16 Chocolate Companies In The World

Chocolate is the quintessential comfort food. Countries all over the world have their own distinct Chocolate Companies industries and customs. Whether it’s a once-in-a-while indulgence or a daily necessity, chocolate in all its varieties is virtually universally adored. With chocolate being ubiquitous in our lives, it’s unsurprising that the worldwide chocolate companiesis so large. With a market value of over $130 billion in 2019, the chocolate industry is expected to continue growing healthily into the 2020s.

The cocoa business has also grown in popularity, with the Ivory Coast being the world’s largest producer.
However, the industry has long struggled with ethical labour standards and procedures, and customers are increasingly demanding greater openness from chocolate producers.

While the chocolate companies and cocoa industries – like many other industries adapting to the times – sort through and change their methods, some other consumer trends have pushed the industry forward. Whether it’s bean-to-bar chocolate companies or so-called “Big Chocolate,” some of the most compelling consumer desires heading into the 2020s include distinctive flavours and organic ingredients. Additionally, candy businesses are finding success marketing dark or reduced sugar chocolate, as well as individually packed bites, to health-conscious consumers. Nonetheless, certain firms are the primary drivers of growth in the candy (and, more precisely, chocolate) market. The top 16 chocolate firms in the world (as measured by most recent net sales statistics) are as follows:

Top 16 Chocolate Companies in the world

These are the following 16 chocolate companies in the world

1.  Lindt

Lindt & Sprüngli to merge Caffarel with Italian Lindt subsidiary | Candy Industry

Lindt & Sprugli, a Swiss chocolate firm founded in 1845, was originally famed for its truffles but is now more known for its soft spherical chocolates covered in a tougher shell. While demand for the company’s products has declined significantly in the United States over the years, the brand has maintained a strong following in Europe and Australia, where Lindt ice cream is accessible.

2. Hershey

Hershey: Chocolate is the top quarantine comfort snack | 2020-04-03 | Candy Industry

Hershey’s Chocolate Company was founded in 1894 and is the largest confectionery maker in the United States.
The brand is well-known globally for its Kisses and Reese’s series, however it has slipped farther down the rankings in recent years. Nevertheless, it continues to be one of the most popular in the globe.

3. Meiji

Meiji Milk Chocolate | Meiji Group

Meiji, founded in 1916, is a Japanese confectioner that produces pharmaceutical items in addition to sweets. However, it is best known abroad as the inventor of Hello Panda and Yan Yan. The company’s other revenue streams in foods and pharmaceuticals have contributed to the company’s strong position.

4. Ferrero

Ferrero Rocher introduces eco-designed boxes

Ferrero was founded in 1946 in Italy and is the world’s third largest confectionery maker. Ferrero invented the hazelnut cream contained in its famed Ferrero Rocher, and the clandestine firm is tremendously popular throughout the world as a result of this, the Kinder line, and Nutella.

5. Nestle

The Nestlé logo evolution | Nestlé Global

Nestlé is a Swiss food and beverage corporation founded in 1866 that is best known for its Kit Kat, Nesquick, Nespresso, and Maggi products. It is the world’s largest food firm in terms of revenue and is extremely popular throughout the world, where it continues to acquire huge businesses and have a presence in every available industry.

6. Mondelez

Mondelez International, Inc. (MDLZ) Company Profile, News, Rankings | Fortune | Fortune

Mondelez, an American multinational firm founded in 2012, today owns some of the world’s most recognisable food brands, including Oreo, Milka, Toblerone, TUC, and Cadbury. It operates in 80 countries and generates approximately $36 million in annual sales.

7. Mars

Mars Chocolate Bar Isolated on White Background Editorial Stock Photo - Image of chocolat, shugar: 169305008

Mars, another American corporation founded in 1911, has grown steadily over the years. It is the maker of some of the world’s most well-known confections, including M&Ms, Galaxy, Snickers, Skittles, and, of course, Mars bars. It is America’s sixth largest privately held firm and the most well-known in its category globally.

8. Orion

Nestle Orion blueberry cheese chocolate! | Chocolate, Blueberry, Snacks

Since 1956, Orion has been manufacturing confectionery items like as chocolate, candies, gum, snacks, crackers, and biscuits. The company is best known for its signature product Choco Pie, a marshmallow and chocolate cake that has gained enormous popularity throughout Asia and Russia. Not only has Choco Pie become the most sought-after dessert in North Korea, but it also sells like hotcakes in Russia, since its introduction coincided with the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991.

9. Glico

Download Ezaki Glico Logo in SVG Vector or PNG File Format - Logo.wine

While you may not be familiar with Glico, one of Japan’s largest candy and snack producers founded in Osaka in 1932, you are likely familiar with its most renowned export, Pocky. More recently, the Japanese confectioner has delved into Japan’s burgeoning wellness market with its Libera chocolate line, which contains a dietary fibre that inhibits sugar and fat absorption, as well as its GABA brand.

10. Pladis

WMS-PLADIS on Windows PC Download Free - WMS-PLADIS v1.0.3 - com.havesa.mfcandroid.bireysel

Pladis, founded in 2016 as a result of the merging of United Biscuits and Ulker, has more than 300 years of confectionery tradition across its distinguished portfolio of brands (think Ulker, McVite’s, and Godiva), with products ranging from chocolate bars and biscuits to cake and candies. The company operates in 120 countries throughout EMEA and the Americas and has 34 manufacturing facilities located in 13 countries.

11. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher chocolates may be tainted by child labour | Child labour | The Guardian

Ferrero Rocher is reputed to be the world’s leading and best-selling chocolate brand. Millions of people adore this chocolate and feel compelled to have it. While eating this chocolate, an aged person can likewise transform into a child. This chocolate is wrapped in a golden foil that reflects the chocolate’s richness. These chocolates are frequently given as gifts on special occasions. Ferrero Rocher is also ranked first among the top 16 Chocolate Companies.

12. Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company - Posts | Facebook

Ghirardelli is a United States-based brand that is a division of Swiss confectioner Lindt. Ghirardelli is the name of the brand that creates chocolates with a great deal of passion and love. In the United States, this chocolate brand typically hosts a chocolate festival. This is one of the largest festivals in terms of attracting a large audience for their brand.

13. Guylian

Guylian Seashells in duty-free at airport Zhukovsky

Guylian is reputed to be the most famous Belgian chocolate in the world. It is located in a country that is well-known for its chocolate industry. Guylian chocolate is distributed in over a hundred nations worldwide for the majority of occasions. This chocolate has such a delectable flavour that it really melts in your tongue.

14. Patchi

40pcs Patchi Chocolates | Send Patchi Chocolate to Lahore | Lahoregifts

Patchi is primarily recognised for its chocolate gifts for loved ones. Patchi is the world’s most well-known chocolate brand. These chocolates are indeed reputed to be delectable.

15. Toblerone

Toblerone - Wikipedia

Toblerone chocolate is a Swiss brand. Toblerone chocolate is sold throughout the world. Mondelez International Inc. of the United States owns this brand. The Toblerone chocolate logo is quite special and unique; it mimics Switzerland’s most famous peak, the Matterhorn. That is why Toblerone chocolates are shaped like mountains.

16. Cadbury

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bar, 55g Maha Pack (Pack of 15)- Buy Online in Bahrain at dealzbazar - Bahrain - 75915171.

Cadbury’s tagline, “spread happiness,” is self-explanatory. It is one of the most well-known chocolate brands worldwide. If you say Cadbury to an Indian, you will be showered with accolades. It is a proverb that if you are sweet, you will be happy, and to be sweet, one must taste the sweet Cadbury. Cadbury’s branding strategy, which includes numerous heartwarming advertising, appeals individuals of all ages and genders.

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