Is Instagram Down Right Now in Oct? Instagram Outage Notifies Accounts have been Suspended

The accounts of thousands of users are about to be suspended because Instagram Down Right Now in Oct , according to a false notification they received. Although the notice indicates that things are being closed because individuals aren’t abiding by the rigorous regulations, we don’t yet know why the warning was delivered. According to several Instagram users, pages have already been deleted without warning.

Instagram down

Instagram Down Right Now

A lot of individuals have also used Twitter news as a way to express their rage. Fran tweeted as a user, “What’s happening with @instagram? #instagramdown They suspended my account for no apparent reason.” Neocrushtech, a different user, added: “Why did you terminate my account without cause? #instagramdown.”

Instagram down

Over 3,000 customers are reporting account issues on Down Detector, a platform that tracks online outages. Instagram user Alice said on the Down Detector forum page, “It’s also my birthday, so Instagram, hurry up and repair it immediately. My account has also been suspended. I looked for it on my sister’s phone but couldn’t locate it. I don’t exist!”

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Instagram down

Instagram has since acknowledged the issue. A large number of people have criticized Down Detector. Although not every Instagram user is affected by the glitch, many have seen a decline in their followers and the number of users they follow.
This is a result of several accounts being down.

It would be advised to avoid clicking on any links until Instagram’s owner, Meta, certifies that the problem is genuine because it could be a sophisticated phishing scheme to obtain user names and passwords.

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