Top 12 Apps like Earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today in 2023

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In this article we will discuss about apps like earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today sites you must try in 2023 , Fast Have you ever been in serious financial problems and had no money to spend? To be honest, it happens to a lot of people, especially when an unexpected expense like a medical bill or car repair pops up. The majority of those going through difficult times use payday loans. However, there are other options available that provide loans and cash advances at considerably lower costs or interest rates.

One of the best money management applications is Earnin, which enables users to monitor their working hours and apply for loans based on those hours. There are no membership fees or interest charges. But after you get paid, Earnin deducts the cash you borrowed. Earnin is a great app for providing quick cash, but there are a number of rivals that also let you acquire cash advances and loans with cheap interest rates.

How Does Earnin Work?

With the help of the financial software Earnin, you can get a portion of your forthcoming income before payday. It does not act as a lender or make personal loans; rather, it gives employees access to their own funds with the option of making repayments from their subsequent paychecks.

EarnIn (@earnin) · X

A money app called Earnin offers a cash advance function. Your salary or credit card limit will determine the amount of a cash advance. You may utilize your money for anything with Earnin—debit card purchases, ATM withdrawals, or to cover impending checks or bill payments—because it relates to your current bank account. There is no credit check, and your direct deposit does not need to be moved. These are major benefits over the majority of other cash advance applications, which often only let you access funds through debit card transactions, have significantly smaller advance limits, and require you to set up a new direct deposit.

Earnin Customer Service Number

With only a few clicks on the app, you may request a cash out, and Earnin promises to move your money at lightning speed—that is, to transfer money to your bank account the same day, frequently in a matter of minutes. Additionally, if the balance falls below a certain threshold, you may utilize the Balance Shield function to have cash outs immediately delivered to your bank account, thus saving you money on overdraft fees.

  1. Earnin customer service 888-551-1784
  2. Earnin offers you $100 at first, and with time, this increases to $500.
  3. following, on your following pay period, you return this.
  4. This is where Earnin stands apart: the app features a special money-lending mechanism. You may access money based on your earnings, and it keeps track of the hours you have worked.
  5. Connecting your bank account and confirming your work details are the first steps towards getting the money.
  6. According to Earnin, there are three methods to go about doing this:

A timesheet in print or electronic format

If you work from a fixed location, your employer-provided work email address will be automatically updated via the Automagic Earnings (GPS) function.

Upon approval:

  1. It takes 1-2 business days for the money to arrive.
  2. With Earnin, tips are optional, so there are no costs.

Is Earnin Safe?

It’s evident from our analysis of the Earnin app that Earnin is a reputable business. It collected $190 million from investors in Silicon Valley and gave over 2.5 million users access to over $10 billion in earned pay through over 125 million(!) Cash Out transactions.

While it might be necessary to reach the higher limits of the Earnin Express product, Earnin does not conduct credit checks or require you to transfer your direct deposit in order to register as a user.

Earnin offers its banking products through Evolve Bank & Trust, an FDIC-insured bank with assets close to $1 billion, including Earnin Express.

By contacting Earnin’s customer service at least two days before the due date, you can reschedule your payback if you are unable to make it as planned. In the event that there are insufficient funds in your bank account to allow Earnin to execute your reimbursement, customer service will get in touch with you to arrange for another payment method. Until your outstanding debt is paid off, you won’t be able to use cash outs. Earnin will not report you to credit bureaus or take legal action to collect debt if you fail to return your cash.

What to know about Apps like Earnin

Applications like Earnin might offer useful features like no-interest cash advances and other measures to prevent overdrafts. You’ll want to pick carefully because some of these applications do demand a subscription fee or other fees. Numerous of these applications can be a wonderful possible substitute for payday loans, which might have APRs as high as 400%.

Does Earnin Work With Chime?

Remember that Earnin does not function with Chime or Varo due to connectivity concerns. Therefore, you’ll probably want to look for other cash advance applications that function with these new digital banks like Earnin.

Why are prepaid loans preferable to cash advance applications like Earnin?

Payday loans and cash advance applications like Earnin both let you quickly borrow money for the short term, typically without a credit check. The interest rates are where they diverge. Payday loans contain high interest rates that can be challenging to fully repay and ultimately ensnare you in debt. Cash advance applications provide low interest rates and a cap on the amount you can borrow at once, which makes it simpler to repay and helps you maintain stability in your finances.

How quickly will I be credited if I use Earnin-type apps?

The length of time your specific app promises cash transfer as well as how long it takes to apply and be authorized will determine how quickly you receive funds from Earnin or other applications similar to Earnin. Typically, these processes take one to two days. Frequently, cash advances can be deposited into your account anywhere between minutes and three working days.

What apps allow me to rapidly borrow money?

Money can be transferred directly to your bank account using the earnin Alternatives app and related applications like Empower, Chime, MoneyLion, Dave, and Brigit. Fast delivery is typically charged extra, but the benefit is that it might occasionally arrive at your door within minutes.

Earnin Alternatives – Top 12 Sites Like Earnin to Try in 2023

These are the following sites like earnin to try in 2023 :

1. Cash App

For those who want more than cash advances, Cash App is one of the best cash applications with the same functionality as Earnin. You can send, receive, and borrow up to $200 with Cash App for emergencies. Contrary to Earnin, which has no interest charges, Cash App gives you four weeks to pay back your loan at a fixed rate of 5%. Since the app hasn’t issued an official statement about eligibility, it’s difficult to determine who qualifies for Cash App loans. However, if you have the option to “Borrow” available on your account, you are qualified. It is perfect for personal loans or if you wish to borrow less due to its lower loan amounts. If you are unable to borrow money through the app, the app also offers you the option of using a credit card.


  • Your data and information are protected by measures.
  • It also features a feature that enables stock and cryptocurrency investments.


  • There is no assurance that you’ll get your money back in the event of a misfortune because the app is not FDIC-insured.
  • It’s not available everywhere because it’s still in the testing phase.
  • The basic features of the Cash App are available for free download.


2. Dave

How the ExtraCash™ account works

Another software that I highly recommend that is similar to Earnin is the Dave Cash app. Due to its relationship with LevelCredit, Dave is far apps like earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today in that it can assist you in obtaining credit. Rent payments can be reported to credit bureaus using LevelCredit, which raises your credit rating and consequently your overall credit score. You can receive payment up to two days before to your payday using the Dave app. Additional functions of the program include budgeting, building credit, and finding work, among others.


  • FDIC-insured accounts are available.
  • enables you to receive a paycheck advance of up to two days.
  • It offers you the opportunity to raise your credit score.
  • When your balance is low, it alerts you.


  • The cost of a monthly subscription is payable.
  • our bank account must be accessible for the app.
  • Dave is available for free, but membership costs $1 each month.

3. Payactiv

One of the few Earnin-like free cash apps, Payactiv also allows you to withdraw up to $500 from your balance. Payactiv requires access to your employer’s payroll in order for you to use it to receive your paycheck before payday, in earnin Alternatives, which allows you instant access to loans. When your employer joins forces with Payactiv, things get more exciting since you can pick up your pay advance in cash at Walmart. With Payactiv, your employer can decide how much you will receive based on their readiness to grant you advance payment, as opposed to apps like earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today , which pays you out based on your financial health because it has access to your bank account.


  • You receive a prepaid card to make it simple to access your money.
  • It provides low-cost advances without requiring a bank account.
  • Both salaried and hourly workers gain from it.


  • You must enroll in a direct deposit to a Payactiv card in order to use the majority of Payactiv benefits.
  • If your employer is not a member of the platform, your alternatives are limited until you apply for a prepaid Visa card.
  • If you enroll in direct deposit, Payactiv is free; if not, you could wind up paying up to $5 monthly.

4. Brigit


The daily maximum withdrawal amount offered by apps like earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today is $100. The majority of people think it’s reasonable, but in reality, it could not be enough to cover emergencies like medical expenses and urgent auto repairs. By allowing you to borrow up to $250, the Brigit cash app helps you increase your daily borrowing cap. Brigit offers two straightforward plans: free and plus, both of which operate well as cash apps with no additional fees. It does not have monthly fees, just like Earnin. But their Plus program, which costs $9.90 a month, includes further benefits including cash advances, overdraft protection, protection against identity theft up to $1 million, and monitoring of your credit reports.


  • It aids in saving and credit-building.
  • There is no interest and no credit check necessary.
  • It provides excellent insights into your spending patterns, budgeting, and how to monitor invoices before they come due.
  • It provides in-the-moment alerts.


  • Your bank account has to be monitored by Brigit.
  • Joint checking accounts cannot access it.
  • In order to acquire payday loans, Brigit provides a free basic plan.
  • The basic plan offers few features; as a result, if you frequently feel the need for money, sign up for their Plus plan, which costs $9.99 a month.

5. Chime

Chime, one of the most practical cash apps like Earnin, functions primarily like a bank. It differs slightly from apps like earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today in that you are given a debit card when you sign up and permits you to get advance payments up to two days before payday. You can open a savings account and apply for advance loans up to $200 via the app.


  • It provides new members with a debit card and a spending account.
  • Money can be withdrawn via an ATM.
  • Chime does not charge membership dues, processing fees, or tips.


  • It adheres to eligibility and overdraft restriction rules.
  • access to your bank account is necessary.
  • Chime has no charges or monthly tips, making it free to use. However, everytime you use a debit card, Chime charges interchange fees.

6. MoneyLion

Another Earnin substitute, MoneyLion, allows you to earn rewards on debit card transactions and establish credit. If you have direct eligible deposits, the platform offers a $1,000 cash advance cap with 0% APR. Your advance limit, assuming you don’t have any direct qualifying limits, will be $250. You can obtain a loan from MoneyLion regardless of your credit score, which is its biggest feature. Opening an account with MoneyLion and taking advantage of price protection for up to 90 days is a great way to get paid up to two days earlier. apps like earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today is more expensive than MoneyLion. Starting out, there is a monthly fee of $1, a fee of $2.45 for using an ATM outside of the network, and a monthly fee of $19.99 for the credit builder plus plan.


  • True, MoneyLion exists.
  • No service or overdraft charges
  • There isn’t a credit check performed.


  • Your bank account must be accessible.
  • The receipt of funds may occasionally take up to five days.
  • It costs nothing to register for a MoneyLion account.
  • The Credit Builder Plan, which makes you eligible for Credit Builder Plus loans and other special advantages, is available through the app for $19.99 per month.

7. Possible Finance

Possible Finance Introduces New Products to Help Underserved Consumers Improve Financial Health

If you need quick cash, Possible Finance, which also offers short-term loans, is an excellent earnin Alternatives. For the purpose of raising your credit score, Possible Finance, unlike Earnin, discloses your payments to the big credit bureaus. You must pay $23.53 in interest on your payday loan from Possible Finance for every $100 borrowed. Therefore, an online installment loan from Possible Finance is preferable to a payday loan because you won’t be charged a fixed monthly fee like you would with some platforms. It’s also recommended if you take out a one-time loan because of this.  You must be at least 18 years old, have a bank account with at least three months of history, and receive monthly deposits of $750 or more to be eligible for a loan through this platform.


  • without late fees or interest
  • enables four installments of delayed payment
  • By reducing your increasing debt, it assists you in developing your credit history.


  • Only 18 states have it, which disqualifies many borrowers.
  • Download Possible Finance for free and immediately borrow up to $500 without being charged an origination fee or late payment fees.

8. DailyPay

You can receive up to 100% of your earned revenue immediately with DailyPay. Even though this might be interesting, the program only offers pay advances as its other capability. For a cost of $1.99, DailyPay partners with employers to integrate their system to the business payroll so that you can receive your wages prior to payday.  DailyPay, in apps like earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today , can be restricted to its users. Financial wellness benefits may be restricted to a few features to assist you increase your savings, and you can only be approved for a loan if your company collaborates with the platform.


  • You don’t need to provide your social security number to DailyPay.
  • automates the savings process
  • enables you to access up to 100% of your income from earned sources


  • Getting assistance from the customer service desk is challenging.
  • It must be accessible for your workstation in order for you to use it.
  • DailyPay has no cost. However, they impose a little fee of $1.99 to withdraw your money.
  • Examine the top earnin alternatives.

9. Albert

Enjoy a 3-month free trial now - Privacy Policy

Albert is a feature-rich free cash apps like earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today that can get you up to $250. Albert allows you to request up to three advances per pay cycle as long as you pay your advances on time. Sutton Bank’s banking services are offered by Albert. It was designed to function primarily as a financial advisor, but it also offers cash advances, rebates on specific purchases made with debit cards, and assistance with stock investments.


  • It does not impose late fees or interest.
  • It aids in keeping you motivated to save money.


  • Demands a lot of information from you before you can use the software.
  • You must become a Genius subscriber in order to access features like saving goals.
  • Regardless of how low your balance becomes, Albert never charges a fee.
  • if you choose to subscribe to Albert Genius, you will need to fork over anywhere from $6 to $16 per month.

10. Current

Look no further than Current if you’re looking for an unlike with budgeting features that enables you to open an online checking account. You will receive a debit card, access to more than 40,000 fee-free ATMs, a budgeting category, and a savings pod account when you start a free monthly account with Current. But apps like earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today , the free account doesn’t let you access your salary. In order to benefit from overdraft protection, up to three savings pods, limitless budgets based on expenditure categories, and direct deposit up to two days early, you might need to upgrade to a premium account. The platform doesn’t offer cash advances, but it does let you be eligible for up to $100 in overdraft protection, which is a great substitute.


  • The app has fast transaction alerts and is safe and secure.
  • There are no additional costs and no minimum balance requirements.
  • Paychecks are sent two days sooner than with typical loans.


  • There are few features in the free plan.
  • The current account has three savings pods, a budget for different spending apps like earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today categories, no monthly fees, and up to $200 in overdraft protection for overdrafts.

11. Varo Money

With no hidden charges or interest, Varo Money is a platform that provides free online banking and up to a $100 cash advance.apps like earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today , Varo Money is useful when you need a little additional money for unanticipated expenses. Although Varo Money’s cash advance cap is modest, it can nevertheless be used to cover a few pressing costs. Varo Money allows you immediate access to your money through the app after you are approved for a cash advance. As long as you repay the loan within 30 days, you are free to make as many installments as you want. Borrowing $20 is free, borrowing $50 costs $3, and borrowing $100 costs $5.


  • Over 55,000 ATMs without a cost
  • No monthly or other hidden fees
  • When you sign up for direct deposit, it helps you get paid up to two days sooner.
  • The FDIC offers account insurance for Varo.


  • There are restrictions on how much you can deposit each day and each month.
  • ATM fees for use outside of the network are applicable.
  • There are no recurring monthly fees with Varo Money.

12. Rainy Day Lending

One of the few online lenders, Rainy Day Lending, provides personal loans and cash advances ranging from $200 to $2,500. It is among the top apps like earnin to Get Payday & Paid Today since it offers high-quality support and assistance, makes it simple to apply for a loan through the app, and helps you raise your credit score by making on-time repayments. In contrast to Earnin Alternatives, Rainy Day Lending is only an intermediary who links you to lenders rather than a lending platform. Given this, it is challenging to forecast the exact interest rates because you must speak with lenders directly to find out how much you will need to pay for a loan. You may set your parameters with Rainy Day, which is a terrific approach to find something that is just right for you.


  • The application procedure goes quickly.
  • The website gives service around-the-clock.
  • You can borrow regardless of your credit score, but if your credit history is poor, be prepared to pay a hefty interest rate.


  • Finding a qualified lender could take more time.
  • Customers are not charged by Rainy Day Lending to submit information online.

Earnin Reviews

Small withdrawal thresholds

Earnin has comparatively low withdrawal limitations. Up until two days before payday, users may only take out up to $100 of their paycheck per day, with a $500 maximum per pay cycle. They can then cash out up to $1,000 every pay period, or 80% of their paycheck, whichever is smaller, at that time.

Acquire a cash advance.

Before payday arrives, you may use Earnin’s Cash Out option to receive an advance of up to $100 every day, with a $500 maximum per pay period. There is no cost to utilize this tool, and you will get the money directly into your bank account.

Qualifying is restricted.

You must be an employee who receives payment by direct deposit into a bank account in order to use Earnin. Those who work for themselves or don’t receive a regular paycheck might not be able to utilize Earnin because of this condition.

In addition, you must get paid on a regular basis and have at least 50% of your salary deposited directly into your checking account. Weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, or monthly pay schedules are all acceptable as long as they are followed consistently. Additionally, you will have to work from a set location and submit a time sheet to Earnin using a shared paper or PDF time sheet, an online timekeeping system, or both.

Alerts for a low balance

If the balance in your account drops below a predetermined amount, Earnin’s Balance Shield function will notify you. It may be simpler to manage your money using this option and stay away from overdraft costs. Any checking account from any bank may be utilized with Balance Shield; all you need to do is activate the function and sign up for Cash Out.

To ensure that your balance stays positive, $100 of your income will be immediately placed into your bank account when you use Balance Shield Cash Outs.

Get your paycheck more quickly.

Your employer’s payment regulations may determine the precise time of your paycheck, but you might be able to get it two days prior to payday using the Earnin Express function. Every pay period, you can choose to access the lesser of $1,000 or 80% of your income.

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