Top 12 Best Alternatives Software To Jira For Project Management


It is no secret that JIRA is one of the most widely used project management software systems in the world. It currently accounts for around 40.08 percent of the total PM software market.

JIRA is utilized in more than 120 countries, with 75,000+ buyers, according to Atlassian (the Australian firm that invented the platform).

The program is appropriate for both team and individual use. Nonetheless, despite its enormous popularity, JIRA has flaws. Users cite the expensive price, a steep learning curve, and a less-than-friendly and straightforward UI as the primary reasons for seeking a JIRA replacement.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top project management software to replace JIRA.

But first, let us explain what JIRA software is.

What exactly is JIRA?

JIRA is a popular project management application in software development and testing. It is better suited for Agile development teams and is intended for software planning, management, tracking, testing, and release.

What is the price of JIRA?

JIRA provides two plans:

  • The data center (on-premise).
  • Cloud (web-based).

The first option has a starting price of $42,000 for 500 customers. The product requires an annual subscription. It guarantees technical support and updates for the duration of your subscription to the solution.

A cloud version offers three subscription options:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Enterprise

Many teams choose the Standard plan, which costs $7.75 per user per month.

The Premium level is appropriate for people with sophisticated requirements. It gives additional available features and 24/7 assistance for a monthly fee of $15.25 per user.

The Enterprise plan is intended for bigger businesses. You must contact Atlassian personnel to discover more about its price.

Why do you require a JIRA alternative?

Atlassian’s JIRA is a popular project management solution for software development teams. It has over 30 million clients worldwide and is meant to assist Agile teams in planning, building, tracking progress, logging bugs, and releasing software early and frequently. With such a massive corporation and product, it’s no surprise that a list of JIRA alternatives is in high demand.

Whatever your reason for looking for JIRA alternatives—whether it’s a lower cost, a more intuitive UI, a different board setup, various sorts of reporting, an open API, or connectivity with your existing tools and applications—we’ve got you covered.

1. ProofHub


ProofHub is a highly-rated Alternative to JIRA that allows project teams of any size to coordinate multiple elements of their work from a single platform.

It has advanced capabilities that allow you to organize your work in a spreadsheet-like fashion but with extra tools for visualizing tasks, prioritizing work, interacting with stakeholders, and tracking team progress.


  • For effective data tracking and administration, use a table view and custom fields.
  • Kanban boards and Gantt charts are advanced task management capabilities.
  • Work scheduling and milestone tracking are facilitated by a project calendar.
  • Personal and group chat, real-time conversations, and @mentions are built-in team communication features.


If you’re searching for a practical yet simple approach to organizing your projects, is an excellent alternative to JIRA. While JIRA stores and manages data using tables, is governed by tasks. Task management, dependency monitoring, and app connections like Slack, Jira, and HubSpot CRM are all available on the platform. also provides free instructional seminars and native social media management to all users. The project management software has a “panic button” function that allows users to shut down the whole account to secure data in the event that the account is compromised.


  • Columns and Boards
  • Checklists for automating tasks
  • Integration of Apps: File views, kanban views, form views, and chart views

3. Hive


Check out Hive if you want to turn the spreadsheet on its head. This project management software, “built for users, by users,” provides integrated workflow management with lots of scalability. Hive provides the ideal environment for teams to interact and cooperate, thanks to its built-in chat capability and four display options (Gantt, Kanban, Table, and Calendar).

Hives automation solutions offer your company valuable time back by automating email and processes, allowing your staff to focus on projects rather than duplicate activities. This platform is excellent for generating simple workflows from a complex work process. Hive is the ideal platform for teams of any size, with a user-friendly dashboard and a fantastic customer care staff for any issues.


  • An easy-to-use dashboard for project management
  • Time monitoring, workflow customization, and a native chat feature
  • Over 1,000 integration possibilities

4. Toodledo


Trello is an entirely different platform from JIRA in that it lives as a beautifully ordered collection of changeable boards and lists. Your team may expand and extend these boards by adding tasks, timeframes, individual productivity indicators, and more. Trello has a simple learning curve, and even the most inexperienced users can get the hang of it after a few minutes.

Butler, Trello’s built-in automated assistant, may assist your team in lowering time and tasks throughout the business by minimizing time spent on repetitive or redundant work. Trello also has its own take on integrations, dubbed “Power-Ups,” which may be used to link third-party programs into the Trello dashboard. If this seems tempting, you can learn more about comparable programs on the market by visiting these top Trello alternatives.


  • For projects, there is a visual interface with infinite card availability.
  • Backgrounds and stickers are made to order.
  • “Power-Ups” and automation options are included.

5. Wrike


Wrike is task management software that assists you in organizing tasks, collaborating with your team, and tracking job progress. It’s an excellent choice for small businesses seeking easily customized workspaces to arrange shared calendars, and its visual markup tool is useful for speeding up feedback.

However, it lacks concept management tools such as note-taking and thought mapping.


  • Forms containing conditional logic should be created.
  • Easily share tasks, data, and reports.
  • A one-of-a-kind dashboard with a three-pane perspective
  • Gantt charts that are interactive for project tracking

6. Zoho Project

Zoho Project

Zoho Project is another useful project management tool. Zoho Project is part of the Zoho suite, which also includes CRM software, Zoho Books (for accounting), and other SaaS products. As a result, it makes sense to utilize Zoho Projects only in conjunction with other related products.


  • Task lists, subtasks, and comments make task management simple.
  • Gantt chart feature for dependency management
  • Timesheets allow you to keep track of and report on your team’s working hours.
  • Project document storage in the cloud

7. Nifty


Nifty is project management software that allows you to collaborate on huge projects with several team members. It provides you and your team with a shared workspace to organize projects, monitor time, and manage documents.


  • Project planning milestones
  • Portfolio management tools such as automatic progress overviews, timetables, statuses, and late notices are available.
  • Timekeeping and reporting
  • Various user roles and permissions

8. Workzone


This web-based software package, which has been available since 2000, is a little older than the other alternatives but just as sophisticated. Workzone is a spreadsheet-based project management application Alternative to JIRA. Workzone, on the other hand, offers a bit more functionality. Workzone is a wonderful JIRA replacement since it is created with outstanding project management capabilities, including resource, task, and time tracking.

Workzone may perform as much or as little as you need with customized reporting and automation. The greatest thing is that if you still prefer the appearance of a spreadsheet, Workzone provides that feel while also providing users with various views such as Gantt or calendar views, allowing your team to see tasks, projects, and deadlines in a variety of ways.


  • Time tracking with reporting capabilities
  • Diagrams of resource allocation
  • Unlimited training and assistance

9. Notion


The notion is another JIRA Alternative that, through its ‘tables’ function, provides spreadsheet-styled project management tools. Begin by creating a new page and selecting ‘table’ from the database section. From there, you may modify the functionalities of the columns and rows in the same way that you would in most other spreadsheet programs. You will be limited to Notion’s variants, but if you need to employ more powerful formulae, you can integrate a Google Sheets sheet inside your Notion workspace. You may also examine your table in the calendar and list mode, allowing you to swiftly approach your spreadsheet from several viewpoints.


  • Make a calendar and a list view of your table.
  • For future usage, save your table as a template.
  • Other essential project management tools are included.

10. Freedcamp 


Freedcamp is a project management application that can coordinate schedules, tasks, wikis, and other resources to help you finish a project on time and on budget. It also has a social communication wall and private work management, as well as white labeling for client areas, invoicing, and CRM features.

When combined with third-party connections, Freedcamp provides users with a comprehensive view of their day’s key priorities.

11. nTask


nTask, a project, task, and team management program that helps track and organize your company’s workflow, is another JIRA alternative. The program includes risk management and problem-tracking functions to monitor hazards that might derail a project. Meeting management features are available in nTask to help you organize agendas with your team members and clients. nTask, like JIRA, provides Gantt charts and Kanban boards for diverse views of tasks inside a single interface and for tracking project progress.


  • Task administration
  • Kanban board with Gantt chart
  • Timekeeping and timesheets
  • Risk administration

12. clickup


ClickUp is a JIRA alternative that offers a very efficient dashboard view and collaborative capabilities. Goals, embedded emails, conditional automation, task checklists, custom task statuses, sprints, and 24/7 support are among the features available in the platform’s free edition. ClickUp also provides native email, a variety of themes, and free integrations. Check out our entire guide to Click Up alternatives to discover how it compares to other tools on the market.


  • View of the workload
  • Team communication
  • Intelligent Notification
  • Customized roles
  • Tasks That Recur Dynamically
  • Customizable Assigned Comments Docs and Notepad Mind Maps with a Board View


Is Asana a replacement for Jira?

Asana and Jira are both excellent project management tools, but each has a distinct market fit. Jira is most commonly used by engineering and product teams since it is particularly intended for their needs. Companies of various sizes use Asana to manage projects and specific tasks across functions and teams.

Is Jira the most effective agile tool?

Jira was created to help with software development and issue tracking. It has capabilities tailored to problem tracking and bug reporting. As a result, Jira is the ideal option for software development teams. Jira software comes with an Agile flavor, which might be useful even for non-software projects.

Why do people continue to use Jira?

Jira provides visibility into current projects at any level by letting you track all actions, such as problems and updates, personnel assigned, team comments, and so on. JQL will use criteria to filter problems. Jira’s sidebar allows quick access to tasks including planning, releasing, tracking, and reporting.


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