Google Chrome Hangs/ Freezes/ Not Responding error in Windows 10

google chrome not responding

Google Chrome is among the extensively made use of browsers out there. But nevertheless, it is software, as well as like other software programs. It additionally malfunctions, freezes, or crashes at times. Although this is not something that occurs often, it is really typical for Chrome not to react. If you are taking a Google Chrome is not a response error or google chrome hangs or freezes arbitrarily in Windows 10, then do not obtain all worked up. It is effortless to take care of the problem and would not take much time of yours.

Chrome is not reacting error may take place as a result of a number of factors. A few of the factors that might let Chrome to collapse, ice up, or not respond are:

– Too numerous Tabs/Windows open in Chrome

– RAM is full

– Chrome overwhelmed with searching history, cookies, and cache

– Error in Chrome

– Outdated Chrome

– Issues with Windows System Files

– Proxy Settings

– Presence of Malware in PC

– Too several Extensions included Chrome

– as well as other reasons

While these issues mentioned above are usual, they seldom pose such threats to Chrome to result in Chrome not responding error. If they do, after that it indicates, you require to care for them.

How to fix Google Chrome is not responding error?

There are numerous manner ins which could assist you resolve the Chrome is not responding error in Windows 10. Nevertheless, there are chances that not every service would help you. Depending on why Chrome has actually quit reacting, the remedies would work. The primarily thing everyone should do is Restart Chrome. If it works, after that, all well and good. However, sometimes, a reactivate would not suffice; Chrome would certainly begin, however, crash after an interval of time, or would not begin at all. In such an instance, you can try a collection of options that are pointed out below to repair Google Chrome is not reacting mistake.

# 1– Update Chrome.

If your Chrome web browser is not updated its most recent version, the Chrome is not reacting error may pest you. Ensure your Chrome depends on the date. Right here’s exactly how to upgrade Chrome to it’s a most recent variation:

Step 1: Open Chrome’s menu. For this, click on the 3 dots existing at the much appropriate end of Chrome’s address bar. From Chrome’s menu, most likely to the Help section, after that, select the About Google Chrome choice.

google chrome not responding

Action 2: A brand-new home window will certainly open in your Chrome internet browser. Here, Chrome will start looking for the most up to date variation. If a new variation is readily available, you will get the choice to update Google Chrome browsers. Begin the update of Chrome. When the update is ended, restart Chrome browser.

chrome not responding

Did this solution Chrome’s error? Otherwise, offer the following method a try.

# 2– Restart Chrome (Kill Chrome process and also Restart).

If a straightforward restart really did not help you, you require to try one more means to reactivate it to repair the Chrome, not reacting issue. In some cases, when you closed Chrome, it keeps running in the background. This is why, in some cases, this error occurs. It’s a rather basic procedure to eliminate Chrome procedures, and would hardly take a min. Here, you first need to shut the Chrome window in case you have it open. After that, adhere to these steps:

Step 1: Press the Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc keys to your keyboard. This will open up the Window’s Task Manager home window. Below, most likely to the Processes tab.

Step 2: In the Processes tab, you will certainly be able to see all the procedures running in Windows. Now try to find Chrome procedures in the checklist of Processes. You will certainly find numerous procedures below with the name Chrome. Together with the processes, you will certainly locate the memory they are using up in your PC’s RAM. Locate the Chrome procedure with maximum memory makes use of; after that, click it to select it. After selecting, press the completion Process button. This will ultimately close down all the Chrome processes running in the background.

why does chrome have so many processes

If all Chrome processes did not vanish from the checklist of procedures, once more look for the Process utilizing one of the most memory, after that, eliminate it utilizing the completion Process switch. Maintain duplicating till all the Chrome processes are shut.

Step 3: After all the procedures are closed, begin Chrome once more and see if the Google Chrome is not reacting error occurs again.

If your issue was not fixed, after that, you can opt for the following technique.

# 3– Clear Browsing background, Cache, as well as Cookies.

A few of the customers reported that clearing their Browsing history, Cache, and Cookies sufficed for them, and also, they were able to utilize Chrome efficiently after that. In some cases, when excessive Browsing background, Cache, and also Cookies get accumulated within your Chrome internet browser, it may begin to act in a strange means. Among the errors, it might throw at individuals due to this is that Chrome is not responding error.

Adhere to these actions to clear Browsing background, Cache, and Cookies in Chrome:

Step 1– Open Google chrome.

Step 2– Press CTRL + H.

Step 3: Here, you will see the Clears Browser of Data in the left food selection.

how to restart chrome

Step 4: Now, a pop-up food selection will certainly open up. Below, you have to choose all the available options, then from the drop-down menu of Clear the following things, select the All-Time alternative. When done, click on the Clear Data switch. Doing so will certainly remove all the Browsing background, Cache, as well as Cookies of Chrome.

restart chrome

Currently, just reboot Chrome. If you can, you can restart Chrome utilizing Method # 1, which is stated over. After the restart, see if that Chrome is not responding error shows up once again. If your concern was not dealt with, relocate to the next method.

# 4– Remove Unwanted Extensions from Chrome.

If you have way a lot of extensions added your Chrome, that could be the reason you are getting Chrome is not responding error in Windows 10. Often, even a defective extension might also lead to this issue in Chrome. So, what to do in such scenarios? Merely go on and also remove all the ineffective extensions that you added to Chrome at a factor of time, yet do not have any type of use of them already.

Below’s just how to get rid of Chrome extensions:

Step 1: Open Chrome’s Extension menu. For this, open Chrome’s main menu by clicking the 3 dots on the extreme right side of Chrome’s address bar. Currently, in the menu, click on the More tools choice; after that, from its increased menu that will certainly open, click the Extensions choice.

why does chrome open so many processes


Step 2: The Extension menu will certainly open in a new tab. There, situate the expansion that you are not utilizing anymore as well as want to eliminate. After that, click on the Remove choice of those extensions to remove them from Chrome.

why does chrome keep crashing

After you think you have actually cleared sufficient of expansions, go on and also give your Chrome a restart. After the restart, your issue will be most likely dealt with. If the concern wasn’t fixed, after that, possibly you need to remove more expansions. Clear some even more expansions, even the ones you use; after that, repeat the reactivate procedure (you can always download and install an expansion again for Chrome). Maintain trying until you deal with the trouble. If removing the expansions did not solve the issue for you, then go on and attempt the following approach.

Keep in mind: Do not mount the expansions once more yet. Wait till Google Chrome is not responding problem is solved, to be on a safe side. You will not have the ability to use those extensions anyway because Chrome isn’t working.

# 6– Reset Google Chrome to take care of Chrome is not Responding error.

Several individuals reported that resetting Chrome did the magic for them. Resetting Chrome is a relatively simple procedure to execute. Resetting Chrome resets the web browser as it was fresh set up. Adhere to these actions to reset Chrome:

Step 1: Open Chrome’s Advanced Settings food selection. For this, follow the Step1 as well as Step 2 of Method # 3.

Step 2: When in Advanced Menu, go to the Reset as well as tidy up the area. There, click the Restore settings to their initial defaults choice. You will certainly be asked to validate if you intend to reset the Chrome web browser. Validate the activity to begin the reset.

chrome waiting for cache

Once the reset is done, restart Chrome web browser. See if you are still getting the Google Chrome is not reacting mistake. If the problem was not dealt with, then the following method possibly will.

# 7– Reinstall Chrome.

An additional option to Chrome is not reacting Windows 10 error is reinstalling Chrome on your COMPUTER. Reinstalling Chrome makes certain that you have actually eliminated old Chrome installed on your PC, which can have been damaged. And, you are starting fresh with setting up Chrome throughout once again. To reinstall Chrome on your PC, you can follow the actions mentioned below:.

Step 1: Open the Run box of Windows by pushing Windows + R keys with each other. In the Run box, kind appwiz.cpl as well as press the Enter key. This will open the Programs and Features tool of Windows.

google keeps crashing

Step 2: In the Programs and Features window, you will see the checklist of all the Programs installed on your PC. From the list, find Google Chrome and also ideal click it. You will get the alternative to Uninstall Chrome. Click on the Uninstall alternative. Chrome will be uninstalled from your PC.

chrome restart

Step 3: Now, you will certainly require to re-install Chrome. For this, open the Internet Explorer browser or any other alternate web browser that you carry your COMPUTER. In the web browser, open, and in Google, type “download and install Chrome.” From the search result, open up Chrome’s web site and download and install Chrome.

Step 4: Install, Chrome.

After mounting Chrome, run in on your PC and see if the error still exists. Although this would, for certain, repair the error, most likely to the next action if the Google Chrome is not responding error still interrupts you.

# 3– Restart PC to deal with Chrome is not responding.

Right here’s one more easy repair that works for many customers. If you have not something essential, taking place your PC. Restart your COMPUTER. Restarting your COMPUTER clears points up if something is stuck someplace, and also, this typically works to deal with Google Chrome is not responding as well as lots of various other issues.

If a reboot did not deal with the problem, try this following approach.

# 8– Run SFC to take care of Google Chrome is not Responding concern.

Running an SFC check on your Computer scans your Windows system submits to see if an error exists there and when discovered, it instantly solutions those errors. If you are obtaining an error while using the Chrome internet browser, it is relatively feasible that you are getting it because of the System File errors. You can try to run an SFC Scan to make sure that part is covered. Here are the steps to run an SFC Scan on your COMPUTER:

Step 1: Run Command Prompt in Admin mode on your PC. For this, push the Windows + X keys on your keyboard with each other. From the Win+ X food selection that will certainly open up, click on the Command Prompt (Admin) alternative. You could be triggered to allow Windows to open Command Prompt in Admin mode. Click on Yes to allow that.

Step 2: In the Command Prompt window that opens up, type the complying with the command then push the Enter key on your keyboard:.

sfc/ scannow.

chrome crashes when printing

The SFC check will certainly begin running. The check will take some time to finish. Try not to disturb the scan as well as wait till the scan is total. When the check surfaces, reboot your COMPUTER.

After your PC restarts, inspect if Chrome is still returning the same mistake. If you are still obtaining the mistake, you will have to run a DISM check on your COMPUTER.

Possibly the SFC scan did not entirely take care of a few of the system files with a mistake. In order to ensure all the system files are taken care of, you will certainly need to run a DISM or Deployment Image & Servicing Management Scan. DISM scan is capable of repairing corrupt system files that did not let SFC check to run efficiently.

To run a DISM check, open Command Prompt in Admin setting, as it is guided in Step1 over. Now, enter the complying with command in the Command Prompt window:.

DISM/ Online/ Cleanup-Image/ RestoreHealth.

chrome keeps crashing windows 10

The DISM scan will also take a while to complete. When the check is completed, you will have to run the SFC scan once again. For that, comply with the steps mentioned above.

As soon as these processes are total, start the Chrome internet browser to search for Chrome is not Responding mistake. If the error still shows up, move to the following technique.

# 9– Check for Virus and Malware.

In some cases, a Virus or Malware existing in your COMPUTER might quit Chrome from working as well as thus providing the Google Chrome is not Responding error in Windows 10. Scan your COMPUTER for Virus as well as Malware, and when found, remove them instantly. For this, you will undoubtedly need an Antivirus software set up on your PC.

In case your Antivirus cannot discover the Virus or Antimalware, or, you do not have an Antivirus or Antimalware mounted on your PC, attempt a new one. It is suggested to check your COMPUTER with various Antivirus and also Antimalware software applications because an Antivirus is not constantly familiar with the current Virus or Malware. Right here is a checklist of some great totally free Antivirus software application for Windows 10 that you can use. You can also activate the Antimalware feature of Windows 10 Defender to remove hazards.

If something was discovered in the Antivirus and Antimalware scans, attempt to open Chrome after removing them and check if the error is still showing up. If the error turns up yet or if the Antivirus did not detect anything, go to the next method.

# 10– Clear the DNS Cache as well as Reset IP.

It is additionally possible that your DNS Cache or IP settings could be messing with Chrome, not letting Chrome to access the web, hence creating the Google Chrome is not Responding error in Windows 10. To ensure that it’s not your PC’s DNS or IP setups, you can try to purge the DNS Cache and Reset the IP address. Below are the steps to do so:

Step 1: Open Command Prompt in Admin setting in Windows 10. For this, push the Windows + X secrets together. From the menu that opens, click the Command Prompt (Admin) option. Windows will undoubtedly confirm if you want to open the Command Mode with Admin benefits via a dialog box; confirm by clicking on the Yes option.

Step 2: In the Command Prompt, you will undoubtedly have to run the complying with 2 commands. Run the following first command and press Enter, as well as. When the corresponding procedure is full, go into the next command as well as press the Enter button once more:.

ipconfig/ flushdns.

netsh winsock reset.

These 2 commands will certainly purge DNS Cache as well as reset IP, respectively. Hereafter, run Chrome, and also examine if you can access the net without any type of mistake. If you are still getting the Chrome is not Responding error, attempt this last technique.

# 11– Disable Proxy in Windows 10.

If you have some Proxy setting established in Windows, it could be the reason that your Chrome is not Responding in Windows 10. Proxy settings might screw up with Chrome, so it is advised that you disable Proxy settings if it is allowed. It is a relatively easy procedure which you can perform by following the actions stated listed below:.

Step 1: Open the Settings application of Windows 10. For this, open up the Start menu by pushing the Windows button on your keyboard, then choose the Settings option from the menu.

google chrome problems today

Step 2: In the Settings, food selection, click on the Networks & Internet option.

google not responding

Step 3: In the Network & Internet food selection that will certainly open, click on the left panel’s Proxy option. Now, on the best side panel, you will undoubtedly see the Proxy food selection. There, disable the Automatically discover setups if made it possible for, then click on the Save alternative.

google chrome not responding

This will disable the Proxy settings on Windows 10. Now examine if you have the ability to accessibility the internet on Chrome with no error.

Closing Words.

Chrome sometimes acts in odd methods, yet that doesn’t suggest that Chrome is to be condemned for whatever. There are a number of points that you require to take care on your end to avoid Google Chrome is not Responding or any type of sort of error. Constantly keep your Chrome updated, eliminate the expansions that are not wanted anymore, maintain tidying up the Chrome Chache, Browser History, and also Cookies in a timely style, and also maintain your PC tidy from Virus and Malware to maintain mistakes away.

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