How to Disable Fake Location on Life360? – Easy To Understand Setup Ways

fake location on life360

Although parents have always been concerned about what their unsupervised children do, they now have more tools than ever to keep a close check on them. Teens are, however, coming up with more ingenious and covert ways to get around the more advanced parental tracking technologies.Life360 is one such tracking software that has grown so popular among kids on faking your gps location is a crimethat it has become a meme in and of itself.

It should come as no surprise that a lot of teenagers find it awkward to constantly tell their parents where they are. Teens are using TikTok to create memes about the surveillance software, according to a June Wired article by Louise Matsakis. Teens are currently using Life360, a video-sharing app, to share methods they’ve discovered to avoid parental oversight. Some commenters have noted that their parents merely wish to keep their children safe.

By the end of 2018, Fake location on life360 had amassed over 18 million monthly users. You may use the app to create a “circle” around your family, and then you can all access each other’s whereabouts at any time. Additionally, users can receive notifications when another person enters or exits a specific area or when their power runs low. The roadside assistance and other benefits for novice drivers are included in the $7.99 monthly premium edition, which is available for free with the basic version.

Life360 is a great software that helps users stay in touch with their families via chatting, sharing whereabouts, and other features. However, there are situations when disclosing the precise location causes annoyance and raises privacy concerns. While it isn’t really feasible to verify the fictitious location displayed via GPS, you might use an additional app to do so in order to preserve anonymity.

What is Life360?

Life360 | Family Tracking App | GPS Location Sharing & Family Safety

In reference to faking your gps location is a Life360, this is an application that was released in 2008 and was designed primarily for tracking the whereabouts of members of a certain group, such your family or a circle of friends. Individuals inside the group can instantly find each other by tracking their locations. Life360 would typically be used to monitor family members’ conduct. To make sure their kids are safe, some parents, for instance, utilize Life360 to track out where their kids have been.

How to Disable Location on Life360 So That No One Can Find You?

Life360 offers annoyance and occasionally those being tracked by others may find it uncomfortable at all, even though it helps protect the security of users in the circle with simplicity. Try the following techniques to bypass Life360’s location tracking if you’re thinking about doing the same without telling anybody else in the circles.

Conceal Where You Are

Install and Launch AnyGo

Hide your true position and use a fake one created by expert software to fool the tracer without taking Life360 offline. With Fake location on life360 AnyGo, users can easily pretend to be somewhere else on their iPhone or iPad, making it an excellent solution. Even with the normal speed of natural movement, it only takes a few extremely easy clicks to shift your location and still appear pretty realistic. No one can determine your true position with iToolab AnyGo, and even if you change it, it won’t alert other users in the circle.

  1. Able to easily alter the position of your iPhone or iPad;
  2. Supported in multiple modes to simulate natural GPS movements;
  3. compatible with more social media platforms, video games, and other location-tracking applications to easily spoof one’s whereabouts;
  4. Ability to fake several devices’ locations at once;
  5. 100% safe in-app functionality without any location monitoring.
  6. Now, take note of this little tutorial to learn how to pretend to be anywhere on Life360 without alerting the circles:

Step 1: Open AnyGo on your desktop after it has finished installing.

Connect iPhone to AnyGo

Step 2: At this point, connect your iPhone to the computer so that the software can recognize it. iPhone to AnyGo connection

Fake Location for Your iPhone

Step 3: Your actual location will appear on the screen after you’ve connected. To switch to the new location, simply input it into the frame bar and press “Go”. Your iPhone Canine a False Location

Turn Off Location Sharing in Life360

Turn off location sharing for Circle

You can hide your trace from your Life360 circle by turning off the location tracking feature of the program. This allows you to change your location without telling your circle. Here’s how to turn off the location sharing feature on the circle:

Turn on Airplane Mode to Hide Life360 Location

Step 1: Open the Life360 app in step one. After that, click the “Settings” button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Decide which circle you wish to prevent from sharing your location.

Step 3: Choose “Location Sharing” and turn the feature off.

How to Turn Off Life360 Location Services

hints Note: As soon as you turn off the location, notification will be given to everyone in the circle.
Disable Fake location on life360 ‘s Location Sharing

Select “Airplane Mode.”

You can directly disable GPS location monitoring on your mobile devices by putting them in Airplane mode. Turning on Airplane mode will prevent Life360’s location tracing from detecting the GPS signal, which will prevent it from operating normally. This is because Life360 also obtains location information from your mobile device through the GPS signal.

To activate Airplane mode on your mobile device, just swipe down the control center and hit the airplane icon. When it is turned on, your device’s GPS signal will vanish, making it impossible for the Fake location on life360 app to track your whereabouts.

Activate Airplane Mode to Conceal Your Life360 Position

Turning off the application’s location service will prevent crime from tracking your location entirely, which is another easy way to stop the tracking of your whereabouts without alerting others. This is how you handle it:

Step 1: Open the device’s “Settings” app.

Step 2: Select “Location Services” under “Privacy”.

Step 3: Locate the Life360 app by swiping down the list. Click it and then click “Submit” to turn off “Precise Location”.

How to Disable Location Services in Life360

The Life360 app will no longer be able to track your GPS location if the location is turned off.

Delete Life360 Account and Uninstall App

Clear Your Life360 History

Are you tired with Life360 following you around all the time? You may permanently delete your location history and prevent anyone from seeing your whereabouts by simply cancelling your account. Once that’s done, you can delete the Life360 app and stop being followed by third parties.

Utilize a phone burner

You can change the location from the phone you use every day to the backup phone if you purchase a burner phone—a device you won’t use frequently—install Life360 on it, and then log in to the original account. This way, since you can leave the burner phone elsewhere rather than carry it with you, nobody in the circle can truly know where you are. The process of switching your Fake location on life360 account to the burner phone is as follows:

Step 1: Turn on your burner phone and download and install the Life360 app.

Step 2: Access your first Life360 account by logging in.

Step 3: Delete the one from your primary phone after logging in. From that point on, your burner phone would be used to track your location rather than your primary phone.

Use Life360 on Burner Phone

Utilize Burner Phone Life360

Do you have any queries about Fake location on life360 or the ability to conceal your location within the app? These FAQs should be of assistance.

Does turning off location in Life360 alert Circles?

Sure. All the members in your circle will receive a notification from Life360 stating that “Location Sharing Paused” when you disable your phone’s GPS. Put another way, everyone in the circles would be aware of your action while the Life360 location is off.

 Is Life360 functional offline?

The GPS on your device will not function to show your location if the Internet is turned off. Consequently, Life360 would be unable to operate until the network is restored.

 Is it possible to keep your location secret on Life360?

Normally, the circle members would be alerted when you turned off the location directly in Life360. But if you choose to use additional software, like iToolab AnyGo, to pretend to be somewhere else, neither Life360 nor the other users who have joined the circle will be aware of it. It would be the most effective way to turn off Life360 without anybody else knowing.

It can be inconvenient to be followed by others, even though Life360 makes it easier for people who want to trace the whereabouts of elderly or young people. The techniques in this blog can all be of assistance. Select your preferred method to disable Life360’s location tracking and preserve privacy.

How can my location be feigned on Life360 to safeguard my privacy?

It’s acceptable to let family and friends know where you are as they can come to your aid fast if you need it. However, flawed and sophisticated people exploit others. For this reason, it must supply a fictitious location in order to alter your precise position. The steps listed below outline how to create fake locations on Life360 in order to safeguard privacy:

Choosing Developer Preferences

  • Locate and select the Settings option on your phone.
  • Scroll now to access the About Phone menu.
  • After that, click the Software details seven times.
  • Following processing. The Developer choices will be available for you to use.
  • spoof-location on life360 for privacy protection

How to use Life360’s fake location feature to preserve privacy

  • Install the fake GPS location app on your device by going to the Play Store.
  • Once installed, locate the Select mock location app by going to Settings > System > Developer Options and pressing on it.
  • As the fictitious location app, choose Fake GPS App.
  • Click the app now, choose your desired location, then press the Play button.
  • Get Life360 for Mac.
  • Once you’ve finished this methodical process, you’ll be able to use Life360 to create fictitious locations with greater privacy protection.

Is It Possible to Use Life360 on a Laptop or Computer?

Nope. The only Life360 is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones. For this reason, you need to have a phone that supports Life360 if you wish to utilize it with your family. The app Life360 has certain specifications, such GPS, accelerometer, gravity sensor, and gyroscope. However, there is no version of the Life360 App for computers or laptops.

Is It Possible to Follow Someone On Life360 Without Their Consent?

Nope. You only follow someone you know well and who has granted you permission to connect. Sending a request to add someone for location sharing, chat, etc. works when you install the Life360 App on your smartphone and anyone accepts it. You can get to know him and his site soon once he grants you permission or shares the location with you. However, without knowing someone, you are unable to track them on Life360.

If you’d rather avoid the trouble of getting a new phone, pretend to be somewhere else.

Let’s examine how to do this:

Your phone’s GPS locates itself by relaying signals from a satellite that is orbiting the planet. This capability, which lets the phone know where you are to a precise degree, is present in all smartphones.

Note: A simple phone’s GPS can locate itself on a map typically within 15 feet of its real location. The Android phone is a highly configurable device; you can tell its software to ignore all the information it is receiving from the sensors and even add information that is provided by an application. This is not possible with a GPS satellite network, as your phone is always aware of its location.

All of this requires a multi-stage, easy-to-understand setup process

First things first: download a phony GPS location app from the Play Store. There are a lot of them; choose whichever you like, but this one has been thoroughly tested and is reliable. Installs it even though it has an outdated UI but is very dependable and error-free.
Then, on your phone, you must enable developer settings. This menu item notifies the phone that you are using experimental hardware or software. It allows you to execute complex apps like this one by lowering some security settings. Although the instructions are for an Android 8.1 Oreo phone, they apply to all Android phones as well.
To this:

  • Open the phone’s settings menu.
  • To view software information, click.
  • Seven fast clicks on the build number will cause a countdown to the developer choice to appear at the bottom.
  • Return to the settings and find its choices by scrolling to the bottom.
  • Because some versions differ, you can quickly find the option by typing in the build number using the search icon in the upper right corner.
  • The settings page can now be accessed by going to settings > system > developer options.
  • If it didn’t turn on automatically, turn it on now and you’re good to go.
  • If you haven’t already, install the app now.
  • Tell your phone to utilize the app as its GPS device after that.

To carry out this:

  • Get the settings open.
  • Select “systems.”
  • Choose “Developer options.”
  • Select a mock location by descending and clicking on it. That’s it!
  • Setting everything up is really simple; just launch the app
  • Then navigate to your desired location. When you press the green play button, the phone will detect your location anywhere you’ve put it on the map.

Important update:

Life360 has been accused of exposing users’ real-time location data, therefore it comes as a huge blow to hear that they are reportedly in talks to acquire Tile. Many have responded to this on Twitter, stating that because of their new owners, they will now consider alternatives like AirTags and ditch tile.


As a user, you can use a fake location on Life360 for different causes. This fake location may occasionally be important for your privacy and safety. Your phone uses satellite GPS data to determine its location. Thus, it is quite difficult to create a fake GPS location. But you can make it inaccurate by following the above steps. When a question comes across behind your security, you can use a fake location on Life

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