Everything About Best Online Therapy Platforms that Takes Insurance

Everything About Best Online Therapy Platforms that Takes Insurance

You are not alone if you like the idea of private therapy. Telehealth, or online therapy, is becoming a popular way to obtain mental health treatments, albeit not for everyone. If you are new to Online therapy that takes insurance or want to learn about Internet counseling, do research.

Define online therapy

Online therapy is confidential, convenient, and cost-effective. Depending on your needs, you can text, call, or video chat with your therapist.

A secure atmosphere is offered via online therapy that takes insurance for anxiety, sadness, anger, tension, sleeplessness, and eating disorders.
Trauma, relationship issues, grief, life changes, panic attacks, etc.

What is the cost of online Online therapy that takes insurance?

The price of Online therapy that takes insurance depends on the type of treatment and how much it’s reimbursed by insurance, an employer, or a health plan. BetterHelp charges $60 to $90 per week for telemedicine, whereas traditional treatment costs $75 to $200 per session. However, free treatment is available.

Online therapy that takes insurance that takes insurance

Online therapy that takes insurance that takes insurance

Many families struggle to get inexpensive mental health treatment. One in five children has a diagnosable mental health illness, but only 20% of families can get treatment due to waitlists and insurance issues. Parents seeking mental health care for themselves or their children may find easy, insurance-accepting online therapy. Online therapy that takes insurance gives time-pressed parents flexibility and is as beneficial as in-person visits. Many companies allow you to charge your insurance carrier immediately after creating an account.

Top 2023 Online therapy that takes insurance

These top online therapy accepting insurance platforms are further discussed below:

Talkspace logo

Weekly Self-Pay: $69–$109; insurance is accepted.
Online therapy that takes insurance includes medication management and individual, adolescent, and couple counseling. Who It Serves: 13+,
Talkspace supports parents’ mental health needs through weekly seminars, live video sessions, and texting by accepting a variety of insurance policies.


  • Many insurance programs accept
  • Provides flexible clinician access five days a week.
  • Specialized teen therapy
  • Revocable anytime
  • Has a simplified iOS and Android app
  • Offered nationally


  • Prevents therapist selection.
  • Not having family Online therapy that takes insurance

Talkspace helps busy families get treatment. Guardians may interact with licensed practitioners at their convenience via a HIPAA-compliant app and many communication channels. Talkspace makes mental health treatments more affordable for families by offering a tiered subscription model and accepting many insurance policies.

As of 2022, Talkspace, founded in 2012, provides virtual treatment to over three million Americans. Talkspace’s licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and social workers treat trauma, depression, anxiety, parental stress, and relationship problems. 80% of our user survey respondents said their Talkspace therapist met most of their therapeutic needs. Talkspace was also preferred by 97% of users over other Online therapy that takes insurance platforms. Our study found that most Talkspace customers were satisfied, although some complained about the cancellation process and customer support.

Satisfied Users

Our poll found that 90% of respondents liked Talkspace in every area. Because it delivered high-quality Online therapy that takes insurance at an affordable price, 76% of consumers considered Talkspace a good value. 65% of users said they would suggest Talkspace to a friend. One of our reviewers stated that their teenager had problems connecting with their therapists, but they thought that Talkspace may help many people who would otherwise go without help.

#2. Talkiatry


Self-Pay: Insurance coverage determines price; Recognized insurance: Yes. Treatments include psychiatry, pharmaceutical management, and individual Online therapy that takes insurance. 5+ Heeled.
Talkiatry works with 30 insurers to provide psychiatry and medication management for children over 5 and adults in 44 states.


  • In-network with most major insurers
  • Schedule appointments within days.
  • Live video conferencing and communication
  • Supplying 42 areas
  • Five-year-olds are treated.


  • Talk therapy requires a referral.
  • Overly complicated check-in
  • Nothing for medicine delivery

Talkiatry provides remote access to over 300 board-certified psychiatrists, including specialists who specialize in children under five. Medication management and in-network Online therapy that takes insurance are available for the following mild to moderate mental health problems in newborns and adolescents. It may prescribe restricted drugs for the above circumstances if necessary. We firmly suggest this service for children owing to its long examination periods, the tendency to offer prescriptions only after two to four visits, and responsible prescribing records. We also appreciate the company’s openness about its limits. Virtual treatment is not available for severe diseases like eating disorders and schizophrenia.

Satisfied Users

Most users (97%) liked Talkiatry and would suggest it to a friend (87%). Pairing with a physician was straightforward for 58% of respondents. Additionally, 69% of consumers paired with providers were satisfied with how well their needs were met.

#3. Wellnite

Wellnite Review


From $62 to $450 each month. We provide sliding scales; Recognized insurance: Indeed, PPO only. Treatments include psychiatry, pharmaceutical management, and individual Online therapy that takes insurance, Who It Serves: 13+.

Very busy parents may find it easier to plan appointments after the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. window with Wellnite doctors. This firm is cheaper than others due to its insurance coverage and subscription alternatives.


  • Family-friendly appointment times
  • Free monthly medicine delivery
  • We provide sliding scale pricing.


  • Unregulated substances
  • Only accepts PPO insurance.

Wellnite offers subscription psychiatry, medication management, and Online therapy that takes insurance to 13-year-olds and adults in over 40 states. Virtual anxiety and depression treatment has been offered by the company’s qualified therapists, psychiatrists, and doctors since 2019. Wellnite may appeal to parents who need treatment but have little time owing to small children. This platform allows weekend and late-night appointment scheduling. For urgent situations, the firm offers same-day consultations.

Satisfied Users

Wellnite offers good user happiness, as 80% of respondents evaluated the company positively. Clinical match: 75% of users said their provider met most or all of their needs. 71% would gladly recommend Wellnite to a friend.

#4. Thriveworks

Thriveworks logo


Self-Pay: $200; session co-payments are $0–50; Recognized insurance: Yes. Group therapy, psychiatric, individual, children’s, and family therapy, and addiction counseling are therapies. Client ages vary by state.

Thriveworks is the greatest family Online therapy that takes insurance choice since it offers flexibility and convenience and partners with most major insurance.


  • Weekend and evening appointments
  • Day-of and next-day consultations
  • Most major insurers accept
  • Practical, in-person


  • You can’t find therapists by race or identity.
  • Messaging is unavailable.
  • Out-of-pocket costs surpass the mean.

In 2008, Thriveworks began offering psychiatric and addiction counseling as well as an individual, couple, children’s, and family Online therapy that takes insurance (age eligibility varies by region). The organization offers weekday, evening, and weekend in-person and online consultations. Thriveworks partners with most major insurers in 49 states.

According to their website, Thriveworks only recruits the best 4% of clinical social workers, professional counselors, marital and family therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Thriveworks helps mental health-needy families reduce conflict and improve communication, boundary-setting, coping, and behavior. HIPAA-compliant video or phone sessions at Thriveworks take about 50 minutes. Although customers cannot choose therapists by race or identity, 85% of users were satisfied with the professionals’ diversity.

Satisfied Users

Overall, 90% of people rated Thriveworks positively. Despite 47% rating the platform as reasonable or very affordable, 78% rated the services as outstanding value. 70% of customers said they would use Thriveworks again to find a mental health therapist. Our reviewers recommend Thriveworks for parents who need scheduling flexibility to schedule treatment sessions for themselves, their newborn, or the whole family.

#5. Monument

Monument logo


Monthly Self-Pay: $15–$249; Recognized insurance: Yes. Treatment includes peer support, individual treatment, and medication management. Serving adults 18 and older.

Monument specializes in alcoholism Online therapy that takes insurance. The program is only for adults in the family, but it offers parent-friendly perks including flexible evening and weekend scheduling and free therapist-moderated caregiver support groups.


  • Weekend and evening appointments
  • Alcohol use disorder is a doctor’s specialization.
  • Therapist-led parent support groups
  • Talk to doctors anytime.
  • Medicare costs


  • Not effective against other addictions.
  • Treatment exclusion for 21 states
  • They choose your therapist.

Monument treats alcoholism in adults via virtual recovery. Caregivers need help because alcohol use disorder can harm families. Research shows that those with partners or children who use alcohol or drugs are more likely to suffer mental and physical health concerns or have more disruptive symptoms. Children face many psychological, behavioral, and academic obstacles. Monument’s holistic, evidence-based approach, flexible schedule, and caregiver-tailored support for parents with alcohol use problems are unmatched.

Satisfied Users

Overall, 78% of Monument users were satisfied. Therapist-led support groups set the organization apart from competitors. When asked, 63% of users said these added resources were OK, very excellent, or amazing. The monument was recommended to friends by 62% of users.

#6. Brightside


From $95 to $349/month; Recognized insurance?: Yes. Therapy includes medication management, individual Online therapy that takes insurance, and psychiatry. Serving adults 18 and older.

Brightside is an expert in depression and anxiety. The firm provides cost-effective treatment and medication management in all 50 states through a large physician network.


  • In every jurisdiction
  • Expert in anxiety and depression Online therapy that takes insurance
  • Free messaging
  • A self-help program


  • Choose a therapist for you
  • Unregulated substances

Parents of children with anxiety and despair will enjoy Brightside’s specialized care. During the COVID-19 epidemic, 34% of parents and 28% of caregivers felt anxiety and sadness. The epidemic may have exacerbated a preexisting tendency, especially among parents of younger children. Depression and anxiety among family members can affect caregivers, like other mental health concerns.

This introduces Brightside. Brightside works with certified therapists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and physicians to provide medication management, individual Online therapy that takes insurance, and psychiatry to adults in every state.

Satisfied Users

Ninety percent of Brightside customers were satisfied. Most responders (79%), said Brightside clinicians met their needs. Additionally, 74% evaluated the organization’s self-care program as excellent or very good. Most Brightside complaints are about invoicing and customer service, with communication response times being a major issue. However, 69% of Brightside users rated their customer service as good, very good, or exceptional.

#7. LifeStance Health

LifeStance Health

Clinicians’ self-pay costs vary; Recognized insurance?: Yes. Family, couple, and individual Online therapy that takes insurance, psychiatry, and medication management are addressed. It serves all ages.

LifeStance Health accepts most commercial insurance plans and offers in-person, virtual, and hybrid treatment for new parents. LifeStance offers family and child/adolescent Online therapy that takes insurance, making it a great choice for your family.


  • In-person, virtual, or hybrid appointments
  • Wide insurance coverage
  • Stop anytime


  • Exclusive to 34 states
  • Costs vary by physician and are unknown.

Postpartum depression management affects dads and mothers and is essential for child development. Numerous research shows postpartum depression harms both students and moms. Low mother–infant bonding can cause PPD, which can impair cognitive and behavioral development (6).

LifeStance Health can help. It treats postpartum depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, and other conditions with a large network of licensed clinicians, including social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and others. New parents can choose between in-person and virtual Online therapy that takes insurance sessions, which may be convenient.

Satisfied Users

Most LifeStance users (88%) questioned liked the platform. 74% of respondents said LifeStance was better than comparable services, and 76% said it was an excellent, very good, or exceptional value. Additionally, 63% of LifeStance consumers evaluated the company’s customer service as good, very good, or exceptional. Other consumer complaints have been over customer service, including delayed replies and inaccurate invoicing. Our reviews said LifeStance therapists listened well. Adult therapy has fewer practitioners than adolescent, family, or couples Online therapy that takes insurance.

#8. Pathlight Behavioral Health

Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center

Program-specific self-pay price; Recognized insurance?: Yes. Therapy includes medication management, group, family, and psychiatry. Serves 12+ year olds.
In addition to inpatient programs, Pathlight Behavioral Health provides rigorous virtual at-home Online therapy that takes insurance for anxiety, mood, and eating disorders. The firm provides full family help and is in-network with most insurance.


  • All insurance programs except Medicare and Medicaid are accepted.
  • Supports the whole family
  • More supportive than usual Online therapy that takes insurance
  • Trauma-informed care


  • Out-of-pocket costs may be expensive.
  • Location limits treatment eligibility.

Eating Recovery Center and Mood & Anxiety Center are Pathlight Behavioral Health’s intense virtual at-home outpatient programs. Pathlight’s virtual treatment alternatives match its rigorous and evidence-based approach in its physical facilities, however, eligibility is location-based. Pathlight is for 12+-year-olds who need more help than normal treatment.

Pathlight programs emphasize community service and family engagement, and participants will work in a six-to-eight-person cohort. Three weekly group therapy sessions are led by professional clinicians. They occur alongside weekly individual or family Online therapy that takes insurance and support group meetings.

Satisfied Users

Pathlight’s novel therapy paradigm was praised by 72% of users. Pathlight was affordable to just half of these clients, but 65% would suggest it to a friend. Our reviews say Pathlight’s Mood and Anxiety Center and Eating Recovery Center’s virtual treatment programs bridge the gap between inpatient and weekly Online therapy that takes insurance.

#9. Alma

Alma Logo

Self-Pay Cost: Provider-specific; Recognized insurance?: Yes. Online therapy that takes insurance for couples, children, adolescents, and individuals; psychiatry; medication management; and more. It serves all ages.

Alma says their free therapist directory will help you find in-network, skilled therapists.


  • Therapist search for free
  • Free consultations
  • Near-network therapists rule.
  • Infant and adolescent therapists are covered.


  • No fixed charges
  • Limited availability in some states.

A 2022 research indicated that 22% of US children aged 3–17 had a diagnosable mental, behavioral, or developmental disability (7). This number highlights the need for more accessible child, adolescent, and teen therapists, which Alma provides for parents. Alma offers effective online therapy for families, couples, and children of all ages.

Alma connects patients with mental health professionals. The therapist directory lets users search by location, insurance company, Online therapy that takes insurance type (individual, couples, family, child/adolescent, medication management), virtual or in-person appointments (or both), provider identity, specialization, and degree.

Satisfied Users

Alma was rated positively by 84% of users. 71% of our clients kept seeing the same therapist, indicating that they were very satisfied. 67% said they would certainly or very likely continue Online therapy that takes insurance with their Alma therapist in six months.

#10. BetterHelp


Highly recommended for: Individuals who are new to therapy and require assistance in locating an appropriate therapist. Types of Sessions: phone call, text, live conversation, and video call Is insurance recognized as a payment method? Although not, you may submit a reimbursement request to your insurance provider.

BetterHelp has received industry recognition as one of the preeminent online counseling services. Individuals, couples, and adolescents can access BetterHelp’s more than 30,000 licensed therapists through SMS, chat, phone, and video sessions.

They provide a range of therapeutic interventions to address issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and anger management. Upon registering, they will promptly pair you with a therapist within another twenty-four hours. Although BetterHelp does not accept insurance as a payment method, their therapy services are reasonably priced and eligible for partial reimbursement through your insurance company.


  • Scientifically validated findings
  • Individualized service
  • Unrestricted individual communication


  • Therapists may not all be suitable for specialty requirements.

In conclusion,

In conclusion, online therapy is a practical and accessible tool for treating mental health difficulties. Its privacy, convenience, and low cost make it an enticing option for those seeking help who want to avoid counseling centers and therapists’ offices. Online therapy that takes insurance offers a safe space for people to talk about issues like anxiety, sadness, tension, and other mental health issues using video sessions, phone conversations, and text messages.

Insurance-covered online therapy significantly removes mental health care barriers. This is especially important because many families and individuals struggle to get inexpensive and accessible mental health care. The option to bill insurance from the start improves financial accessibility and reflects the growing popularity of virtual sessions. Online therapy is emerging as a comprehensive and all-encompassing alternative to traditional mental health care due to the increasing impact of technology on the field. It provides a forum for individuals to debate a variety of issues from the comfort of their homes.


1. Does online therapy compare to in-person counseling?

Scholarly studies suggest that Online therapy that takes insurance may be as effective as in-person counseling for a variety of mental health conditions. More individuals seek help since it’s more easy and accessible.

2. How safe is Online therapy that takes insurance for sensitive topics?

Online treatment platforms use encrypted communication channels to protect client privacy. To secure your communications, use a reliable, HIPAA-compliant provider.

3. Can insurance cover online therapy?

Insurance billing is available on certain Online therapy that takes insurance platforms. Ask the service provider about billing and insurance.

4. Which mental health issues can online therapy treat?

Online therapy that takes insurance addresses anxiety, sadness, stress, sleeplessness, eating disorders, panic attacks, trauma, relationship issues, grief, and life changes.

5. Which Online therapy that takes an insurance platform is best for me?

Consider your mental health needs, communication preferences (text, phone, video), therapist qualifications, and platform insurance. Also, examine advice and read reviews to make an informed choice.

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