Top 10 Best Turbo Vpn Alternative Free For Android And IOS

best turbo vpn alternatives

This post will explain best turbo vpn alternatives. With over 100 million downloads on the Play Store alone, Turbo VPN is quickly among the most popular free VPN apps out there. It provides unlimited data use with excellent speed and access to a decent variety of servers– all without paying any charge. Having said that, as exposed in a report by Security Affairs, the app has deep links with Chinese business, regardless of the business being signed up in Singapore. 

Top 10 Best Turbo Vpn Alternative Free For Android And IOS

In this article, you can know about best turbo vpn alternatives here are the details below;

The report suggests that a single Chinese company privately owns 10 VPN apps consisting of Turbo VPN. Besides, the privacy policy of TurboVPN is questionable at finest which fuels much more suspicion. So, if you are fretted about your online privacy, it’s time to move from Turbo VPN to a safe alternative. This article has curated the best Turbo VPN alternatives that offer you substantial data limitations without jeopardizing your security or privacy.

Best Turbo VPN Alternatives for Android and iOS (2020)

1. ProtonVPN


Suppose you are searching for a Turbo VPN option that offers you unlimited information, excellent speed, and a decent number of servers around the globe. In that case, ProtonVPN is my top suggestion. I have been utilizing it for rather a long time, and I am completely pleased with its service. You get numerous complimentary servers from 3 major locations– the United States, Netherlands, and Japan. Apart from that, since the business is headquartered in Switzerland, you are secured by the strong privacy laws of the EU. You can also check another post like best VPN services.

Not to mention, ProtonVPN recently open-sourced its VPN tool, which makes it among the most relied on VPNs out there. The only disadvantage is that you need to develop an account, but worry not, ProtonVPN has a no-log policy, and it does not share information with third-parties even for free users. To put it directly, ProtonVPN brings whatever Turbo VPN uses but with ironclad security and all-around personal privacy security.

2. Windscribe


Windscribe is another alternative to Turbo VPN that uses a large information allowance and access to over ten countries worldwide. While there is a cap of 10GB data monthly, it’s quite sensible since you get access to high-speed VPN servers without much speed throttling. Nevertheless, unlike Turbo VPN, you will need to produce an account on Windscribe to use the free service. That said, Windscribe keeps that it does not log user activity in any manner for both complimentary and premium users, so that is excellent.

When it comes to the native land, Windscribe is based out of Canada, which is respectable as privacy laws are worried. Not to mention, if you want to select your VPN procedure like OpenVPN, IKEv2, and SOCKS5, then you can do so with Windscride. All in all, if you are trying to find a Turbo VPN option that uses ample information allowance, then Windscribe is a worthy pick.

3. Psiphon Pro

Psiphon Pro

Psiphon Pro is one of the most transparent and safe and secure VPNs out there; hence it’s an appropriate alternative to Turbo VPN. It began as a proxy system at the University of Toronto, now has developed into a full-fledged VPN. The best part is that it’s open-source and does not log any user data, unlike Turbo VPN. Psiphon Pro uses several technologies like tunnelling, HTTP Proxy, and SSH to prevent web censorship worldwide. Further, it does not have any information limit. However, the speed is topped at 2MBps, which is not bad at all. Psiphon is extremely specific about its privacy policy and specifies that none of the metadata, like security procedure or data size, is shown by third-parties. All in all, Psiphon is an effective VPN app having unrestricted data allowance, and because the company is based in Canada, you get first-class privacy defence. Also, check top IP protection apps like vpn.

4. TunnelBear


TunnelBear is mainly a premium VPN service. However, the app offers a free tier with 500MB of information limitation in a month. I know the data limitation is rather low in contrast to TurboVPN’s unlimited data allowance. Nevertheless, you get top-notch security on TunnelBear which is no place to be discovered on Turbo VPN. You get strong AES 256-bit file encryption for all your internet activity, and there is DNS leak prevention. Additionally, TunnelBear is a few VPNs to have gone through security audits by independent security researchers.

Having said all of that, if you run out of the 500MB information cap, then you can share the TunnelBear app on social networks platforms to make more data allowance. How remarkable is that? So go on and utilize TunnelBear in place of Turbo VPN with military-grade security. In case you are wondering, TunnelBear is headquartered in Canada similar to other apps mentioned above.

5. Betternet


Betternet is my choice for the next option to Turbo VPN for two significant reasons. First, it offers endless data without compromising security or your online identity in any manner. Secondly, you do not need to sign up to use its free service, and that is terrific. Essentially, it’s precisely the same as Turbo VPN however with enhanced security and personal privacy safeguards. Betternet LLC has developed the app, and it’s situated in Switzerland. It implies that your information is well-guarded by GDPR and EU’s ironclad personal privacy laws. I know everything sounds terrific, so what is the catch?

Well, Betternet does not allow you to choose the server area by hand. Rather, it chooses the optimum area on its own. Apart from that, the app asks you to opt for the paid strategy several times which can be irritating. Nevertheless, in my testing, the internet speed was respectable, and you can change Turbo VPN with Betternet with no doubts.

6. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield

HotSpot Shield is yet another VPN that provides unlimited data, much like Turbo VPN. It does not throttle the speed, and the servers are always up, which translates to exceptional efficiency. Nevertheless, keep in mind, under the complimentary service, you have servers just from the United States region, which could be a disappointment for some. However, the very best part about Hotspot Shield is that it offers the same privacy and security functions for both fundamental and superior users. Further, Hotspot Shield abides by its rigorous “No Logs Kept” policy which prevents information collection from users’ online activities.

Because Hotspot Shield offers unlimited information and the United States as the main server, it is sufficient for most of the users’ needs. All in all, Hotspot Shield is an excellent free VPN app in its own right and stands as a much more safe and capable alternative to Turbo VPN. Not to forget, the VPN is headquartered in Switzerland, which suggests your privacy is well safeguarded.

7. is quite popular for its free offerings much like Turbo VPN It offers you 10GB of monthly information which is rather considerable, and there is no speed throttling. Next, you don’t require to register or experience advertisements to use the free version. However, that is not all. provides multiples servers from 5 various locations around the world. That is remarkable, ideal? You can also check another post like free best gaming vpn.

On top of that, the business has a rigorous zero-logging policy and does not track your activity on the internet. The only disadvantage is that is based out of Malaysia, which let’s say does not have the very best privacy laws. However, has come clean, up until now, and there have been no controversies around its services. If the above apps don’t cut for you,, you can use as a Turbo VPN alternative.

8. Kaspersky VPN.

Kaspersky VPN

If you are worried about your online security and privacy, then you can opt for Kaspersky VPN. Kaspersky is a leading antivirus service provider, and it uses a free VPN prepare for users who want boosted protection on the internet. Unlike Turbo VPN that brings limitless data usage, Kaspersky VPN allocates simply 200MB of information each day. Sure, it’s insufficient, but if you want a VPN for light use, Kaspersky VPN undoubtedly stands tall due to its all-around security. Apart from tunnelling the network, the VPN likewise secures you from hackers and destructive exploits while browsing the internet. Note that you can’t select server place under the free tier. Rather, Kaspersky links you to the optimal server based on your area. Kaspersky VPN is a security-driven VPN headquartered in Switzerland and produces a far better alternative than Turbo VPN in terms of security and personal privacy.

Browse The Internet Securely With The Best Turbo VPN Alternatives

So those are our picks for the very best Turbo VPN alternatives. Although free VPNs have their fair share of issues, we have tried to include apps that don’t have dodgy personal privacy problems. Likewise, we have kept personal privacy laws and country of origin in mind so that you are well protected from all sides. Anyway, that is all from us. If you still have some concerns for us, you can comment down below and let us know. We will definitely attempt to clear things up for you.

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