How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows and Mac

Recover Deleted Files

There are several potential ways to recover deleted files, despite of the circumstances in which they were deleted. You can restore deleted files from recycled bin, backups, or recover lost files with deleted file recovery software that works even if the files have been permanently removed without any backup.

TogetherShare Data Recovery Free gives you the online tools to locate and recover deleted files from your Pc and mobile device. With various recovery modes to choose from, you can use this program in various locations to save work, and extra files you thought were gone for good.


Adaptability: This app can help you recover files from any device you can connect to your Pc. Whether you need to use it on your iPhone, tablet, and a USB drive, you’ll get the tools you want to get the job done.

Interface: No worry how much or how little action you have with these types of details, you’ll have no difficulty getting your way around this one. The interface is straightforward, and instructions guide you through selecting the kind of scan you want to do, the types of files you want to look for, and the drive you want to scan.


Easy scans: While a necessary Deleted Recovery scan only took a few minutes to complete, the Format Recovery scan was much slower. After more than 1 hour had passed in our test, it was still not even a quarter of the way through the process.

How to Recover Deleted Files with Data Recovery Software

If the extracted files aren’t in the recycle bin folder but you need to retrieve deleted files and not a earlier saved version, you can try third-party data recovery software. TogetherShare is an easy recover deleted files tool working in the business market for over last 10 years. It is created for dealing with all difficult data loss circumstances such as deleted recovery and format recovery and data recovery after virus attack, system crash, plain error, and more. It has helped numerous users retrieving deleted files from their PCs, external hard drives, memory cards, and USB drives.

TogetherShare File Recovery and Data recovery complete guide

People incorrectly assume that the loss of data is permanent if you formatted, deleted, or otherwise lost access to your files. You may even hear people give the unhelpful response of, “Well, you should have kept a backup copy.” with the TogetherShare data recovery software, you can usually recover any file as long as you haven’t yet overwritten it with new data. For this reason, any Data recovery system you use must have the ability to be installed on an external USB drive. Otherwise, you might inadvertently write over files that have been deleted. The utility also can’t recover files if you formatted your hard drive using a secure method that overwrites data several times.

When you start the app, a screen appears, allowing you to select the process of recovery. You can choose to recover files that were deleted, formatted, or rescue a partition. Once you select the option that best fits your needs, you will be guided through a wizard that takes you through the steps necessary to recover your files. Since the recovery system is so advanced that it can recover all types of files, you can select only the files you want to have recovered to reduce the number of results you may get. For example, you only have to choose the graphics option if you only need to recover images. Otherwise, you may get results that include email, audio, video, and other formats.

Once utility scans are completed, it gives you a list of files that it can recover. You can preview the files to see if they’re the ones you need and once you’ve confirmed each file, you can select the “Recover” button to restore your files. To make the process run a little more quickly, you can also set the hard drive where you feel that you may have lost your files in the first place. The program starts very fast and supports over 1000 file formats. TogetherShare also allows you to recover files from an external device and gives you plenty of options to get your data back.


Deleted files are not necessarily gone permanently, but they can’t be quickly recovered unless you have professional data recovery software. Download and use TogetherShare to scan your PC hard drive for deleted files and restore lost data if you can find it in the recycle bin or backup device.

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