How to Increase Brand Awareness in Criminal Defense Marketing

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As the world grows increasingly more complex, many people are seeking for services of criminal defense attorneys. This is because, behaviors and actions that were okay in the past have now been criminalized and even the most well meaning of individuals can find themselves searching for a criminal defense attorney near them. Well, if you are a criminal defense attorney, then this is great news, but before you celebrate, you need to know whether you are doing enough to tap into this market.

Strategies for Criminal Defense Advertising

Even law firms require good advertising and in criminal defense advertising, it is important to retain high levels of professionalism even as you try to reach a wider audience. Building your brand shouldn’t be so complex if you understand the basics of digital marketing. There are certain things you should focus on, and a few of these are:

·         Focus On Building Networks And Channels

Building professional networks and channels should be the first thing you do before you even begin to advertise. You will need to know which networks to follow to gain more market traction and to build your brand. Criminal-defense marketing will need a two-pronged approach; reaching out to potential clients and interacting with fellow attorneys to understand the best practices.

·         Create Relevant Content

You need to create legal content to keep people streaming to your social platforms. It is a good idea to first determine which type of content to post before you even build a website or blog. A great idea is to draft thought pieces on the relevant criminal laws, you think affect the most people. This will not only give you a platform to air you’re your views and thoughts, but also to keep your followers engaged. You can showcase your knowledge and work ethics by maintaining ethical and professional content.

How to Leverage on Digital Marketing Tools

There are some digital marketing tools at your disposal for criminal defense marketing. Some of these tools have worked in brand engagement and will likely also work well in your case. Examples are Search engine Optimization (SEO), Adwords, pay per click and click bait. You can also decide to offer certain forms and services as downloads and this will serve as products from your business.


With a concrete digital marketing strategy, you should be ready to begin advertising and marketing. Ensure you maintain high professional standards since this will largely affect how people view your business. You should also determine at the onset whether you intend to monetize your social sites. Some attorney regulations frown upon this and therefore you should check in with your state regulations to see whether certain aspects of your digital sites can be monetized. If not, then make sure you remove the pay-per-click options if you had it already.

In conclusion, digital marketing is an important part of criminal defense marketing. Overall, simply ensure you maintain your websites and check for bugs or instances of intrusion. Keep sensitive files secure through firewalls and other security options.

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