Must-Have React JS Developer Skills to Consider Before Hiring

Every company that wants to boost its presence in the online market knows the real value of front-end development. Professionals working on interfaces (front-end) use their knowledge and talent to provide customers with a pleasant look and feel of applications, using various technologies, including React – one of the most popular libraries for creating UIs.

According to the latest statistics, nearly half (42,62%) of front-end developers know and use React. But not all of these professionals are equal in terms of their skills and knowledge. So in this post, we will highlight some essential skills of such specialists.

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Top 6 React JS Developer Skills to Look For in 2022

Now, let’s look at the pieces of knowledge that make a front-end developer good for both mobile and website development.


Knowing these technologies is a core for creating aesthetical, intuitive interfaces. So if you are looking for a React JS developer to hire, make sure that the candidate knows how to write HTML tags and CSS selectors. It’s a must.


Good React developers know at least the basics of JavaScript. The talk is not about proficiency in this technology but understanding its core concepts, those related to code structure, variables, data types, functions, operators, loops, etc.

JavaScript ES6

ECMAScript 2015 or ECMAScript 6 is the latest version of Javascript that opens up space for advanced website creation and maintenance. And while knowing this technology is not a must, it can be a significator for a professional who puts efforts into their professional development.


JavaScript XML is a syntax extension to JavaScript that allows developers to incorporate HTML/XML elements and use React APIs in applications. Furthermore, using this extension, a professional can add to the app’s scalability without complicating the code. In short, knowledge of JSX makes coding faster and more efficient, saving time and money on development.


One of the essentials that make the development process more stable, flexible, and efficient for a professional and more fruitful for your company is the experience with Git. The thing is that Git allows storing projects on systems such as GitHub, GitHub, and BitBucket, which maintain the record of each change and allow professionals to test code performance on various conditions without affecting the source code.


If you are looking for a full-stack developer, you should consider the coverage of both front-end and backend technologies, and here is where Node.js skills come in handy. These technologies complement one another, allowing you to run React code in the Node environment and vice versa.

Take advantage of this list when interviewing a potential candidate for a React JS developer position to make sure that you’re dealing with a highly qualified professional. And for sure, don’t forget about the soft skills that can make a huge difference in working on projects. Good luck!

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