10 Best Torrent Apps for Android in 2020 [Download Torrents]

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Those entertainment fanatics would have known about torrents. It is quite popular as it holds the pirated contents and custom ROMs. Torrent software is most often preferred as it lets you download any large files without spending your money. Just with an internet connection, you can access all its features anytime. It is extremely useful to stream movies and TV shows and shares files and more. Torrent software is no more confined only to PCs. It can be accessed on a wide range of smartphone devices as well. There are many torrent apps available, and those looking out for the best Torrent Apps for Android will find this article more useful. 

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Best Torrent Apps for Android

uTorrent Pro 

What do you Primarily Need to Access Torrent App on Android?

Some of the files that you download using torrent apps might be infected with viruses and malware. In such a case, your Android device and its data might be affected. So, it is recommended to download a secured antivirus app on your Android device just before accessing a torrent app. Antivirus app will protect your Android phone against all odds, Trojans, malware, etc.

Best Torrent Apps for Android

There are hundreds of torrent apps available for Android smartphones and tablets. We have shortlisted the best Torrent Apps for Android with its impressive features in brief, as seen below.


BitTorrent is a never-to-miss BitTorrent downloader for Android. It is a lightweight torrent app to feature an integrated torrent search engine. The user can search, download, and play any torrent video or audio on Android OS. 


BitTorrent will neither limit you with the download speed nor download size. It lets you select the files to download within the Torrent, which will, in turn, minimize the storage space. The integrated media player will let you experience better music and video.

What’s More on BitTorrent?

  • BitTorrent supports RSS subscription and magnet links in addition to downloading torrents.
  • You can choose between deleting torrents & files or torrents only.
  • Allocate more bandwidth to specific torrent files to download it at a faster rate. 
  • Get a maximum of BitTorrent performance with the latest core torrenting tech.
  • You may use the Wi-Fi only mode to save your mobile data.

License: BitTorrent Standard version is free with ads. Get BitTorrent Pro at $2.99 to access it, ad-free, antivirus protection, HD media player, etc.


Flud is a simple-to-use yet the best torrent app for Android. It features a user-friendly interface with a clean material design. Like most torrent apps, Flud will not restrict you with the upload and download limits. The users can also manage the seeding ration and auto shutdown. It supports sharing large peer-to-peer files on the Android device. Flud supports changing the interface by choosing from the custom themes.


What’s More on Flud?

  • You can specify download priority for a specific file or folder.
  • With an RSS feed, you will get the support of automatic downloading.
  • It supports magnetic link from the browser, UPnP, PeX, DHT, uTP, etc.
  • The users can move files even while downloading it.
  • Flud users can easily download the files sequentially.

License: Flud’s Standard version is free. Buy Flud premium version at $1.50 to access its features without ads.


WeTorrent is one of the best Torrent apps for Android that works at a faster rate. It is based on the BitTorrent protocol and helps to download files directly on the Android phone. WeTorrent app features a clean user-interface or material design. You can effortlessly pause, resume, or delete the torrent files you download using the Torrent app. 


It doesn’t restrict you with the download speed or the size limit as it supports high-speed downloading. You can keep track of your downloads anytime and stay up to date. 

What’s More on WeTorrent?

  • You can download multiple torrent files simultaneously.
  • WeTorrent supports opening magnetic link and .torrent files.
  • Set Wi-Fi only mode and save your mobile data while downloading.
  • From within the app, you can open, view, and delete downloaded files.

License: WeTorrent is available for free with ads. WeTorrent premium version costs $1.99 and is ad-free, proxy support, auto-shutdown, etc.


TorrDroid is the fastest torrent downloader app for Android OS. It supports downloading torrent files without browsing them manually. Just type the search term, and the built-in search engine of TorrDroid will begin the search automatically. Over time, it will learn your search preference and downloads the reliable Torrent. 


This Torrent app is designed to be simple, user-friendly, and thus anyone can easily access its features. You will not be dealing with the torrent files with viruses or fake torrents if you have TorrDroid on Android. 

What’s more on TorrDroid?

  • It supports opening magnetic links as well as the .torrent file links.
  • Download torrents at the fastest rate without any restrictions.
  • You can download individual files from a torrent.
  • Supports sequential download and plays video while the file is still being downloaded.
  • Share magnetic links, view, open, and delete files from the app.
  • You can set upload and download limits. 

License: TorrDroid standard version is free. Buy TorrDroid paid version at $1.99 to access it without ads.


aTorrent is a secured and most popularly used Torrent app for Android devices. It is a native BitTorrent software that supports peer-to-peer file sharing. The users of aTorrent can download files easily as it features unlimited downloading speed. The interface of aTorrent app is easy, and it lets you experience the best of Torrent. It supports different protocols, including magnetic links, BitTorrent P2P, DHT, Advanced DHT, external SD card, and more. 


It is the most straightforward torrent app, yet it lets you download multiple files simultaneously. With the partial download feature, you can download specific files easily. The Wi-Fi only mode will minimize your mobile data usage. It supports pausing download when your device isn’t connected to the power supply.

What’s more on aTorrent?

  • You can open torrents right from the browser.
  • aTorrent lets you choose the download folder.
  • It has an option to limit the downloads by Wi-Fi.
  • Supports large files up to 4GB and unlimited internal storage.
  • It supports multiple parallel downloading.

License: aTorrent is available for free with ads. Get aTorrent premium version at $1.95 to access it without ads.

uTorrent Pro

uTorrent Pro is one of the best torrent downloaders for PC, which is now available for Android OS. It will help you quickly find and download torrent files directly on your Android device. There is no speed limit or size limit while using the uTorrent Pro app. The integrated media library will playback the audio and video files. uTorrent Pro is all about accessing thousands of BitTorrent bundles directly. 

uTorrent Pro

It downloads torrent files at the fastest rate while featuring a user-friendly interface. Enabling the Battery Saver feature will suspend the Torrent when the device battery reaches below the pre-defined level. The auto-shutdown feature of the uTorrent Pro app will shut down the torrenting as soon as the download gets completed. It also closes all the apps running in the background to save your battery, as well as the data.

What more on uTorrent Pro?

  • uTorrent Pro will let you play one or more music files you’ve downloaded as a playlist.
  • Get detailed information about the download and upload speeds.
  • Choose the download location to save your files and access it fast.
  • It lets you choose files to download within a torrent, which in turn minimizes the storage.
  • By turning on the Wi-Fi, the only mode will help you save your Android battery. 
  • uTorrent Pro supports translating torrents in different languages like Brasil, Italiano, Espanol, etc.

License: uTorrent is available for Free. uTorrent Pro costs $19.95/year that has no ads, and blocks all the threats.


FrostWire is a feature-rich torrent client available for Android smartphones and tablets. It lets you easily download movies, music, and videos effortlessly with no download size or speed limit. You can even create a playlist in the FrostWire app to play it offline without an internet connection. 


It uses a peer-to-peer file-sharing torrent network, and thus the downloading takes place instantly. FrostWire will split the file into multiple divisions and downloads all of them at the same time. So, you can even download high-quality files at a faster rate than ever. You can open any .torrent files on FrostWire and paste the magnetic link to download any file in Transfers. It lets you choose between internal or SD card storage location.

What’s more on FrostWire?

  • The in-app search engine will search for torrents from millions of public domains. 
  • It supports previewing and playing the file just before downloading it.
  • The media player has built-in gesture-based audio player support.
  • With one-tap, you can download and seed it to others with FrostWire.
  • When the VPN drops, Torrent downloading will come auto pass and resumes later automatically.

License: FrostWire is available for free. Get FrostWire premium costs around $25.


zetaTorrent is a fully-featured and unique torrent downloader app for Android devices. It comes with a built-in browser with an adblocker. You can see the browsing history on the zetaTorrent browser. All the torrent files and the magnetic links will be recognized automatically. 


With zetaTorrent, you will be getting the best of torrenting experience. The built-in file manager will organize your downloads efficiently. You can configure the upload and download limits while downloading torrent files on the zetaTorrent app. It features a power management tool with which you can choose to download torrents during charging or by the battery status.

What’s more on zetaTorrent?

  • You can save torrent files on specific folders based on your preference.
  • zetaTorrent torrent downloader supports port, uPnp, and NAT-PMP port mapping.
  • With an RSS feed, you can filter keywords and regular expressions easily.
  • The zetaTorrent Pro version supports IP filter, proxy, auto download, etc.

License: zetaTorrent is available for free of cost. Buy zetaTorrent Pro at $2.99 and access proxy, web authentication, etc.


Vuze is a powerful BitTorrent client that is available for Android OS. It is simple, fast, and anyone can use it easily to download the torrent files. Vuze uses stable technology to deliver the content, and you will experience the best of torrenting on Android. It has a built-in search module and lets you access torrent files from different torrent networks. 


The users of the Vuze torrent downloader can take control of download as well as the upload speed. It supports Wi-Fi only settings and thereby limits your device from draining the battery.  

What’s more on Vuze?

  • It supports downloading as well as managing the torrents efficiently.
  • Vuze torrent downloader has a simple and straightforward interface.
  • You will be notified with an alert whenever the task is completed. 
  • Supports downloading Torrent using the magnetic link.
  • It is integrated with the powerful torrent file search engine.

License: Vuze Torrent downloader is free. Buy the Vuze Pro version at $2.49/month for ad-free torrenting.


tTorrent is the best Torrent app for Android to feature a bunch of advanced features. You can easily download the torrent files as it supports magnetic links and more other protocols. It can download a larger file size like free movies, music, videos, albums, and other entertainment content. tTorrent requires the highest internet connection to download the torrent files efficiently. 


The users of the tTorrent app can create and share new torrent files with others easily. It can download a single torrent file that has multiple files in it. So, the torrent downloader supports sequential downloading.

What’s more on tTorrent?

  • You can use the tTorrent to write contents on external storage like a memory card.
  • It supports different power saving modes like Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi or WiMax mode.
  • tTorrent app supports magnetic link and trackerless Torrent to DHT.
  • Other features include IP filtering, proxy support, web interface, label support, etc.

License: tTorrent is free. You can buy the tTorrent premium version at $1.99 to access its features without ads.


These are the list of best Torrent apps for Android. All of them are feature-rich torrent downloader applications, and it supports downloading almost all file types. With an active internet, torrent downloading is super-fast. Make sure your Android device is secured with VPN and antivirus software to stay away from malicious attacks.

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