15 Best Free Avatar Creator Sites Online To Create Your Own Avatar

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Do you want to make free avatars online? Here are the Best Free Avatar Creator Websites for Making Cartoon Photo Profiles and More.

Avatars are frequently used as profile photographs on social networking and in video games. Avatar created in the cartoon or vector format, usually with applications like CorelDraw or Photoshop. That, of course, necessitates graphic design talents, which are in short supply in our town.

Various online services allow you to build Avatar’s creator online. You may create your own avatar easily and for free, even if you don’t have any creative experience.

15 Best Free Avatar Creator Sites Online

These are the following Avatar creator sites online and avatar creator anime.

 #1 Cartoonize

Avator creator

Cartoonize is one of the most excellent services for making your Avatars. This website’s most impressive feature is how quickly and neatly it turns genuine photographs into cartoon forms. If you own a business, you may put your face on your stuff, cups, and other items.
However, you can convert images to cartoons online, but you’ll need the commercial edition to install the Cartoonize software on your Windows PC. There, you can transform photographs in bulk and apply a variety of special effects. You should use it if you want to generate simple avatars for free.
Illustrator for portraits

Another cartoon Avatar creation website is Portrait Illustration Maker, which allows you to create avatars based on your gender quickly. You don’t have to worry if you’ve never tried graphic design before because the site is user-friendly, and anyone may Avatar generator without any prior knowledge.

When you visit the websites, you’ll see a slew of customized options inside the first 30 seconds. For instance, if you need to give your character a new hairstyle, you can choose from over 90 distinct options. You can annotate additional portions of the face in the same way. If you’re searching for a pure cartoon-style Avatar generating site rather than a sketchy one, this is the one to go for. This is the best website for Online character creators.

#2 Kartunix

Avatar creator

Kartunix is another cartoon Avatar maker website that easily creates avatars based on your favorite characters. Making an avatar is as simple as writing A, B, C. You don’t need graphic design abilities to develop the surface; all you need is imagination. Cool cartoons, manga style, Cute anime, Kawai, emo, realistic graphics, and full-body avatars are all accessible here. The great news is that you can also personalize T-shirts and create a trendy hoodie. This is the best website for free avatar makers.

#3 Face.co

Although Avataaars Generator is lovely and simple, there aren’t many things you may change. Face.co is all about offering you options on how to create your online profile avatar in every way.

Your lips, nose, ears, eyes, brows, and hair may all be changed. There are several colour options for the skin, hair, and eye. You may also alter your appearance and add a stunning background image.

#4 Generator Avatars

Avatar creator

Avatars Generator is a fantastic Avatar maker that allows you to create cartoon images. This application is highly user-friendly for those who want to make their avatars without having any graphic design experience. All you have to do immediately is change the persona you choose. Drag & drop items to customize the character. Can create a  character in less than 5 minutes. Then save it as a PNG or SVG file.

Using the Freepik website, you can quickly make Avatars. You can utilize pre-made characters here, and all you have to do is choose any symbol or avatar you want. Thousands of free characters are available to use. However, to change characters to make them look more relaxed and unique, you’ll need graphic design abilities. Would you please make use of the free pick service, which is entirely free?

#5 Avachara

Avatar creator

Another Avatar builder website is Avachara, which allows you to create simple cartoon images. The site’s UI is fairly simple and excellent for individuals who are wanting to make simple avatars. There isn’t much difference from Cartoonize, which we mentioned earlier.

All you have to do is choose the Avatar’s gender, shape, eyebrows, nose, ears, and other facial effects from a list of over 100. They also sell extras like glasses, spectacles, masks, clothing, and many other accessories for the Avatar. The website, unlike the Photolamus, is absolutely free to use. This is the best website for a character creator.

#6 Avataaars Generator


Standards and guidelines for web design evolve throughout time.  These days, an avatar must appear as though it belongs online.  This site allows you to create an avatar that resembles an emoji because they are now a popular style.

#7 8BitIcon

Retro 8-bit pixel graphics is making a strong comeback. On the internet, nostalgia for vintage games and cartoons is very common. Naturally, this also applies to creating your own avatar. Similar to Face.co, but using pixel art, is 8BitIcon. Select a face, clothing, mouth, hair, eyes, and backdrop. As well as your gender.

Unusual for its time, 8BitIcon currently presents itself as a method for making avatars. You must pay with the Ethereum cryptocurrency in order to obtain yours. The image may also be downloaded for free as a PNG file by simply selecting it with your right mouse button.

#8 The Character Creator








Another fun avatar maker is The Character Creator. You may use the site to create an avatar by beginning from the bottom and working your way up, modifying various aspects of your avatar. You begin by choosing a male or female character, and then you gradually add more attributes to give your avatar the exact appearance you want.

Once finished, the avatar is available for download as an SVG or PNG file. You may download an avatar’s entire body, only the upper body, or a close-up for avatar profile images using Character Creator. After that, you may use your work wherever you choose.

#9 Powerpuff Yourself

One of Cartoon Network’s most well-known animated series, the Powerpuff Girls, has inspired a method for creating an avatar. Therefore, feel free to “Powerpuff Yourself.”

In the Self area, choose your skin tone, eye colour, lip colour, hair colour, and optional beard. Then, head over to Gear to choose your outfit, spectacles, something to hold in your hand, and a friend like a puppy or anything like a football. Powerpuff Yourself will attempt to create an amusing backdrop for the avatar after you’re finished.

#10 DoppelMe

Would it surprise you if this site differed from all the others? It’s not actually, though. Starting with a nude avatar, you may then choose and choose from a number of appearances, styles, and embellishments.

#11 Ready Player Me

You may click and drag to rotate your avatar as you’re making it. The only facial attributes you may change in Ready Player Me are your avatar’s brows and eye colour. However, you may alter the hair colour, hairdo, and facial hair. Additionally, you may include cosmetics, eyeglasses, clothing, masks, and tattoos.

#12 Avachara

You may create an avatar in the anime style with Avachara. You may pick from a variety of face shapes, eyes, noses, lips, brows, and hair in addition to skin tone and gender. You may choose from a large selection of clothing, which covers everything but footwear.

Choose from everyday attire as well as more unique options like a Santa dress and a construction helmet. You have a huge selection to pick from if you wish to add more goods. Along with cats, glasses, and flag symbols, there are things like swords and guitars. Lastly, you may select a backdrop colour or pattern.

#13 Superherotar

Avatar creator

Do you prefer Marvel or DC Comics? Superherotar is one of the best websites for creating your own superhero and sharing it with the rest of the globe. Please create a new superhero and add it to your Avatars collection by changing the appearance of The Flash or adding a mustache to the Hulk.

The procedure is similar to dressing games; select Superhero body parts, mix them, add extra accessories, and save them to your device by pressing the button. They also include tools for making Zombies, Vampires, Manga, Star Trek, Vikings, and Pirate Avatars, in addition to superheroes. This website is best for the free character creator.

#14 Dolldivine

Avatar creator

One of the best tools for creating anime avatars is Mage Anime Avatar Creator (Doll Divine). This website provides everything you need if you’re a Manga fan. Select a boy or girl and begin annotating them with various manga-inspired hairstyles, scars, skin tones, face tattoos, and over 20 different backgrounds.

Making an Avatar is similar to playing a phone game, but there is no opportunity to download photographs. In this instance, you can snap screenshots with your smartphone, and if you’re on a PC, chrome extensions will assist you. Also, if you want the site to work, make sure Adobe Flash Player isn’t blocked.

#15 Charat factory

Avatar creator

Charat is a website dedicated to Chibi Characters from Japan. The UI for generating Anime avatars is straightforward and straightforward. The characters are pre-made, so all you have to do is personalize them with various beautifying expressions, skin tones, and so on.

Charat, like any other manga Avatar maker tool previously covered, allows you complete control over your created character. When you’re through making your Avatar Creator, click the photo icon in the upper right corner of the creator board to share it with Facebook and Twitter.

#16 Dude factory

Avator creator

Dude Factory is one of the most popular sites for making free Avatar Creator. If you’re curious about Avatars or want to change your social network profile photo for a short period of time and don’t have a beautiful photo of yourself to use, go to Dude Factory and generate a random new Avatar in seconds.

The site is simple to navigate, and making an avatar is as simple as drawing a circle on the paper and filling it with red paint. Although there aren’t many customizing choices, it could be a good alternative for making simple Avatars. They currently have three background themes, five items, three outfits, and over ten facial effects.

#17 Prepare to Face Your Manga

Avatar creator

Using the DoppelMe portal, you can quickly build small dynamic avatars. You won’t find anything like that on this site, unlike other sites that require Flash to function properly. Begin by deciding on the gender, skin tone, and eye color of the online character creators.
The screen will then show you a few additional options, such as facial expressions, where you can choose from angry, sad, joyful, or exhausted emotions. Put some clothes on your character, give them an item, and you’re ready to show it out to your family, Facebook friends, or anybody else.

#18 Prepare to Face Your Manga

Avatar creator

My Blue Robot is one of the most popular websites for creating avatars. However, it offers fewer features than its competitors. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of creating a flawless vector; all it takes is a little imagination and a few mouse clicks.
You can do a few things to finish it, such as selecting the gender and then annotating it with various effects and goods. You can also focus on a particular feature or portion of the character’s face.

#19 Prepare to Face Your Manga

Avatar creator

Voki is similar to the other sites on the list, but it stands out due to its voice feature. As in any anime film, you can give your character the capacity to speak. It’s a teaching tool, but we may also use it to make Avatars.
Your ideas and creativity can help you design stunning Avatar Creator. The site is free, but upgrading to the premium version is a good idea if you want a wider variety of appearances. However, make sure to take benefit of the free version’s full capabilities.

Prepare to Face Your Manga

Avatar creator

Simply by looking at the name, it is evident that you must give your Manga a new face by customizing the Avatar with various facial effects, expressions, scars, and a plethora of additional annotations.
Manga enthusiasts worldwide have been utilizing this website for years and have produced over 14 million unique characters. So, it’s time to reawaken the cartoonist hidden deep inside your spirit and create a new Avatar for the world. This is the best character creator-free.


 Generator Avatars

Avatar creator

Manga.com allows you to transform into an Anime Avatar Creator. You can change your eyes, nose, eyebrows, hair, and mouth and add a ponytail, facial hair, and accessories using the web app. From the neck up, the software assists you in creating an anime avatar.

It is one of the most popular cartoon avatar creators on the internet. You must click the “Randomizer” button for the site to generate an avatar for you at random. You can use this application to manually change Avatars and utilize them on your blog or social networking sites.


 Generator Avatars

Avatar creator

When you do things like remark or post on a blog, your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site and appears beside your name. You can use this site to generate an 8080-pixel avatar associated with your email address and displayed on websites with Gravatar-enabled. This website is greater for the free character creator.


So, these are the greatest websites for making online avatars. They can be used on various social media platforms or in situations when you don’t want to use your genuine profile photograph for privacy concerns. Although social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are mostly safe, some forums and community blogs are not advisable to reveal you’re true identity.
Most of these sites are free, and you can make as many Avatars as you like, but there are a few that you should check out, such as Gravatar and Freepik. You do not need to pay for the character creator online, but if the sites want it, make sure to examine current pricing specifics. You can also share your story on any of the above-mentioned websites. Leave a remark below!


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