Ultimate Guide In Buying The Best External Hard Drives That Fits Your Budget


Computers, just like anything else, also have their limits, even on their memory. There are two types of hard drives every computer may have; internal and external. An internal hard drive is essential for every computer to function as software and operating systems are mostly pre-installed to it.

On the other hand, the external hard drive helps in saving additional data like documents, photos, and many more. Although most people think that external hard drives are expensive, you can buy a strong brand for a reasonable price. Here are the best external hard drives that will surely fit your budget.
Western Digital My Passport External Hard Drive
Tech savvies who are into good brands will definitely include the Western Digital My Passport External Hard Drive as one of their top picks. This brand is well known to manufacture a few of the best external hard drives, due to their reliability and compact.

Western Digital is suitable for those who are looking for a handy and stylish external hard drive, not to mention that it goes with a few of the brand’s functional software. This model proudly offers four storage capacities from 1TB to 4TB and also features eight available colors and schemes. With a price range from $50-$100, this could be the right choice.
Seagate Desktop Expansion
On a more substantial side, the Seagate Desktop Expansion is a unique answer to your storage needs. This massive external hard drive steps up among a few of the other models available in the market. It offers a vast storage capacity as to how it looks. This one also has rubber feet so it can stand on its own.

Most buyers complain about the drive being enormous. It is still also understandable since it is built to become a desktop type of model. The Seagate Desktop Expansion also stands in a vertical position, and that is something other users may not enjoy. But overall, this one is a robust external hard drive with a price range of $140-$250.
Samsung Portable SSD T5 Hard Drive
If you are one of those who are looking for an external hard drive that excels in its performance, you might want to check out the Samsung Portable SSD T5 Hard Drive. With its size as tiny as a matchbox and it has no moving parts, dropping it accidentally will never be a problem. You can simply plug it in directly to your Macs and PCs.

You may find an external SSDs extra expensive (ranges from $150-$200) compared to a hard disk drive, but those extra dollars is surely worthy because of their extra speed. Running an alternative operating system and installation of applications is also something you can do.
Toshiba Canvio Basics
This brand may not be as famous as the other brands when it comes to producing external hard drives, but they have inevitably created a few of the best. The Canvio Basics may be a plain external HDD, but it can be considered as practical and efficient.

Just like other hard drives, this also offers different storage capacities between 1TB and 2TB with contemporary and classic styles. When it comes to design and price, it is up to par with other hard drives and even performs better than other brands. With a range of price from $50-$100, you can never go wrong with this.
External hard drives can be found anywhere in the market, but finding a perfect model that meets your need and budget will be the tricky part. One thing you may want to consider buying one of them is to check first if what it offers works well for you.

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