TikTok Guide: How to Change Username on TikTok & Become Famous on TikTok?

Just follow them,Are you familiar with the word TikTok? Of course, yes, it was launched in 2017. Tiktok is a very famous video creation social media site where many people use different songs to make skits and lip-syncing videos. You have seen the famous tiktokers, and you also want to become famous. But the question is that how to become famous on TikTok?

No one can beat you if you work hard, you can achieve anything. This article will help you to achieve your goal. Make videos daily that appeal to the majority of Tik Tok users. You can make funny, emotional, or dancing videos. You have to follow a specific style or genre and participate in popular trends and challenges.

Nowadays, everyone wants to get more likes and views on their videos. But they do not know how to start? Where to start from? Here different steps or methods are listed, and you will learn how to make exciting videos that will get more likes and views. Just follow them, and you will become famous on TikTok. This website can help you grow your TikTok account. How To Get on fyp Tiktok – Complete Guide 2023

Your TikTok username is prominently shown on each video you upload, so it’s important to choose a moniker that best encapsulates your content. So it makes sense that altering the TikTok username is frequently desired. Perhaps you want to redesign your TikTok account since your present username isn’t bringing in the followers it should.

Fortunately, you can always change your username via your account settings on the site. And it only requires a few touches to finish the procedure. You can follow the instructions in this article to alter your TikTok username step by step. For your convenience, we’ll walk you through the process using the app on both iPhone and Android, as well as offer some advice on choosing the best username.

Note: In TikTok, your username identifies you with other users so they can locate or tag you. It is preceded by an @ symbol. Just once every month, a user’s username may be changed on TikTok. On TikTok, however, you are free to switch back and forth as frequently as you like using your username. Also, there is a 24-character restriction. TikTok Alternatives – Apps Like TikTok in 2023

Additionally, only one person may have the same username, so it must be unique. Additionally, your username can only contain letters, digits, underscores, and periods. You cannot, however, add a period at the end of your username. Changing your user name will also alter your TikTok URL, which is vital. As a result, you might wish to amend the username details you supply on a different website or social platform. Once a week, receive the most recent online updates, knowledge, and marketing advice in your email.

How to Change your username on the Android version of TikTok

  1. Get the TikTok app going.
  2. Register with your account.
  3. On the lower right side of the main screen, tap the Me symbol.
  4. Select “Edit Profile” from the menu.
  5. The Username, which displays your current username, may be tapped.
  6. Change your current username to something new.
  7. Save button: press it.
  8. Look at the outcome.
  9. If there’s a unique username, it will be indicated, much like the iPhone app. Change it as necessary until the green checkmark appears.

How to Change the username on the iPhone app for TikTok

  1. Get the TikTok app going.
  2. Register with your account.
  3. Step 1: Tap the profile picture on TikTok to update your username.
  4. Select “Edit Profile” from the menu.
  5. Step 2 of the TikTok username changing process
  6. Tap your current username after opening the username section.
  7. Enter a new username and delete the previous one.
  8. Step 3 of the TikTok username changing process
  9. Save button: press it.
  10. Look at the outcome.
  11. Step 4 of the TikTok username changing process
  12. If a red alert appears following the entry of your first username, it denotes that the username you selected does not comply with TikTok’s standards. Additionally, another person could already be using that username instead of yours. As a result, you must keep altering it until the green checkmark appears beneath it.

How can a TikTok username be changed without having to wait 30 days?

You just recently altered your username, but afterwards had a better idea for it. Do not be concerned; there is no need to wait for a month. You are protected in that situation with us.

The secret is that you can change your cell phone’s date and time settings. To get around TikTok limitations and change your username without having to wait 30 days after your last change, use the instructions listed below.

Even if we have given you advice on how to change your username more frequently than once per month, we advise that you think it over thoroughly before making changes. Read our FAQ, which goes through all the important details to take into account when selecting a new TikTok username, to prevent making the wrong choices.

Easy Methods of How to Become Famous on TikTok

There are three methods that we have described for your help. Follow them you will become famous in TikTok.

Method 1: 

Develop a specific niche. It can be a comedy base, emotional videos, dancing videos, and sad poetry. Your style of videos should be particular because it will help you to build a following. Manage the time of videos, and the time should not be larger than 20 sec. Method 1 includes the following steps:

  1. Emphasize only a certain kind of style or video.
  2. Make awesome lip-syncing videos.
  3. You can become a meme user just by focusing on comedy videos.
  4. Always select popular and recent songs to hop on growing trends.
  5. Once you are established, always pick unique songs.

Method 2:     


Method 2 is related to content creation. Unique and different content always attracts users. It is the best way to stay relevant to Tik Tok, and also you can get new followers every single day. Other steps are:

  1. Make videos daily.
  2. Dress up and use unique costumes.
  3. Use different and unique locations to create exciting videos.
  4. Use filters and change the speed of songs for funny videos.
  5. Accept the prevalent challenges whenever you can.
  6. Dance on a specific song whenever possible.

Method 3: 

Method 3 is related to getting exposure and followers. Use hashtags in your videos so that users can easily find your videos. Also, have a look at the hashtags of the famous TikTok users and follow them. If you are singing a song for your pet, then you could use hashtags of #Love, #True Love. Other steps are the following:

  1. Always look up the trending and popular hashtags and pair them with songs.
  2. Use hashtags to make your content or video searchable:
  3. Make Duet with friends who have more massive fanbases.
  4. Send your content and videos to YouTube compilation channels.
  5. Try to comment on the famous TikTok users’ videos first.
  6. Follow the other TikTok users to get them to view your profile.
  7. Share your videos to other social apps and link your profile.


We now wish to provide you with some advice and respond to any pertinent queries you may have.

What are some decent username ideas?

It is wise to come up with a unique and pertinent username if you consider yourself to be a prospective influencer or utilize social media for business. In the search field, see how many users have usernames in common. We advise removing the username’s most useful or well-liked terms in order to develop your brand. Additionally, we advise you to choose short, memorable terms while creating your username. Additionally, make an effort to come up with a username that won’t make reading difficult.

Should my TikTok username correspond to my identity on other social media sites?

It would be a lot simpler for your followers to identify you if you used a similar naming strategy throughout all of your social media accounts, as many people manage profiles on many sites. As a result, we strongly advise that you give all of your web properties the same name.

What sort of username is prohibited on TikTok?

Be careful not to use language that may be considered impolite, aggressive, or filled with hatred. Instances of noncompliance are not overlooked by the site.

What if I adopt a well-known name?

Don’t use protected names for well-known companies or individuals just because they haven’t been used on the site yet. The proprietors of the majority of such names will ultimately claim them. Therefore, if you utilize them carelessly, it will be looked at as an infringement. Therefore, the platform may switch your username to a random string of numbers.

What happens if I modify my TikTok username?

The platform immediately refreshes your unique URL when you alter your username. Although your ability to create material and your present audience will remain crucial, it may have an impact on your awareness, and your followers might not be familiar with your new identity. As a result, you ought to upload an additional video declaring the change and outlining your inspiration.

How can I maintain my online safety and privacy?

Never divulge private or secret information that might endanger your safety. Phone number, location (country or city should be okay), and bank information are examples of personal data. For further cybersafety, avoid using your email address, password, or preferred string of digits as your username.

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