How to Increase Brand Awareness and Succeed in 2023

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When seeking for pleasant transportation in a city, you’re more likely to call an Uber than a taxi, thanks to excellent brand awareness 2022. People are increasingly preferring to shop online rather than in-store. Even local buying is preceded by an online search, so your potential buyers must be familiar with your brand.

What exactly is brand awareness?

Brand awareness measures how effectively your target audience recognize your brand. It’s also what you’re renowned for, which helps to flesh out the concept. brand awareness campaign ideas is typically associated with the first step of the customer path, the very top of the funnel, and it is a critical stage. Customers will not consider your brand if they are unfamiliar with it.

Why should you be concerned with brand awareness?

Customers’ recognition is important not only for your popularity, but also for your sales. According to research, when given many options, 71% of consumers are more likely to buy from a well-known brand. Here are some advantages of brand recognition for your company:

  • Enhance consumer recognition
  • increase client loyalty and create enthusiasm for new items
  • enhance brand perception
  • Fostering trust makes it easier to form collaborations with other businesses and influencers.
  • Choose which channels you want to employ for awareness campaigns before experimenting with different tips.
  • Follow your target audience.

Methods for Increasing Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness entails more than simply including your logo on promotional items. It should also include educating consumers about your product and sharing your beliefs in order to establish a great brand image, or a bad one, as long as you know what you’re doing and your audience will appreciate it. Any brand awareness plan will contain the following basic components:

  • Promotion
  • Use paid and free marketing opportunities to bring your brand in front of your target demographic.
  • Communication
  • Create a message that clearly communicates how your firm differs and what your value is.


Deliver on your value promises and assist customers in spreading the word about you. These are critical for brand awareness since you must provide excellent service and provide a compelling reason for customers to choose you. Here are some strategies you may use to increase brand recognition.

Make use of Color

Colors and pictures are a brain-friendly strategy to create brand awareness because humans perceive images 60,000 times faster than words. Color, according to Forbes, enhances brand recognition by up to 80%. Colors elicit emotions that we can associate with a brand. McDonald’s, for example, uses a vibrant and dynamic combination of red and yellow, but UPS uses brown, which is linked with trustworthiness.For example, here’s a Reboot brand recognition colour quiz in which colour associations were linked to brands that used colours in their images.

How to Boost Brand Awareness

Consider what your target audience already knows about you and what feelings you want to elicit. You can use traditional connotations, such as green for nature and health, or create your own; just be consistent so that your customers can quickly identify you.

Idea for a brand awareness tool:

Coolors allows you to create, modify, and save colour palettes in order to locate your signature brand colours.
Begin a referral programme as part of your marketing strategy to increase brand awareness. Friends and family are mentioned as a source that drives brand awareness by up to 49 percent of US consumers.
Companies like PayPal and Uber have used referral schemes to increase brand recognition.

PayPal increased its client base to 100 million customers, Uber’s referral programme had an x12 ROI, and Dropbox’s referral programme resulted in a 60% increase in sign-ups. Of course, they gave excellent service and worked hard to improve their product, but it didn’t hurt. Idea for a brand awareness tool: Referral factory automates all of the activities required for a successful referral Brand Awareness, such as enrollment, tracking, and rewarding.

According to one study, 69 percent of millennials are motivated by FOMO, and 60 percent base their purchasing decisions on the fear of missing out. You’ll be able to test the waters before scaling your product, in addition to increasing sign-ups. Exclusive offers can get people talking and, er, buying.Sephora uses a restricted reward programme called Beauty Insider to create FOMO by revealing exclusive bargains. Idea for a brand awareness tool: Betatesting will assist you in creating a sense of exclusivity and testing your product prior to scaling.

Customize your marketing

Personalization is critical for a business today – according to a Brand Awareness report, tailored and segmented emails generate 50% of email revenue, and customers expect it from businesses.For example, Abreva, an over-the-counter medication brand, employed personalisation to increase brand awareness and witnessed a 41% increase in total ad recall and a 342 percent increase in search interest among target demographics on Google and YouTube. EnageBay is a platform that allows you to construct tailored email sequences that communicate directly to your users.Personalization can also be used in other forms of communication, such as SMS or push notifications.

Make use of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing efforts have an audience – 61% of customers aged 18 to 34 have purchased a product advocated by an influencer.You can employ influencers to create content for your page or to advertise your goods.
Typically, you can either give them your product for free, pay a predetermined fee, or create an affiliate programme in which they give a portion of revenues everytime someone clicks on the link the influencer shared.Influencers may help you reach an audience you might not have reached otherwise, as well as lend your brand authority and utilise personal recommendation power.

Idea for a brand awareness tool: Heepsy will help you locate influencers based on niche, region, or audience and initiate a dialogue with them.An external site may be more advantageous than searching for influencers directly on Instagram because you will know their engagement rate is genuine and you will not be blocked by Instagram because you write to many people with whom you are not linked.

Begin sending out push alerts

On their initial online visit, 98 percent of shoppers are not ready to buy. Push notifications are quite useful in encouraging users to return to your website.You’ll be able to send them push alerts when they subscribe to remind them about a cart, promote a blog article, provide a discount, or share information.

Idea for a brand awareness tool:

It is a notification service that offers comprehensive push notifications, scheduling, customisation, segmentation, and many sorts of automation.

What exactly are Push Notifications?

Brand awareness is defined not just by knowing your brand’s name, but also by how well your customers understand what makes you special Content is what assists you in developing and presenting your offer. Here are some content marketing strategies for raising brand awareness:

Video material

Video content is as popular as ever, with 82 percent of social media users preferring to watch a video over reading a post.Content that is interactive. Interactive content encourages active participation rather than passive viewing and generates twice as many conversions as static material. Because it is more engaging, individuals are more likely to remember it and pay attention to what is going on. Calculators, quizzes, and surveys are examples of interactive content.


According to Venngage’s report, infographics are the most engaging form of content for 40% of marketers.
It makes sense because you may use them to visually illustrate hard topics, educate your audience about your company, or update your content.Infographics are also more shareable on social media.


Storytelling helps to personalise and deepen brands.There are no restrictions on the type of story you can tell; just be real. You can tell your founder’s narrative, how you created your first product, or why you only utilise materials supplied ethically.


Contact local news outlets, specialised publications, and blogs to share your content, press releases, or a story.
This will result in backlinks to your website and a bigger audience for your content. Idea for a brand awareness tool: Ion has a large template library for interactive content. Calculators, e-books, landing sites, quizzes, and look books are all possible.


Create a strong social media presence. Your target demographic is almost certainly utilising social media sites, as there are about 4 billion individuals on social media worldwide. Building your social media presence allows you to reach a new audience and maintain control over your online image. An active and prominent profile assists in validating your business and assuring potential clients that it is real. Instead of only uploading information, make an effort to communicate with your subscribers, since research reveals that brand sociability accounts for 50% of brand reputation.

Aside from native content, you can also buy ads on social media networks to reach new and similar audiences.
You can use interactive components such as videos, quizzes, and samples instead of just an image and words. Buffer is a brand awareness solution that allows you to schedule and queue your posts for various platforms.
When scheduling an Instagram post, you can even include the first remark.

Make use of testimonies.

People must have faith in you before they will buy from you or listen to your recommendations. Ideally, you’d like to be referred by friends or family. You can, however, use the next best thing – client testimonials. Online reviews are trusted by 84 percent of clients as much as personal recommendations.

Idea for a brand awareness tool:

Tagstar can assist you in creating customer testimonials for e-commerce websites.

Omnichannel marketing source

You may use omnichannel marketing to provide a more comprehensive experience for your customers while also increasing your reach. Omnichannel campaigns outperformed single channel campaigns by 287 percent, according to Omnisend study.

Using their identity, activity, or hobbies, different consumer personas see different content, offers, and promotional communications tailored to them. An omnichannel experience plan integrates marketing, sales, and customer service to streamline the entire engagement. Idea for a brand awareness tool: Commbox is an omnichannel platform that allows you to integrate bots, AI rules, and tracking. There is also a wonderful tool for omnichannel communication.

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