website, you may find the most recent blockbusters as well as older classics. High-definition movie streaming are also available.

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#34 StreamLord

Homepage screenshot of StreamLord with Logo

Another excellent free movie streaming service is StreamLord. It offers high-definition broadcasts of some of the most recent movies and television series. The website is simple to navigate, albeit it does not organise films by genre or release Watch free movies online year Best free movie streaming websites.

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#35 Putlocker

Homepage screenshot of Putlocker with Logo

Putlocker is one of the world’s most well-known free online movie streaming services. The site continues to run through a number of mirrors and clones, despite the fact that the Free online movie streaming sites original project is no longer Watch free movies online active Free movies and tv shows online.

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Homepage screenshot of The Roku Channel with Logo

The Roku Channel is a free movie streaming network with advertisements that allows you to view Roku originals, movies, and TV series. You may use your web browser to visit the Free online movie streaming sites website, or you can add The Roku Channel to your streaming device.

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#37 PrimeWire

Homepage screenshot of PrimeWire with Logo

PrimeWire is one of the first websites to offer free movie streaming. It’s been around for a long and is still popular among users because to its up-to-date and big movie selection. The site’s design is simple, yet it quickly directs you to the movies you want to view. The majority of the streams we tried were in HD, while several of the newer releases were CAM-rips.

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#38 ConTV

Homepage screenshot of ConTV with Logo

ConTV is a streaming service dedicated solely to movies, television shows, and other entertainment popular among Comic-Con attendees. Anime, cult flicks, and vintage martial arts films all fall within this Free movies and tv shows online category.

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#39 Crunchyroll

Homepage screenshot of Crunchyroll with Logo

Anime is one of the most popular forms of entertainment among today’s youth. As a result, Crunchyroll has to be included, as it is by far the finest platform for viewing anime movies and TV series online. It includes iconic titles like Naruto Shippuden, as well as comics, news, and games Free movies and tv shows online.

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#40 Vumoo

Homepage screenshot of Vumoo with Logo

Vumoo completes our list of the greatest free streaming sites. The distinctive aspect of this platform is that it allows customers to choose from a variety of various resolutions in which to watch their movies. The website is well-designed and performs efficiently Free movies and tv shows online.

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#41 Classic Cinema Online

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