A Detailed Guide to the Snapchat Planet Order, Meanings, List

Snapchat Planets: What Are They? What Is the Meaning of Snapchat Friend Solar System? Get to know the whole solar system order of your dearest friends on Snapchat with this guide. Snapchat Plus (Snapchat+), a subscription-based service, was launched in June. For $3.99 a month, Snapchat Premium customers may access pre-release and experimental features. Lets explain snapchat planet order meaning, snapchat best friends list planets order,  snapchat planet order – google search and  list. Snapchat plus planets order and meaning explained.

According to the company’s most recent data, there are five million Snapchat+ users globally. Users of Snapchat have recently come across a feature called Snapchat Planet order, which is based on the ranking of best friends in the solar system. Thus, if you’re interested in learning more about Snapchat planets, orders, features, or frequently asked questions, click here. Go on reading!

A Detailed Guide to the Snapchat Planet Order

Put simply, Snapchat planets are an arrangement of your eight closest friends, shown in the same order as the planets in our solar system. You (mostly) appear as the “Sun” in Snapchat’s Best Friends Solar System feature, while your friends are given a “Planet” based on how frequently they use the app. For instance, you are their first closest buddy if you are Mercury in their solar system and your friend is the Sun.

Only Plus users may access Snapchat’s Planet feature, also known as Snapchat’s Best Friends Solar System function. Because of this, the SnapChat Plus Planet function is not available to non-Plus subscribers.

Let’s take a closer look at the Snapchat planet order.

A List of Snapchat Planet meanings

The Order of Snapchat Planets and What They Mean. Users of Snapchat have just received an update that allows them to utilize the SnapFriends Best Solar System function. Let us find out their specific meanings, characteristics, and number of planets.

There are eight solar systems on the Snapchat planets, and they are:

  1. Mercury, your closest pal
  2. Venus is your second-closest buddy.
  3. Earth, your third best buddy
  4. Mars is the fourth-closest buddy
  5. Jupiter, the fifth closest buddy
  6. Sixth closest friend: Saturn
  7. Seventh closest buddy, Uranus
  8. Neptune, the eighth closest buddy,

What does this signify on Snapchat, then? Explore the explanation that follows!

1. The planet Mercury

It stands for the very best buddy you had. Actually, the first planet in our solar system and the one nearest to the sun is Mercury. It serves as a representation of your closest and most talked-about buddy on Snapchat, with whom you have the longest active Snap streak.

How does it look in the solar system of friends on Snapchat+?

If you identify as a member of the sign Mercury, you’ve undoubtedly seen that its symbol is a red planet surrounded by five red hearts and a few sparkling, sparkly emojis.

2. The planet Venus


That stands for the next closest friend. Venus is generally the hottest planet in our solar system; therefore, your friendship’s heat level is determined by how similar it is to Venus. It’s the person with whom you have had the most connections and who has had the second-longest Snap streak.

How does it look in the solar system of friends on Snapchat+?

Venus appears as a light brown planet surrounded by hearts made of pink, blue, and yellow in Snapchat’s Friends Solar System.

3. The planet Earth

It stands for the third-closest friend. Third from the Sun is Earth, the only planet in our solar system that may still be alive. It illustrates how vibrant and robust your friendship is with someone, much like the sole planet in the universe that is home to life.

How does it look in the solar system of friends on Snapchat+?

When someone is positioned as “Earth” in Snapchat’s friend’s solar system, it’s easier to recognize them because the planet is surrounded by red hearts, stars, and the hues blue and green.

4. The planet Mars

It stands for the fourth-closest pal. Moving on to Earth, you can see that Mars is your fourth proximal buddy on the app and your fourth closest friend in Snapchat’s solar system. Once more, it’s simpler to recognize on the app and commit to memory at the right moment.

How does it look in the solar system of friends on Snapchat+?

It appears as a red planet surrounded by blue and purple hearts and bright stars.

5. The planet Jupiter

It stands for the buddy who is fifth-closest. The largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, is positioned fifth in the solar system’s structure. It symbolizes your fifth closest buddy on the app, showing off how wonderful your friendship is.

How does it look in the solar system of friends on Snapchat+?

Jupiter seems to be a large, reddish-orange planet with dark orange stripes and a plethora of brilliant stars around it when you peer into your friend’s solar system.

6. The planet Saturn

It stands for the sixth-closest friend. According to astrology, Saturn is regarded as a significant planet in our solar system and has a negative impact on our life cycle. It stands for your sixth closest buddy in the Snapchat solar system, and they have a reasonable influence on other friends.

How does it look in the solar system of friends on Snapchat+?

Saturn is shown in the Snapchat Friends Solar System as an orange planet with a ring and a number of stars floating nearby. It is a wonderfully designed and simple-to-describe planet.

7. The planet Uranus

It stands for the seventh closest pal. Uranus, the seventh planet in the Snapchat solar system and your seventh closest buddy on the app, is frigid and windy.

How does it look in the solar system of friends on Snapchat+?

Uranus is shown differently than other planets; instead of having hearts, it is a green globe with a few dazzling emojis.

8. The planet Neptune

It stands for the eighth-closest friend. Both our solar system and Snapchat’s buddy solar system finish with Neptune. It stands for the eighth and last closest buddy on the app.

How does it look in the solar system of friends on Snapchat+?

Neptune appears as a dark blue planet with a wavy texture, a light blue covering, and an absence of hearts around it in the Snapchat Solar System ?

When was the Planet feature on Snapchat introduced?

In late June 2022, Snapchat launched the Planet feature, which includes both iOS and Android smartphones.

Numerous other special features, such as story rewatch count and Snapchat on Desktop, were also released in addition to Snapchat Planet.

Snapchat’s closest buddy, Solar System, also received an upgrade in May 2023.

What Is the Appearance of a Snapchat Plus Planet Profile?

in order to view the actual appearance of Snapchat’s friends solar system functionality.

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. Navigate to the friend’s profile.
  3. Press the “Best Friend” emblem.
  4. Based on the Snapchat globe, it will display friendmoji.

What do Snapchat’s “Friend” and “Best Friend” badges mean?

You could see the “Friend” or “Best Friend” badge on your friend’s profile if you improved your own to a plus. The “Best Friend” badge shows which of the eight nearest Snapchat planets you and your friend are on.

On the other hand, the “Friend” badge indicates that you are included among their eight closest friends, even though they are not listed in your Snapchat friend system.

How Does the Solar System of Snapchat+ Friends Operate?

The solar system of Snapchat’s friends operates in a straightforward and understandable manner. The eight closest friends of each Plus member were organized in the order of the solar system on their profile, which served as the “Sun.”

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune are the eight planets that make up Snapchat. Mercury, on the other hand, shows Neptune as having the lowest streaks and Mercury as the first closest buddy with the highest and most consistent streaks.

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How Can I Become My Best Friend on Snapchat Planet?

On Snapchat, you must consistently keep a decent and high number of streaks without missing a single day in order to be included as a buddy in the solar system.

Let’s examine the following example:

As an illustration, let’s say you have 1,000 friends overall on the app. And the following are your streaks with the top ten friends: 590, 550, 530, 520, 510, 490, 650, 620, and 610. The best-friend solar system of Snachat, with Mercury at the top and Neptune at the bottom, would have the highest top eight streaks.

How Do I View Snapchat Planets Without Paying?

Want to view Snapchat planets at no cost? Here’s how to see without having to carry any money at all.

  1. Set up Snapchat on your gadget.
  2. Make an account, then add friends.
  3. Open the area in your profile.
  4. Press the Snapchat+ icon.
  5. After choosing a package, select “7-day free trial.”
  6. Restart the app when your Snapchat+ membership has been activated.
  7. See the profile of your buddy.
  8. To view planets, tap the “Best Friend” or “Friend’s” badge.
  9. That is all. Don’t forget to end your trial time for Snapchat+ before it expires. You may view Snapchat planets for free by doing this.

How Can I Turn Off Snapchat Planet Features?

Snapchat’s friend’s solar system function cannot be turned off. To bypass the Snapchat Planet feature, however, you can choose not to subscribe to Snapchat Plus.

By canceling your membership to Snapchat Plus, you may restore the original version of your account and avoid the app’s time-sensitive notifications, pre-release upgrades, and features.

The Advantages of Snapchat Planets

The buddy solar system function on Snapchat has a number of advantages. They are listed below:

  1. shows who your closest friends are and who your farthest friends are.
  2. Put eight of your closest friends in a circle around you.
  3. Encourages the creation of additional streaks to participate in Snapchat Planets continuously.
  4. Permit you to use the app in a more proactive, disciplined, and active manner.

Bonus: What Snapchat’s Friend Emojis Mean

It’s possible that your Snapchat friends list has a variety of friend emoticons. Let’s get familiar with their meanings.

What does Snapchat’s yellow heart emoji mean?

If you both have the yellow heart emoji (💛), you are each other’s #1 best friend—also referred to as besties!

What does Snapchat’s red heart emoji mean?

For two weeks in a row, you have been each other’s #1 best friend, as shown by the red heart emoji (❤️).

What does Snapchat’s “pink hearts” emoji mean?

You have been each other’s #1 best friend for the past two months if you have this heart emoji (💕).

What does Snapchat’s smiling emoji mean?

Not your bestie, but one of your best friends is indicated with the smiling emoji (😊).

What does Snapchat’s grimacing emoji mean?

The visage of Mutual Besties is the furrowing emoji (😬).

What does the Snapchat face with sunglasses emoji mean?

Mutual BFs are represented by the sunglasses emoji. This implies that one of their best friends is also one of your best friends (BFs).

What does Snapchat’s fire emoji mean?

With that individual, you have a Snapstreak, as shown by the fire emoji (🔥).

What does Snapchat’s hourglass emoji mean?

The hourglass (⌛️) emoji indicates that the current Snapstreak is about to finish.

What does Snapchat’s baby emoji represent?

The baby emoji (👶) represents recently formed relationships.

What does Snapchat’s “100” emoji mean?

The one hundred emoji (💯) replaces the fire image and indicates that you have maintained the 100th streak.

FAQs for Snapchat Planets

On Snapchat Plus, what do the planets mean?

The planets on Snapchat allude to the Friends solar system function, which entails placing eight of your closest friends in orbit around the sun.

On Snapchat, what does the friend’s planet friendmoji mean?

The friendmoji on Snapchat depicts how friends are assigned planets according to how close they are to the user.

On Snapchat, how many planets are there?

Snapchat features eight planets arranged in precise order as they orbit the sun in the solar system.

How can I use Snapchat to check out my friend’s solar system?

To visit your friend’s profile, click on their bitmoji. To view the planets on Snapchat, tap the “Best Friends” badge.

Is it possible to view planets without Snapchat Plus?

No, if you’re not a Plus user, you can’t use Snapchat’s Friends solar system function.

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