The best 15+ apps to add music to video in 2023

In recent years, video streaming systems have grown in popularity. To app to add music to video spend the time, most individuals turn to watching videos for knowledge or add music to video app entertainment. Assume, however, that the video is lengthy and without any appealing background music. In that instance, the user’s entire viewing The best 15+ apps experience may add music to video app free become monotonous. When describing anything or add song to video app streaming a podcast, it is critical to use music to lighten the tone of the video. You’ll need a useful app to add music to the video for this.

This article will provide information on the top 18 applications for adding free background music to video editing. In addition, we will go over how to add music to videos for free in simple stages.

Best Apps to Add Music to Video 2023

In this section, we will reveal the most powerful features of the ten greatest free video makers with music. Let’s start looking at these fantastic apps together!

1. Submagic

Submagic is definitely the best app to add music to your video. It’s an AI editing tool that even popular creators like Ali Abdaal and Grant Cardone use. There is nothing easier than adding your music using Submagic! Add an MP3 file in one click, and adjust the volume with a simple-to-use slider!

Submagic is not only a music tool but also an AI-powered video editor. It can edit your video completely from scratch with just one click. Generate subtitles, add sound effects, and even trim your video so that you create a dynamic video ready to export with this all-in-one tool!

2. VivaVideo


VivaVideo is the go-to application for all users when it comes to accessing every app to add music to video advanced and basic video editing utility on an Android/iOS device. It has a add music to video app free large music collection that you may use to attract more people to your video. Furthermore, it allows you to add song to video app easily add built-in sound effects or custom-made Best free app to add music to video voice notes.

3. Magisto Video Editor

Magisto Video Editor

Apps like Magisto Video Editor make it easy for beginners to manage the presentation of their app to add music to video videos by adding music and other effects. You can import add music to video app free music from the app’s licenced song and tone collection. Magisto is compatible with all current versions of Android and iOS. It allows The best 15+ apps you to use pre-made themes, change the fonts in the movie, and cut/trim/reorder the Free app to add background music to video footage.

4. FilmoraGo


FilmoraGo by Wondershare is a popular tool that allows you to add music to video app immediately add different types of music to videos. The app’s user interface is straightforward. You can listen to over 1000 different types of music for free. Furthermore, the programme allows you to add your own narrations The best 15+ apps or audio to the uploaded video. It also includes a large library of effects, stickers, and animation Add music to video app download tools.

5. InShot


InShot is the ideal video editing programme for you if you are a casual video editor who likes to publish memes on social networking networks. It is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones. You can now export the altered video in 4K The best 15+ apps resolution. Standard functions like video compression, trimmer, and cropper are all App to add music to video free iPhone free.

6. iMovie


iMovie is an Apple software that allows you to modify your videos and add tunes from your device’s music app to add music to video library. The user-friendly programme includes a variety of transition and The best 15+ apps sound effects that you may utilise at any moment. You can also change the video’s pace and background at any Add music to video app Android free time.

7. IG Story Editor

IG Story Editor

Instagram stories provide a platform for social media influencers to highlight their daily add music to video app activities. It is critical to enhance the storey with various filters and music. Though Instagram offers built-in editing add song to video app features, it is better to edit the video and add music and effects with third-party programmes like Story Editor.

8. GlitchCam


GlitchCam editor for iOS devices is a great way to get your hands on amazing effects, themes, and templates add music to video app for your video. You can use the app to capture your video and then add music to The best 15+ apps improve its presentation. Furthermore, it allows you to share the modified footage directly to social media networks, saving you time.

9. BeeCut


The majority of beginners find it difficult to navigate video editors on their cellphones. However, with BeeCut, this will not be an issue because the software has a user-friendly architecture that allows people to easily access video editing tools. The app’s essential capabilities are video cutting, trimming, and cropping. Furthermore, the programme lists a plethora of effects and How to add music to a video on iPhone without copyright filters.

10. Video Star

Video Star

The Video Star editor is a useful tool for adding green screen effects and add music to video app free loading any type of music into the video. You can adjust the clip’s speed to add song to video app keep it in time with the audio you’ve How to add music to a video on Android supplied.

11. Timbre


Timbre is a simple programme that allows you to add free background music to video editing on an Android device. The most add music to video app free important features are audio/video conversion, trimming, and combining media files. Aside from free music, you can alter the bit rate of the audio to make it suitable with the video clip.

12. VideoSound

videosound music over video app interface

One of the most popular music-over-video apps is VideoSound. It may be used to make videos for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. You can add iTunes tracks to your videos and mix them with music or recorded audio. You may also make images with music in the backdrop, as well as presentations. After editing, you can share the movie on social media or send it via email. The original video’s quality and aspect ratio will be kept.

13. Lomotif

lomotif music over video app interface

Lomotif is a video editor with a large community where you may find inspiration and music ideas. Music can be added to a video based on popular songs, genres, and user recommendations. Every day, the developers add song to video app add new tracks to the collection. In addition, you may personalise your movie by adding titles, stickers, filters, bookmarks, and GIFs.

14. Video Star

video star music over video app interface

This programme is used to edit music videos. It enables you to freely add audio to video using the available tracks. You may also use the programme to apply effects, transitions, animations, and adjust the time of your clips, among other things. The disadvantage is that the action cannot be reversed. If you are dissatisfied with the end product, you must restart video editing from the beginning.

15. Clipper

clipper music over video app interface

Clipper is another another mobile video editor that can be used to enhance your clips. You can choose from a selection of exclusive tunes or contribute your own. Furthermore, this free add music to video tool includes built-in effects that allow you to modify the tone of the video with a few clicks. The completed creation can be stored to the phone’s memory or shared on Twitter and Facebook.

16. Audio Video Mixer

 Add Audio to Video : Audio Video Mixer

Do you want to add audio to the video to make it more entertaining? This app will assist you in this regard. Add audio to any portion of the video. You can add as much audio as you want to video. It’s all up to add song to video app your imagination. The audio will be repeated if it is shorter than the video. It is convenient and time-saving. The app is clever. It will perform admirably as a video editor. You can also combine new audio with music in the video’s backdrop. You can narrate the video. Produce high-quality voice-over videos. See the preview once you’ve edited the video.

17. Add Any Song to Video

Add Any Song to Video

Because music is one of the most basic requirements of modern civilization, it’s no surprise add music to video app free that you’d want a tool that can bring it closer to you. One method is to use programmes. You can include any audio in your content and distribute it on other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and others. There is no need to be an expert because this programme will make everything easier. You can add any music to the video without having to worry about arranging the tune. You may instantly modify everything by using this software also look into Music Player Apps for Windows.

18. Splice

splice music over video app interface

This tool for adding music to videos includes a unique feature that allows you to sync videos to the beat of the music and work with numerous audio tracks. Tracks can be trimmed and mixed. This iPhone movie editor comes with a plethora of free songs and sound effects. If you need extra music for your videos, you can import tracks from your iTunes library.

19. Premiere Rush

premiere rush music over video app interface

You may add audio and many tracks to your video with Adobe Premiere Rush. The library includes add song to video app over 30 songs as well as innovative features for sound balancing and automatic muting based on App to add music to video for Instagram Adobe Sensei.

20. VistaCreate

With VistaCreate, you can add music to photo online free of charge, in no time. Even more so, you can apply music effects to your animations or MP4 video in an intuitive interface, with the possibility to start with a pre-optimized design for most popular social networks, add your own tracks and tailor the track length. Overall, VistaCreate is a fantastic multipurpose design application that doesn’t just allow you to build perfect visuals for social networks and other purposes, but also fulfills tons of other functions. For example, you can use 1M+ creative assets, royalty-free photos, videos, and vectors for improving your designs, to name just a few.

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