25 Best Skyrim Builds – Create Strongest Character in 2021

Best Skyrim Builds

If you’re a Skyrim fan, you should check out these best skyrim builds 2021. The Elder Scroll V: best skyrim build for beginners has been on the market for ten years, which is a long period for any game. Everyone knows that skyrim best build for legendary is an RPG (Role Playing Game), and people nowadays prefer to play RPGs. Role-Playing Games are popular among gamers these days because they have the ability to revolutionise classic games and gameplay.

In Skyrim, are you tired of continuously picking up a weapon and playing the same type of character?

The creative freedom you have with your character in best skyrim builds and the RPG genre is one of the best things about it. You can choose from a variety of play styles at any time and turn your character into anyone you want them to be! When it comes to a game as old as skyrim classes, it’s natural to turn to the internet for inspiration. Here are 25 best skyrim builds 2021 for you to try out!

25 Best Skyrim Builds – Create Strongest Character in 2021

These are the following 25 best skyrim builds :

1. Skyrim’s Wealthiest Adventurer

Warrior Mystic skyrim

When it comes to making money, Transmute is one of the best spells in the game. If you wish to recreate illusion assassin build skyrim without cheating, you can make quick money by picking up Transmute from Halted Stream Camp near Whiterun (it’s on the table) and casting it. Transmute turns normal Iron Ore into Silver Ore, which can subsequently be used to make Gold Ore. Simply relax between uses to turn one of Skyrim’s most prevalent materials into an endless money-making plan.

2. Build an Instant Summoner Army

Elemental Fury

These buddies will always be with you, and you can resurrect them if they die. Most players won’t spend much time with Conjuration Spells, but if you reach Conjuration 90, you’ll be able to complete a unique quest in the College of Winterhold to become a Conjuration Master, which comes with these permanent monster summon spells as a prize.
At the start of the game, you may simply grind to Conjuration 90 by casting Soul Trap on your horse for an hour or attacking any of your own revived dead creatures.

3. The Vamp Slap Build

In the late game, the Vampire Lord abilities available in the Dawnguard expansion aren’t all that spectacular. To truly become OP, you must be inventive, and this inventiveness comes in the form of the hilariously broken Vampiric Grip ability. Once you reach the second perk rank for Vampire Lords, this becomes available. You can use Vampiric Grip to force-choke an enemy, hold them in mid-air, and then launch them.

4. Instakill Knife

Pacifist skyrim

Combine this weapon, armour, and perk to create a powerful weapon. Join the Dark Brotherhood or kill Dark Brotherhood assassins to obtain Vauldr’s Lucky Dagger, Shrouded Gauntlets, and the Assassin’s Blade Perk from the Sneak skill tree. The Assassin’s Blade Perk + Shrouded Gauntlets provide a +x30 normal damage bonus to dagger attacks. That increases to +x60 if you’re an Orc with the Berserker Rage power active! You’ll always get Critical Hits with Vauldr’s Lucky Dagger. Because the Vauldr’s Lucky Dagger benefit isn’t an enchantment, you’ll always have a +25 percent chance of making a critical hit.

5. Sniper Build with Stealth Paralysis

archer skyrim

With a single unique enchantment, you can create a near-perfect weapon of infinite paralysis if you choose to play as a killer archer. The Fiery Soul Trap Enchantment can be extracted from the Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls, which can be found in the Ironbind Barrow. Next, enchant any bow you have (Daedric or any other powerful bow works best).
Then get a Grand Soul Gem by combining paralysis (1-5 sec) and Fiery Soul Trap enchantments. Then you’re ready to go! You’ll paralyse foes after two arrows, have your Soul Gem refilled with each kill, and your bow will be recharged indefinitely. When you combine that with any of the Stealth talents, you’re a killing machine that no enemy can touch.

6. Dwarven Crossbow Assassin

The Dawnguard DLC includes more than just Vampire Lords. You’ll also get access to the game’s most powerful ranged weapon, at least in terms of base damage. After completing the “Ancient Technology” missions, the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow becomes accessible at Fort Dawnguard. Then you may forge them – the best is the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow, which gets more powerful as you acquire Bow and Sneak skills. You can even receive powerful magic-infused crossbow bolts that explode when they come into contact, dealing even more damage.
The only disadvantage is the lengthy reload time.

7. Make Alchemy at Home

archer skyrim

With the Hearthfire DLC, you may learn to produce your own ingredients at home, making some of the best alchemy recipes a lot easier to prepare. Acquire Windstad Manor for the Greenhouse and Fishery to become a true alchemist.
Almost every powerful poison formula requires fish, and the Greenhouse allows you to grow anything indefinitely.
To produce money, combine Salmon Roe, Nordic Barnacles, and Garlic to make a highly valued potion.
There are countless potions you may develop to take advantage of the system and become eternally powerful.
A nice article about alchemy in Skyrim may be found on the wiki.

8. Orc Berserker Rage


When it comes to playable species in Skyrim, the Orc is probably not your first option, but they’re definitely worth a second look. If you’ve never lived as an Orc, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. To begin with, you have access to all Orc Strongholds from the start of the game, so you may go right to Gloombound Mine and collect all the Ebony Ore you’ll ever need. You also get the Berserker Rage ability, which makes your Orc suffer half damage and do double damage when activated.

9. Sneak Attack Master

Staggerer 1

Simply crouch (in sneak mode) and your opponents will become vulnerable to sneak attacks for a short time.
This works even better with ranged weapons, but it will work with any weapon (at any range). Nothing will ever be a struggle again when you combine this with the Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow or Vauldr’s Lucky Dagger + Assassin’s Blade + Shrouded Gauntlets.

10. Aetherial Crown

Skyrim Dual Wield Character

When utilised correctly, the Aetherial Crown can grant you a permanent +50% XP earning rate for all of your most-used talents. You must finish the “Lost To The Ages” side-quest to obtain it, with the Aetherial Crown being one of three awards available. You can use the Aetherial Crown to keep the benefits of two Standing Stones at the same time.

11. The Paladin.

Bound Warrior 1

The paladin is a classic RPG character that is easy to build in Skyrim. Paladins use a melee-spellcasting hybrid playstyle that combines Restoration and the sword to strike the wicked. Bretons make good half-mages due to their innate racial boost of +5 in a number of abilities. To make a character who can take a lot of damage while keeping themselves and any teammates alive in a fight, focus on Heavy Armor, One-Handed, and Restoration abilities.
It’s also a great structure for individuals who want to roleplay.

12. Fury of the Elements

Skyrim Dual Wield Character

In Skyrim, dual-wielding equipment were introduced, allowing players to wield two swords or cast two different spells at the same time. One of Skyrim’s best features is dual-wielding swords, which allows for a very formidable build. By moving through the talent tree, you can increase your one-handed damage. Then, to slash through adversaries twice as swiftly, employ the Elemental Fury scream. Redguards and Orcs have racial advantages that make this playstyle even more strong. Slashing adversaries with two swords at the same time is never boring.

13. Assassin of Illusion

Skyrim Breton Paladin Armor Mod

The stealth damage multiplier makes rapid dagger attacks significantly more potent than bows. If you additionally invest in Illusion, you can frenzy every opponent in a room into fighting each other, allowing you to overcome dungeons without ever lifting a weapon. In dragon fights, you can use Marked for Death to hit your opponent from behind and kill them in a matter of seconds.

14. Assassin with Dual Daggers

Druid skyrim

Due to the fact that it limits the adaptability of other builds that use shields or one-handed spells, dual-wielding is an underappreciated but effective Skyrim character build.Despite this, it is a really unusual game concept that allows for some intriguing builds, such as the dual dagger assassin build. Orcs are an excellent race to utilise to test out this dual dagger construct because they have a special ability called Berserker Rage, which allows them to do twice as much damage for a minute while only taking half as much damage.
It’s a close-quarters, high-damage build that focuses on Light Armor and Sneaks to gain the upper hand on your opponents. If battling becomes too much for you, use Illusion spells to alter your opponent’s AI.

15. Pure Mage

Destruction Mage skyrim

For those looking for a serious challenge, a pure mage build is the best option. Because it demands a detailed understanding of how bonuses and enchants work, this design has a steep learningcurve. As a result, you’ll have a character capable of reducing any foe to dust. There’s more to it than just being one of the most powerful Skyrim character builds. Start with a High Elf as your first race if you want to get the most out of this construct.

16. Necromancer

Skyrim Mage Channeling Lightning

Despite the lack of an official necromancy school in Skyrim, there are still ways to play as a Necromancer wizard.
This is the polar opposite of a Paladin in terms of concept, specialising in more heretical uses of the Conjuration, Destruction, and Alteration schools of magic. Heavy Armor and Two-Handed are two options for turning the character into a black knight of death by making them even more ruthless and durable.

17. Tamriel Vault

Skyrim Bound Sword

If you’re a Hugh Jackman lover, you won’t want to miss Werewolf. The development of the character werewolf is one of the best Skyrim builds for such lovers. You won’t be able to handle it easily because you’ll need time to understand its power. It has the ability to deal with and handle damage. It’s also a terrific warm-up because it’s difficult to beat.
The longer you play as a werewolf, the better you’ll be at dealing with the opponents.

18. Mystic Warrior

stealth archer skyrim

It’s the one for you if you’re seeking for a versatile construction.You can master single-bound or multiple-bound weapons. Because these weapons are weightless, they are more powerful when used. Your ability to assault your adversaries will improve, allowing you to advance to the next level much faster. Every time you draw your bow, a hundred arrows are ready to shoot.

19. InstaKill Knife

Skyrim Smithing

If you need to kill someone quickly with a little weapon, consider an instakill knife build. With this instakill knife build, you can kill a lot of assassins in the game.

20. Vampire Construction

Illusion Assassin skyrim

A vampire character can force you to drink the blood of your foes. Every time you kill an enemy, drinking the blood will only make you stronger. The only disadvantage of this build-up is that the vampires’ attributes will deteriorate as dawn approaches. However, you won’t have to be concerned about the sun in Skyrim because it has no effect on the vampire’s abilities.

21. Skyrim Builds for Pacifists (Skyforge)

Druid skyrim

Consider Pacifist if you’re seeking for a distinctive character build. It enables you to play a variety of styles in order to adjust to the build-up. You can direct others to battle the enemies while staying out of the path. You can simply sneak by your opponents. This combo is remarkable since it allows you to attack your opponents in a variety of ways.

22.  Illusion Assassin

Bound Warrior 1

Even if you make a minor mistake when attacking your adversaries, they will be able to detect your strike. All of this may be avoided by employing an illusion assassin build. It works wonderfully when it comes to creating the illusion of several images. It perplexes your opponents, preventing them from assessing your strike.

23. Skyrim’s Fudgemuppet Necromancer Build

Windshear Stun Master

Consider necromancer as a character build if you want your character to have an evil energy. It’s an evil character, if you will. Because he is preoccupied with power, this guy has the most potent energy. Anyone who is in your way will be destroyed by this character. You will be able to able zombies with the help of this character, but only a limited number will be available.

24. Build a Stealth Archer

One of skyrim character builds  is the stealth archer. It has the potential to deal a lot of damage to your opponents. They can use the stealth grants to deal with additional foes. Only diehard fans and regular players of the game understand its full worth, as they know how to maximise its potential.

25. Assistant to the Stealth Archer

The legendary archer is dressed in Nightingale armour, which is ideal for this stealthy setup. One of the most popular builds in Skyrim is the Stealth Archer. Your primary concentration, like that of the aforementioned assassin, is on sneaking. You will, however, be able to take down your adversaries from a wide distance with this build.

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