SevenTorrents Shuts Down, SevenTorrents Mirror Sites/Proxies 2021


The torrent world is used to seeing websites go down due to legal issues. As a result, users search for new ways to download the latest movies, games, and songs! On the other seven torrents hand, several torrent sites have gone offline indefinitely, while some seventorrents have switched to data transfers. SevenTorrents has also been in the news due to an unexpected seven torrents torrent outage!

What Is This New Site From SevenTorrents?

SevenTorrents has been serving torrents for around seven torrents ten years, for those who are unaware. It did approximately six million unique visitors last year and had a membership of about 200,000 people. Even though SevenTorrents has closed seventorrents its seven torrents doors, its user database has been transferred to WatchSoMuch, a brand-new torrent site seven torrents torrent.

SevenTorrents, a well-known brand among those who regularly participate in pirated content, has reportedly retired from the Torrent community. YTS, The Pirate Bay, KAT, and SevenTorrent are only a few of the well-known torrent hosts that have been providing seven torrents users seven torrents torrent with desirable content for years. SevenTorrents has dominated the industry for seventorrents over a decade, with a visitor base of over 5 million, and it is a sizable amount! SevenTorrents, a seven torrents torrent index that has served over 40 million unique users in the last ten years, has announced its demise. While it’s not uncommon for a site to close down, SevenTorrents has notified that its user database has been transferred to a brand new torrent site so that the seven torrents torrent community can continue to exist.

SL. NoSevenTorrents Mirror Sites/proxiesStatusSpeed
1Seventorrents.unblocker.ccOnlineVery Fast
2Seventorrents.unblockall.orgOnlineVery Fast
37Tor.bypassed.wsOnlineVery Fast
4Seventorrentsmirror.infoOnlineVery Fast
57tor-download.proxydude.xyzOnlineVery Fast
6Seventorrents4.blueOnlineVery Fast
7Seventorrents-win.proxydude.xyzOnlineVery Fast
8Seven-torrents2.infoOnlineVery Fast
97tor.bypassed.xyzOnlineVery Fast
10Seventorrents.unblocked.vetOnlineVery Fast

“Today we have agreed to retire,” according to a statement seventorrents  released by SevenTorrents’ official account. However, this is not the end for you, and we will not disappoint seven torrents you; there is good news for you,” the information continued!

SevenTorrents is no longer active, but it is still alive and well!

Because of their large fan base, the owners of SevenTorrents decided to move their database to WatchSoMuch, a close friend location. The fact that it is a newer seven torrents site means it is likely to be around for a while. Who knows, maybe SevenTorrents will seven torrents torrent come up with a better version of them before then. Users with a registered account on SevenTorrents will move to the supporting platform as well. This means that all of their current guests have a seventorrents good time.

The owners of SevenTorrents have agreed to transfer their seven torrents database to WatchSoMuch, a friendly site that is still relatively new. As a result, if anyone has a SevenTorrents account, it would be transferred as well. SevenTorrents told TorrentFreak, “WSM owners are friends of ours and very professional; they will be the no. 1 movie site in the next months seven torrents because of what they are offering.” Doubts about the database switch and its legitimacy, on the other hand, aren’t going away anytime soon. Returning to the explanation for SevenTorrents’ decision seventorrents to call it a day, there isn’t one. SevenTorrents, like other torrent site operators, faced difficulties in the form of domain bans, copyright lawsuits, alerts, and seventorrents so on.

In a chat with TorrentFreak, SevenTorrents stated that “WSM owners are friends of ours and very professional,” adding that “they can be the no. 1 movie seventorrents site in the next months because of what they are offering.” However, it would take time for the old users to develop seven torrents trust in the new player. The most frequently asked question among users is why seven torrents torrent the SevenTorrents is being retired! According to the reports, there is no particular seventorrents reason for this. Copyright complaints, domain bans, and warnings are common technical seventorrents issues that website developers face, just seven torrents like other seven torrents torrent site operators.

Even though the WSM is a competitive seven torrents torrent seventorrents player on the market, regular SevenTorrents users will undoubtedly miss it! 

Final Verdict

We guarantee that this event will appear to you like a change of address and layout. There will be no difference; the information will be better and more seven torrents comprehensive. All of your data has been transferred to WSM, including movies, torrents, activities, and seventorrents comments so that you will feel at ease.” Indeed, it appears that a significant number of former SevenTorrents users have already switched. Over 6,000 people are said to have signed up seven torrents torrent for WatchSoMuch in the last two days.

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