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AI Innovation

Since the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), its development has never ceased evolving. AI has brought with it tons of opportunities and scopes for every business sector.

And if we see the involvement of AI in our everyday lives, we can notice that it has been a part of our life in various big and small aspects. The rising demand for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology innovations has led to a rapid expansion of its usage. The task that was impossible for humans at one time can now be accomplished in no time successfully.

AI and ML have given bright and profitable scopes for business development. They have opened new career opportunities for interested ones. Where businesses are developing innovative and automated products with AI and ML technology infusion, the developers are trying their best to overcome their own limitations and create something new.

The Covid 19 pandemic has also led many people and businesses to see the significance of deep learning technologies like AI and ML for more enhanced business operations. The apps that we use and the platforms that help build mobile applications are all developed using AI and ML technology. Hence, if you have a project that requires such deep learning technology, it is high time that you go with The custom ML software solutions. Seeing its popularity and flexibility, it will be a practical choice.

With businesses becoming more digitally involved and start-ups coming up with new innovative solutions for their customers, let us now pause and learn about some of the best and trending Artificial Intelligence innovations to date or future scopes.

Speech Recognition  

Speech recognition is a widely used deep learning tool for smart speakers, mobile devices, etc. It helps understand human speeches. Then, it converts and transforms that information into a comprehensive data format that the computer applications can efficiently process for functions.

Virtual Assistants 

In this age of rapid digitalization, you must have encountered websites, web applications, or other mobile applications that are infused with chatbots. These chatbots are used by companies or developers to make interaction with customers smooth and accurate data collection. It also benefits the business with the availability of all-time round customer service support.

Chatbots do not involve human work. Instead, it is a virtual agent or software program that can smoothly interact with humans. Another example of such a virtual assistant is smart home appliances. High-end companies that have successfully utilized AI and ML technology through virtual assistant tools are Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, etc.

Natural Language Generation (NLG)

You, as a mortal being, are bound to make human errors. Thus, a computer has to go through a very complex process to produce accurate data as a machine. This tricky process is handled by the Natural Language Generation, a subdivision of primary Artificial Intelligence technology. This sub-discipline enables the conversion of text into informed data. The computer system then later uses this data to create reports and analyses as correctly as possible.


When I was in University, I had to give biometric attendance, a fingerprint sensor-enabled electronic tool. So, what a biometric device generally deals with is the measurement, recognition, and analysis of the element input into the system, i.e., the physical features of the human body’s structure. Biometrics start processing as soon as humans and machines interact. The point of interaction can be a touch, body language, speech, or even an image. This technology is majorly used for market research purposes.

Robotic Process Automation

The name itself, Robotic Process Automation, suggests the automation of working processes. So, it is basically a function or system that employs automatic workings of the corporate operations that usually were repetitive and extra tasks for the human workforce. Although automated systems or software inclusion makes the functioning of the business operations smooth and efficient, the decision to involve AI technology does not mean to harm the work productivity and employment of the employees.

The development of innovative AI-infused technologies and systems is there to complement and support humans’ knowledge and capabilities. To this date, we can already see an immense expansion of automated processes in healthcare services, customer services, supply chain management, human resources, etc.

Image Recognition

In simple words, Image Recognition is an advanced technological process that helps the machine or system detect the prominent features and identify the image or a video image accurately as far as possible. This example of AI technology innovation has excellent use in processing image searches (by the Police department), studying personalities, diagnosing diseases (for healthcare purposes), license plates detection (by the Traffic Police department), etc.

Emotion Recognition 

This advancement of AI technology is similar to how speech and image recognition works. The only difference is that Emotion Recognition deals with interpreting human emotions as accurately as possible. This AI-enabled tool reads the human expressions and analyzes them correctly using audio data processing or advanced image processing. This type of Emotion Recognition tool is often used by Law enforcers during interrogation sessions.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The main focus of Natural Language Processing is on computers and human languages interactions. NLP uses machine learning and text analytics to analyze the sentence structure and the intention and interpretation of the sentence. NLP and text analytics are mainly used for security purposes like fraud detection. NLP provides unstructured data to the automated application and other agents.

AI Optimized Hardware

We all must have used AI Optimized hardware for various purposes. For example, the golden-colored or silver-colored silicon chip that can be inserted into a portable device or a compatible device, for that matter, is the AI-optimized element. You can also think of chip-infused debit cards. Such AI-optimized hardware is developed for better functionality, security, graphics and also functions as a central processing unit for task-oriented structures.


Artificial Intelligence has integrated every available market segment to its roots. Therefore, the past innovations and current developments would probably help create a fully automated future innovation system that will incredibly convenience the users.

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