All You Need To Know About Sports Betting Calculator

Sport Betting Calculator - Top Best Calculator Apps for Android ,

If you’ve ever wanted to rapidly calculate your potential wins from various types of bets, you’re in luck due to JohnnyBet’s Bet Calculator App. When it comes to using this fantastic application, there is a lot to appreciate.
When you launch the betting calculator mobile app on your mobile device, you can enter your stake and select the number of events by hitting the red Start button at the bottom of the screen. In this bet calculator app review, we’ll take a deeper look at the sports betting calculator mobile app. If you’re wondering where to get a free sports betting calculator app or how the Sport Betting Calculator software for mobile phones works, you’ll find the answers here. There is no more comprehensive or user-friendly free sports odds calculator tool available on the market today.
The odds calculator mobile app is arguably the most efficient thing to say about it. Even if you are new to online sports betting, the free bet calculator mobile app will have you up and running in seconds.

Simply tap the red Start button at the bottom of the sports betting calculator mobile app to be taken to a screen where you may enter your total stake, the type of wager, and the odds. You can enter the type of bet and odds three times before viewing the results by pressing the Sport Betting Calculator button at the bottom of the page. The outcomes are classified into many systems, such as Single, 2 from 3, 2 from 4, Trebles, Accumulators, and many more.

The outcomes are broken down into stakes for each type of bet, yield, and potential profit. You can choose whatever type of wager to place based on the information provided by the Sport Betting Calculator bets calculator software for mobile phones. As a result, this is the best parlay bets calculator mobile app for quickly determining the outcome of a single sports wager containing two or more bets bundled into one. In fact, if you’ve been looking for a simple way to determine the outcome of a parlay, this is the ideal parlay betting calculator Android app.

All You Need To Know About Sports Betting Calculator

These are the following Sport betting calculator :

1. Betting Calculator 1X2

1X2 - betting calculator5

A calculator for betting. After modifying the source data, the result can be calculated automatically (no need to click “Calculate” every time). Currently, the following calculators are available:

  • Plug with two sides
  • Three-pronged fork
  • Catch-up (making a profit at different coefficients)
  • Catch-up (getting a percentage of turnover at different coefficients)
  • Catch-up (making a profit at one coefficient)
  • “Draw with a zero” (“Draw with a zero”)
  • The bet amount is calculated.
  • The bid amount is calculated (to get a fixed percentage of turnover)
  • The Kelly criterion
  • “Line” (as defined by the known 1 – X – 2) “Line” (as defined by the known 1X – 12 – X2)
  • Probability determination
  • Coefficients are calculated.
  • Point of no return (flat)
  • Coefficient conversion

2. Matched Betting Toolbox

Matched Betting Toolbox6
Matched Bids Toolbox is the only matched bid app you’ll ever need. Beat the bookmakers with a variety of calculators and amazing features. You will be able to put Qualifying bets, Free bets, every round bets, rapidly correct wrong non-professional bets, and much more all in one spot! All with the assistance of your guide, so you will never be lost.

3. Betting Calculator: Sports Arbitration 2021

Betting Calculator: Sports Arbitration 2021 7

This programme will assist you in making rate calculations and will reveal whether the rate you have chosen creates a profit or a loss. The application supports audio playback, ensuring that you don’t miss anything important and make fewer mistakes. The application performs computations for two given currencies, calmly calculating the invested value and the expected result. The tool also examines the amount you won and the investments you made in each lot.

4. Whoscall – Caller ID & Block


Wholecall is the world’s most popular sports statistics service. The site provides match results for 38 different sports, ranging from football and hockey to snooker and cricket. The site’s biggest advantage is its ease of use; as a result, wholecall is on practically every bettor’s list of must-have tools. One of the most important aspects of betting is statistical analysis. Almost every capper begins by researching statistics for the next match. Wholecall comes to the rescue here, providing an easy and quick resource with a massive library of statistics data on every sports game.

5. Flashscore8

Sports Bet Calculator9

This application is an Excel file with 5 sheets including 17 betting calculators. They are classified into two broad categories: “Different” and “Strategies.” The second one includes calculators for calculating: steps in the “catch-up” strategy under non-standard conditions, the amount of the wager for the “Kelly criterion” method, the S8 strategy, and a fork calculator for 2 and 3 outcomes. The required formulas have already been entered into the appropriate Excel fields. The user can only insert data while paying attention to the colour cues. The outcome is calculated automatically by the calculator.

6. BI: football and sports


Ratings of cappers and popular experts can be seen on Betting Insider. User profiles are available, as are all of their previous bids, and ROI is calculated. This is pretty helpful since it allows you to analyse the quality of forecasts in a clear manner, as cappers like to draw the accuracy of hits for themselves. The cappers compete for free bets from bookies.

7. MyScore


MyScore is not limited in terms of sports or events: the app offers vital information not only on mainstream sports (football, tennis, hockey, and basketball), but also allows you to conduct pre-match analysis on more unusual sports (handball, Rugby, netball, etc.).

8. Calculator for Sure Bets

Sure Bet Calculator 3

This programme is a comprehensive programme for calculating betting odds. A betting fork is an opportunity to place bets in different bookmakers on all possible outcomes of the competition and profit regardless of the outcome of the competition. Profit is calculated as a percentage of the number of bets or less.

9. SetAndWin

The catch-up calculator tool will assist you in calculating the target rate to achieve the target profit! This software does not allow you to place bets directly. This programme serves as a calculator and registry for bets placed on any third-party site.

The app is quite simple to use:

1. Select the desired amount of profit

2. Choose the current coefficient of the game on which you wish to wager (anywhere, not in the app itself)

3. Bet the amount calculated by the application on any platform (for example, Bwin, Lotto, Betway, Fonbet, Leon, etc.).

4. In the event of a loss, the computer will recalculate the required stake in order to win back the lost money and the desired amount!

10. Ace Odds

Ace Odds converts any form of odds and displays the implied likelihood of that outcome occuring. If you enter ‘2.25’ in the Decimal odds bracket, you will receive an instant representation of the American odds, Fractional odds, and implied probability. In this scenario, the American odds would be +125, the fractional odds would be 5/4, and the implied probability would be 44.4 percent. They also include an useful table of the most popular odds as well as a bet calculator that you can use to see how much you might win with different odds and stakes.


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