Top 8 Best Voice Changer Apps For Discord You Can Use In 2023

This post explains best voice changer apps for discord. Discord is one of the top game chat services in the market, and if you are a gamer, the possibilities are that you are already using it every day. Discord provides both voice and text-based chat services, and I know various people who use voice changer programs to modify their voice while talking on Discord. Many people do it for privacy concerns, and some do it just for fun.

Top 8 Best Voice Changer Apps For Discord You Can Use In 2023

In this article, you can know about Voice Changer Apps for Discord here are the details below;

Whatever your problems might be, there’s no one denying the fact that it’s a beneficial tool to have in your armoury. So, if you are interested in altering your voice while using Discord, here are the eight top voice changer apps for Discord that you can use in 2021.  You can also check how to fix Javascript Error On Discord.

Top Voice Changers for Discord in 2021

1. Voicemod


VoicemodOne of the most famous and utmost voice changer programs that you can use on Discord is Voicemod. The service offers you tons of multiple voices, but it also makes it quite friendly to use. Besides that Discord, Voicemod can also be used with other voice chat services, including Skype, Fortnite, Google Chat, PUBG, Mumble, and more. 

Voicemod outcomes also sound more familiar than most other voice changer apps that I have tried. My favourite voice mods combine the cave, cathedral, possessed, and kong, among others. There are tons of mods to choose from, so install the app and get your voice mods on. 

Supported Platforms: Windows 

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases available 

2. AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software

AV Voice Changer Software is expert grade voice modifying software that you can use in real-time with assistance like Twitch and Discord and do it to record your morphed voice and write it in the waveform to get it more simple. The software enables you to quickly locate and modify every component of your voice.  

Your voice can sound younger, older, deeper, more feminine, more masculine, higher, more robotic, or modified in any way you would like to. The software also consists of advanced virtual driver technology, which makes it harmonious with many VoIP programs, role-playing games, and web chat applications. 

It is obtainable in three different versions; Basics, Gold, and Diamond, depending on your budget and requirement. 

Pricing: Available trial, $99.95 for a full license  

3. ClownFish


ClownFish is an available voice changer for Windows that you can use to change your voice while chatting on Discord. The app can be established at the system level, so any application that uses your MicrophoneMicrophone can be prepared to use your changed voice. Besides Discord, you can do ClownFish in apps like TeamSpeak,Steam, Skype, Mumble, Google Chat, and more.

While ClownFish cannot equal the number of voice mods produced by applications like VoiceMod, the outcomes that it does bring are relatively friendly. The effects list includes Alien,male, Atari, Robot, female, baby, radio, and many more. The app is also pretty convenient to set up and use. If you want a free voice changer program for Discord, this might be the one.  Also check Discord mic not working.

Supported Platforms: Windows 

Pricing: Free 

4. MorphVox


MorphVox is a Completely free audio effect tool that can change your voice. You can utilize the built-in voices and sound effects to sound like girl, boy, robot, or any other alike representatives. You can use this absolutelyfree voice changer program to modify your voice from man to woman and other way round.

The software examines your voice to achieve the optimal voice change effects to sound as close to natural as you can. There are certain disadvantages to using this free app afterall. The first negative is that ads back it and it provides only two voice choices. 

The second and more critical negative factor is that it is not as easyco-ordinatenate with Discord as some other voice changer software. You should use it if you want more good sound condition and spend hours estimating its set up. 

Putting everything into the right outlook, MorphVox is undoubtedly one of the best free voice changers for for now. 

Supported Programs: Windows 

Pricing: Free, paid variant is available for $39.99 

5. Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer

Another excellent voice changer on our program is the Voxal Voice Changer which produces a ton of powerful voice changing opinions. It enables you to record voice in real-time and allows you to apply effects to then recorded voices. When doing Discord, you can use it in real time and there’s no time lag so you can talk on Discord without any problem.

The app also has a vast impacts library, including robot, alien, atmospheric, echo, girl, boy, and many more. besides Discord, the application works with all voice chat settings including Skype and Google Chat, and more. Furthermore, this is a great voice changer application for Discord.  

Pricing: Free trial, $35.99 

6. Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects

Should you prefer to have an easy-to-use voice changer for Discord with a plenty of cool outcomes on Android, this one can fit into your needs with comfort. The app allows you record your voice and utilize a diversity of crazy products. So, whether you wish to seem like a monster or want to include the voice of a woman, you can do it utilizing this application

Interestingly, the app also allows you create an image with a distinct sound and even a voice from the text for a more exciting existence. Depending on your requirements, you can import pre-recorded sound and fine-tune it to whatever you want. 

Once your sound is available, you can save it to your images library or share it with your buddies on Facebook. Everything reflected; it’s one of the best voice changer for Discord mobile. 

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases available 

7. RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

If you want a robust voice changer for Discord mobile, do not forget RoboVox Voice Changer Pro. What allows this voice changer shine is an excellent combination of voice styles.

So, it doesn’t matter what you require to show off, you can pick the sound style that can get along perfectly with your avatar. I’m particularly fascinated with its ability to make the voice sound like a girl or female. Therefore, have a tab on it if you like to dazzle your buddies. 

Just in case you aren’t happy with the predefined offerings, you can fully customize the voice to change your style. It emphasizes pitch and modulation settings that let you customize the sound. 

The application takes benefit of vocoder technology to let you record voice with accuracy. Because for the interface, it has looked just fine to me, if not natural. In a nutshell, it’s a top notch girl voice changer for Discord. 

Supported Platforms: Android  

Pricing: $1.49 

8. Voice Changer & Voice Editor

Voice Changer & Voice Editor

Another voice changer application for Discord phone is Voice Changer & Voice Editor. The application has over 20 voice results that you can use as indicated. With this application, you can even slow down or set the speed of the audio. You also have controls to reduce the sound in the audio tape. 

The app has a free account where you can use the voice results in standard and medium point. Using the products in high and HD quality will require a gift subscription. One aspect I didn’t like about the application is that it has many ads. Nevertheless, you can remove ads and unlock additional voice tweaking features with the premium subscription. 

Supported Platforms: Android  

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases available 

Frequently Requested Questions

How do I edit my voice on Discord?

There are so common application like Voicemod that let you change your voice on Discord with ease. Just open the Voicemod voice changer application. After that, launch the Discord application and head over to your user environments. Then, go to Voice & Video on your Application Settings part and choose MicrophoneMicrophone. Now, do the needful to improve the voice.

Is Voicemod safe for Discord ?

Yes, Voicemod for Discord is safe. So, you can easily download it to use with Discord without any issue. Furthermore, it also works pretty well with Twitch and Skype, game recording software like OBS, Teamspeak, VR Chat and XSplit, and likewise. 

How you can change Voxal voice on Discord?

Changing Voxal voice on Discord is straightforward. Head over to Voice & Video on your Application Settings part and edit it as usual. 

Is voice changers illegal?

No. It’s legal to change the tone and format of voice with different effects. Nevertheless, it would help if you did that for fun only. 

What is the top cost free voice changer?

Though there are quite a few relatively reasonable cost free voice changers, MorphVox Jr is supposed to be the top free best voice changer. 

How I get rid of clownfish Voice Changer?

It’s simple to obtain rid of clownfish Voice Changer. To do it, all you necessitate to do is uninstall it by understanding the normal process. If that does not go for you, you can use a third party uninstaller app for Windows to make the method simpler. 

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