Top Alternatives to ImgBB: Free Online Photo Hosting in 2023

Top Alternatives to ImgBB: Free Online Photo Hosting in 2023

When it comes to technical tools, popularity does not always translate into quality. All of a sudden, “top-of-the-line” apps that have garnered millions of downloads and positive reviews on the App Store disappear completely from the web. Does that mean that ImgBB will end up like that? Many independent photographers use this free hosting website as an easy-to-use yet dependable substitute for 500px, Dropbox, and Wix. But is it one of the best free hosting services available for independent photographers? What will you soon learn?

ImgBB: What is it?

One of the easiest and clearest free picture hosting services available online is ImgBB. It resolves two clear issues that independent photographers have on the field: a lack of organization and insufficient storage capacity. Instantaneous picture distribution and uploading are possible with ImgBB, a free image hosting service. It’s one of the easiest and most convenient ways to gather and share photos on the internet.

File types supported by ImgBB include jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif, web, heic, and pdf. The maximum size for each file is 32 MB or 64 MB with a premium membership. ImgBB is a free image hosting service that makes it simple for users to link or embed pictures that they have submitted. The terms and conditions of ImgBB forbid publishing images that you do not own.

Does ImgBB delete pictures?

On ImgBB, you can choose to have your photos permanently stored or to have them automatically removed after a predetermined amount of time. You may set an image to be automatically deleted once it is added; the time intervals range from five minutes to a month.

Who is ImgBB’s owner?

Because its owner isn’t stated clearly, take this into consideration before using ImgBB as a long-term storage option or subscribing to it.

Does ImgBB delete pictures?

Making Use of ImgBB

  • To add a picture to ImgBB, open a Finder window on macOS or an Explorer window on Windows, then browse to and drag the image into the website.
    The screen will change as you drag and drop your file onto the website to suggest that you should keep doing so.
  • Alternatively, after selecting START UPLOADING, you can browse and choose your file or files.
    Moreover, by visiting and using Command (macOS) or Control (Windows) and V, one may copy and paste the URL of an image from a website.
  • As an alternative, you may submit photos by selecting the submit symbol in the upper-right corner and then copying many links into the “Add image URLs” section.
  • When you post a picture to ImgBB, it asks you if you want it to stay there forever or be automatically removed after a certain amount of time.
  • This is the point when you may also alter your photo. To adjust the size of your image and add a title and description, click the pencil symbol located on the thumbnail of your image.
  • After uploading an image, ImgBB creates a copy-and-paste URL for sharing the picture.
  • You may access more services by registering for free on this picture hosting website and establishing an account. You can manage the photos you’ve posted and make albums right from your Profile page.
  • To start, choose “Create new album,” type up a title and a description if you’d like, click “Save changes,” then drag the selected pictures into the browser window.
  • Once you’ve added photos to an album, ImgBB gives you a link so you may share the photos together by choosing “Share” from the album’s menu.
  • Anything over 32 MB requires a membership in order to be stored. Click “Upgrade” to see the three available tiers. The least expensive tier is less than $110 for a three-year subscription.

Benefits and Drawbacks of ImgBB

Is ImgBB the perfect image hosting solution? Does this mean that sending photos to clients will become your favorite task?

  • Probably not

But does ImgBB have a UI that is conspicuously lacking from other photo-sharing websites like Flickr, Photobucket, and Imgur?

  • Of course, that

From the viewpoint of an independent photographer, what are ImgBB’s benefits and drawbacks?

Benefits (Reasons Why Freelancers Love ImgBB)

What is it about ImgBB that would make you think twice about sticking with image-hosting services like SmugMug or Wix?

However, there are five things to think about:

1. A user interface that is simple to utilize

ImgBB’s simplicity—no prior knowledge of HTML is needed to operate it, and photos don’t even need to be compressed in order to stay under the 32MB file limit—is one of its main advantages.

  • Just simply drag & drop.

Furthermore, uploading an album’s worth of images all at once removes the necessity for tiresome morning upload sessions. A few seconds are all that it takes to upload.

2. Adaptable To A Wide Range Of File Formats

The exact file format that is produced once the photos are processed in Lightroom or Photoshop is yet unknown. Thankfully, ImgBB supports the following formats:

  • 7/BMP, GIF, HEIC, and JPG
  • PNG, PDF, TIF, and WEBP 

Send in the edited photos just as they are; omit the extra step of file conversion.

3. compatibility with an online portfolio or website

Every photo session is an opportunity to build your portfolio, and you may share your amazing shots with the world thanks to ImgBB. It is quite easy to move pictures from ImgBB to your website, social networking accounts, or online portfolio. You may display your favorite photos on your WordPress website by simply adding an HTML code, which won’t overload your site’s storage. As an alternative, after making an ImgBB account, you may install the plugin on your photography website to speed up the process of uploading photographs from your account to your portfolio. When it’s not required, why jump over obstacles?

4. Simple to Share Online or Distribute to Clients

  • The goal of using an image hosting service is to expedite the sharing of photos with customers.
  • And that’s just what ImgBB does.
  • Email a link to an album that is password-protected.
  • Post a picture from your most recent photo session to Facebook or Twitter.
  • Alternatively, make the homepage an HTML thumbnail.

5. No Account Needed; Ability to Auto-Delete

Are you sick and tired of getting spam emails promoting picture hosting services? We are also

Thankfully, you can use the ImgBB platform and share your relationships without having to register for an account. All you have to do is tell the server what time the photo should be automatically deleted.

Benefits (Reasons Why Freelancers Love ImgBB)

Consequences (Indications to Think About Using an Alternative)

For every minute that is spent on the process of uploading and disseminating one’s most current albums, less time is available for shooting and editing. Here are three reasons you may get away with using ImgBB: “Meh.”

1. It Requires Human Editor Approval

The biggest drawback is that the photos you post to ImgBB aren’t only for your clients to view; an actual editor has to approve the upload before it can be finished.

  • Usually, that won’t be an issue.

However, shooting notable violent incidents or boudoir photos may put you in competition with the ImgBB editorial staff.

2. Limitations on Image Transfer via Link

While mass uploading of pictures is possible, ImgBB does not provide a smooth method for sharing several images at once. There are just two things you can do:

  • Send out a bunch of URLs, each with a single picture.
  • Share the URL to a full album (this requires making many albums for every customer).

3. The Repercussions of Not Making an Account

It’s not necessary to have an account right now, but to be honest, not having one might cause more issues than you might anticipate. If you do not set an auto-delete time, a photo you upload will remain on the server forever and is considered anonymous as it is not connected to your account. I wish you luck in getting that one taken out!

The Best Alternatives for ImgBB in Image Hosting

We understand a freelance photographer may be put off by issues with volume sharing, hiring a human editor, and giving up control over the final product of an image after it has been posted. Thankfully, ImgBB is not the only website that hosts photos. Thus, if ImgBB doesn’t catch your attention, you could choose the next six image hosting services:

#1. Bloom

#1. Bloom

A platform for hosting photos, accounting (or billing) apps, and CRM (customer relationship management) infrastructure is essential for every freelance photographer. These benefits can also be obtained in a single, easily portable device. All you have to do is upload an album to your online portfolio, send it to Bloom, have it saved on the platform’s safe server, and provide your clients the private link. Furthermore, Bloom outperforms other solutions even though it is not “free” like many of the other hosts on this list (monthly memberships start at $9). In addition to serving as your main online portfolio, the platform streamlines the process of arranging sessions, lets you send out email marketing, and makes client billing easier. Like ImgBB, Bloom is the tool you didn’t know you needed until recently.

#2. Google Photos

#2. Google PhotosMore than 500 million people use Gmail, the search engine and 5.8 billion inquiries are made there daily. Google Photos is not as polished as it might be, but it has certain benefits. With a maximum file size of 16MB and capability for 1080p films, the camera lets you share almost any kind of data with your clients. But what clients love most about communication is the process itself. Similar to ImgBB, you may send a single picture (or an infinite amount of albums) via direct messages on Twitter, Facebook, or email without paying anything. If your customer has the Google Photos app installed on their iPhone, they can also see their wedding photos while lounging on the couch.

#3. Dropbox

#3. Dropbox

Even though it was all the rage in 2012, this simple file-sharing service is still going strong over ten years later. Independent photographers seem to be fascinated by it as well. If you’re an independent contractor who manages every facet of your company’s operations, Dropbox’s organizing features are your main reason for using it. Personalized folders may be created for each customer, to which full-scale JPEG photos, Docx meeting minutes, and PDF bills can be posted. The days of looking through hundreds of files or albums to get the right file name are over! Need a little more seclusion? You will thus like the feature that lets you password-protect specific albums and yet let users download the photos, much like ImgBB.

#4. Flickr

#4. Flickr

Sites like Google Photos are intended for the rare photographer. Flickr features people like you who take a serious approach to both your photographs and your customers. The social networking features of Flickr are maybe its best feature. Similar to ImgBB: Take part in 100 million-person picture exhibitions and engage with other photographers in one of the 10 million specialty communities the site offers. Do you find possibilities in organics interesting? But sharing photos isn’t just for when you show them out in public. Flickr’s platform lets users send direct links, send clients album URLs, or even embed a shot directly onto their website. Furthermore, if you grow to love the site and use up your allotted 1,000 free uploads, you may upgrade to Flickr Pro to make use of the limitless upload function.

#5. Imgur

#5. Imgur

If you consider yourself a “Redditor,” you have most likely come across an Imgur link on your person at least twice. There are a lot of memes on this platform. No, it might not be a good idea to provide a customer with the Imgur URL of their 50th birthday celebration. However, Imgur is used by freelance photographers for one reason only: a sense of community. You will receive the much-desired “internet points” along with limitless photo uploads, a 20MB file size restriction, and JPEG, PNG, GIF, and MPEG compatibility. Your photographs are promoted to the homepage when other Imgur users “upvote” them, giving them the chance to be seen by a larger audience and receive more exposure. Share your name and photos to make them more likely to become viral, similar to ImgBB.

#6. Photobucket

#6. Photobucket

If you were online in the early 2000s—during the Myspace era—you have probably come across a link to Photobucket or used the service. It’s time to integrate Photobucket into your business. Freelance photographers like ImgBB because it allows them to post images while maintaining the original arrangement. Not a single resize, compression, DPI change, or odd scaling. Moreover, the album-sharing process with clients has been greatly streamlined. To post an album on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter, just one click is needed. In actuality, the advent of social networking apps like Tumblr is to blame for Photobucket’s drop in popularity. On the other hand, Tumblr offers many more compressed photos than Photobucket, which is a great incentive to start using it again.

#7. Postimage

7. Postimage

Since 2004, PostImage has been in operation. PostImage comes with tools that allow you to upload photographs to your website, such as ImgBB, and a smartphone application.

#8. ImageShack

#8. ImageShack

One popular website for sharing photos is ImageShack. If you want access to more services and are prepared to pay for a premium subscription, it’s a great replacement for ImgBB. Users of ImageShack can choose to make individual photos or whole albums private or public. Perfect for limiting the number of people who can see your photos. You may use ImageShack to host photos for forums or websites as well. Images are kept in a high-resolution format without any compression. Additionally, users may crop, resize, add filters, and rotate their photos using ImageShack’s picture resizing capability. Furthermore, you can set up the application’s Skypath feature to automatically sync your camera roll with the website that safely saves your photos on the cloud.

#9. ImagPile

#9. ImagPile

A free cloud-based image-sharing and hosting platform is called ImgPile. It may be used, for instance, to save important and sentimental photos. You may also share your images with the people you care about. You may upload photos and videos from your mobile device’s gallery to this cloud-based photo hosting service. It is also possible to post pictures from social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and others. ImgPile is the best place to discover and enjoy interesting photos that you may find online. Because the platform is cloud-based, users may easily submit photographs from any device and location.

#10. ImgBox

#10. ImgBox

Users of the free image hosting and sharing website ImgBox may upload and browse images online. ImgBox offers unlimited storage space and time, which are some of its most significant characteristics. ImgBox differs from ImgBB and the other ImgBox competitors covered in this post in terms of speed thanks to another feature: hotlinking. File capacity is restricted by ImgBox. As an illustration, it can handle up to 10MB. PNG, GIF, JPEG, and other image formats are also supported. Pictures may be arranged into galleries once they have been submitted to ImgBox. Each gallery can only have fifty photos, though. ImgBox has an easy-to-use and simple UI. It also offers the ability to publish videos. ImgBox also allows you to upload images without having to register for an account. All you have to do is select the desired photo from the pop-up window that appears after tapping the “Upload Photos” option.

How to Create a Free Account on ImgBB

You’re aware of ImgBB and want to know how to get started with it. Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the process of making a free account. First, go to the ImgBB webpage. There will be a “Start uploading” button; just click it. Even though you may upload photos without an account, utilizing a free account has additional advantages, such having more options and control over what you share.

To sign up for a free account,

Return to the homepage and select “Login/Sign up” from the menu in the top right corner. When you click this, a new page will load with the option to log in or create an account. Click “Create Account” and enter your preferred username, password, and email address. Make sure your email address is active and that your username is unique. You will also need to choose “I’m not a robot”; after all, who doesn’t occasionally feel envious of themselves?

You will receive an email with a link to activate your account as soon as you fill out the form; click “Create Account” to open that link, and you will become a member of the ImgBB community.

The steps below are reiterated in bullet points:

  • Go to the ImgBB home page.
  • ‘Login/Sign Up’ is the link to select.
  • Elect to “Create Account.”
  • Fill in the email address, password, and username boxes that are needed.
  • Please confirm that you are human.
  • Choosing “Create Account.”
  • The activation link was sent to you via email. Click it.

In other words, you may now use ImgBB to save your photos for free.

The steps below are reiterated in bullet points:

Key Elements

  • Automatic Delete Function: Setting a time limit for a file’s deletion on a page before it is permanently removed is a noteworthy feature of imgbb. This sets it apart from other forums and helps with client or short-term project management. You may choose time intervals from five minutes to six months using the auto-delete option. Users also have the choice to keep their photos.
  • File Sizes and Supported Formats: imgbb supports the following file formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, WEBP, HEIC, and WEBP. Nevertheless, unless you pay for monthly or yearly premium services that offer 64MB per file, file sizes are restricted to 32MB.
  • Options for Embedding: After uploading your photos, you are given a range of sharing choices.
  • Regarding links, there are two options: The receiver can use reader links to share an other URL. In addition, users may choose between complete, medium, or thumbnail HTML alternatives. Direct link: only the receiver can see the picture. Using imgbb, pictures may also be shared within BBCodes; again, the code offers options for full, medium, and thumbnail images.
  • The Summary: As a picture editor, you must make sure that the photos are posted correctly. To get a better result, the imgbb might be used. It is important to take into account the previously mentioned factors in addition to using the imgbb.

In conclusion,

All things considered, ImgBB proves to be a simple and efficient choice for independent photographers and anybody looking for a hassle-free picture hosting experience. Its simple layout and user-friendly interface make it a solid choice for individuals battling issues related to insufficient storage capacity and chaos in the photography industry. Moreover, ImgBB has the capacity to quickly upload and share pictures in a variety of formats, such as jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif, web, and hei

ImgBB is an invaluable tool for anybody looking to share photos for personal or business use, thanks to its quick and easy services. The ease with which users may link or embed submitted photographs makes it even more accessible. This allows users to easily incorporate their hosted images into a variety of web platforms. However, it is necessary to note that ImgBB, like other picture hosting sites, has terms and conditions that prevent uploading photographs that do not legally belong to the user.


1. Does ImgBB provide access that is totally free?

While ImgBB does not charge for users to upload and share photos, it does have a premium membership plan that allows users to access more services and a larger file size limit.

2. Which file types is ImgBB compatible with?

ImgBB supports the following file formats: web, heic, jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif, and pdf.

3. What is the largest file size that photographs submitted to ImgBB are allowed to have?

For free users, the largest file size allowed is 32 MB; for subscribers, the restriction is increased to 64 MB.

4. Can I embed or connect to external websites from my submitted photographs using ImgBB?

In fact, ImgBB gives users the opportunity to easily link to or embed the photos that they submit, making it easier for photographs to be shared on different websites.

5. Are there any restrictions on the kinds of files that users may post to ImgBB?

Indeed, it is totally prohibited to submit photographs that one does not own in line with the terms and conditions of ImgBB. These guidelines must be followed by students in order to ensure that the platform is used responsibly.

6. What are the advantages of ImgBB for independent photographers?

ImgBB is an easy-to-use, affordable, and quick picture hosting solution that addresses the problems of low storage and disorganized images that are common in the photography industry. Especially useful for freelance photographers, this service simplifies the process of sharing and storing photos online.

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