Chloe Cherry Bio, Height, Age, Euphoria, Net Worth 2023

American actress and model Chloe Cherry was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on August 23, 1997. She began her career in the entertainment industry in 2015 when she joined the “B.B. Network” film company.

A Few Things You Should Know About Chloe Cherry

  1. True name, Elizabeth Jones
  2. Stage name or nickname Chloe Cherry’s
  3. Age (as of 2023):
  4. Professional Career Actress,
  5. Model Aged twenty-five
  6. Year of Debut: 2015 Begin an acting career at the age of eighteen.
  7. Active from 2015 to the present. User rating:
  8. 8.69/10 (102 votes).
  9. Present Position #3964
  10. American nationality

Who is Chloe Cherry Euphoria?

American adult actress, comedian, model, and former actress Chloe Cherry was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, on August 23, 1997. Although Chloe Couture/Elise Jones is her true name, she became quite well-known because of her moniker. Her upbringing took place in the Philadelphia area. In the second season of the HBO adolescent drama Euphoria, she made her acting debut as Faye. She did, however, begin her career in 2015 after relocating to Miami and signing with The Hussie Models as an actor.

  1. born on August 23, 1997
  2. Day of Birth: Saturday
  3. Place of birth: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
  4. Religion: Christianity; Gender: Female; Descent: Caucasian; Birth Sign: Virgo
  5. Race/Culture The American city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is home to Caucasian people.
  6. Right now, Los Angeles, California
  7. Language is an English speaker. Is she still alive? Living

According to Chole Cherry’s Wikipedia page, she graduated from Lampeter-Strasburg High School. Chloe talks candidly about her high school years and how dull and traditional her childhood was.

Highest-Caliber Graduate Program A nearby college or university in Pennsylvania, the University of Pennsylvania (USA)

Her films were mostly sold on OnlyFans during the COVID-19 pandemic. She announced her departure from the AV company in March 2022 in order to focus on her work full-time.

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Chole Cherry’s Height, Age, And Weight

Chloe is a stunning model and actress who works in the glamour sector. She has to maintain her beauty and form, which she does very well. She maintains a beautiful physique and attractiveness with regular gym visits and exercise. She wears a dress in size 39 (EU), and her body measurements are 32A-24-34 inches. It is thought that she wears a size 9. She has stunning green eyes and is a blond lady. Chole Cherry weighs 110 lbs., or 50 kg, and is 5’6′′ (167 cm) tall.

  1. Measurements of the Body 32 x 24 x 34 inches
  2. 32-inch breasts, a 24-inch waist, a 34-inch hip, and a 32A bra size
  3. Mother’s actual or natural sexual preferences Gay and bisexual
  4. Height: 167 cm/5’6″
  5. Weight: 50 kg (or 110 pounds)
  6. Skin tone: fair; eyes: green; hair: blonde
  7. Incisions Not one tattoo
  8. US size 9 shoes
  9. Clothing Size 39 (EU)

Beginnings of a Career and Ascent to Prominence

Just one week after turning eighteen, in 2015, Chloe began her professional career. She then relocated to Miami to make her professional debut in the audiovisual sector, leaving Lancaster, where she had previously resided. In 2019, after signing with Hussie Models, she rose to fame as an actress. She was quite well-liked on websites like AV Industry and had roles in more than 200 films.

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Chloe Cherry in Euphoria Season 2

Over 125 million people have seen her videos. She signed a modeling contract that required her to walk for LaQuan Smith during New York Fashion Week in addition to the AV sector. She tried out for the Euphoria show as an actress, and she was chosen for the part of Faye. Chloe Cherry has collaborated with several well-known female artists, including Gina Valentina, Abigail Mac, Chanel Preston, and Elsa Jean.

Chloe Family

Chloe never talked about her family outside of the fact that Lancaster is where she was born and raised. Her mother stays at home while her father runs his own business. Additionally, she has a sister named Robin, who grew up with Chole.

Chloe Cherry Relationships & Boyfriends

Some of her followers may be relieved to hear that she is single and not engaged. She has never, however, discussed her romantic relationships in public. When she did, however, break up with her ex-boyfriend on Twitter, she didn’t identify him.

Chloe Cheery’s Wealth

It is anticipated that Chloe’s net worth will be around $200,000 as of 2022. But it’s certain that she will soon reach millions of people after making her debut in Euphoria. Her primary sources of income are her role in the television series Euphoria, photoshoots, modeling, and AV films. The forthcoming seasons of Euphoria will bring in much more money for her.

What is Chloe Cherry’s Net Worth?

  1. Net Worth: $2 million; Monthly Salary: $100,000 to $500,000; Source of Income: movies
    Unknown Details Regarding Chloe Cher
  2. She was signed to the modeling agency Hussie Models, where Riley Reynolds served as her agent.
  3. In January 2022, Cherry signed a modeling deal with Anti-Agency London.
  4. She made her runway debut in February 2022 when she did a performance for LaQuan Smith at New York Fashion Week.
  5. Chloe Cherry decides to treasure the flavors of non-vegetarian foods available in the vegan community!
  6. Chloe disclosed that Tommy Hilfiger and Louis Vuitton are her favorite brands.
  7. Chloe said that she enjoyed traveling and shopping when questioned about her interests.
  8. Dogs are Chloe’s favorite animals, and she loves pets very much.
  9. She said that Chloe adores social media, that her favorite location to hang out is online, and that her obsession is taking selfies.
  10. Being a real Virgo, Chloe embodies the qualities of humility, selflessness, dynamism, and practicality.

Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans Accounts of Chloe Cherry

The Euphoria actress “Faye” has taken over the Onlyfans market because of her intense activity and popularity on Instagram. You may find her on YouTube as @ChloeCherry and on Instagram as @perfect_angelgirl. Additionally, she provides sponsored material on the OnlyFans account that bears her name. Her Twitter handle is @_chloe_cherry.

  1. Chloe Cherry, @perfect_angelgirl, OnlyFans
  2. Chloe Cherry, @perfect_angelgirl on Instagram
  3. Facebook user Chloe Cherry (@Chloe-Cherry)
  4. Chloe Cherry’s official website,, her YouTube channel, and her Twitter account,
  5. @_chloe_cherry_
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