What is xResolver Xbox? Why is It Important? How to Use xResolver IP Logger?

The database and website xResolver have gained notoriety for all the wrong reasons. We look at its nature and how it applies to you. If you’re looking up information on xResolver, you probably feel a bit uneasy already. The online database has been the center of controversy over online safety and privacy, hackers, and gamers. But do not panic; instead, take a deep breath and continue reading, buddy, as information about xresolver.com is power in this domain.

It would be prudent to talk about xResolver’s purpose before getting into the specifics of what it does. This is where the real tale of xResolver.com starts. Video game culture has always had a bit of a toxic or elitist vibe in certain subcultures.


The primary purpose of video games was to provide enjoyment. But as online games advanced to the point where player rivalry became feasible, some people went beyond

On xResolver Xbox, nobody likes to lose, but how we handle that emotion is crucial. And the main purposes of xResolver, which include online bullying, retaliation, and antisocial behavior, stem from this pivotal moment.

How does one use xResolver?

A database or website called xResolver holds publicly accessible data on the IP addresses of gamers and how they relate to gamertags and online personas. Because the particular instructions for blacklisting your IP address on Xbox are available to the public, sharing them on a public website is not considered illegal.

The fundamental issue with xResolver 1.0 is that it’s probably not the best of intentions for someone to ask which IP address (on a PC, PS4, or Xbox) corresponds with your specific profile. Who would care about your IP address or xResolver blacklist link if not your friends? An intruder.

Private information that links your online identity to your actual internet connection is accessible to interested parties using xResolver. From now on, you might be the subject of several attacks, such as distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attempts, from the xReslover user.

In a hypothetical League of Legends match, let’s assume you decisively defeat a player. The gamer becomes enraged and seeks retribution. They may visit xResolver.com, enter your gamertag or PSN ID, collect your IP address, and then use your connection to intentionally slow it down.

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What OctoSniff does that it doesn’t?

But xResolver doesn’t really collect any of this information. Consider PS4 xResolver as an information library instead of an information-gathering instrument.

Hackers are culpable for this problem; more precisely, they use tools like OctoSniff to obtain intellectual property (IP) from unwary targets.

While a game is being played, OctoSniff collects data and decodes it into information that is simple to understand. This information might show which IP address corresponds to a specific ID or gamertag.

This information may now be submitted to xResolver, where it could be used however the interested party sees fit on xResolver for PS4. Furthermore, as we already established, it’s probably not for charity purposes.

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How to proceed if xResolver lists you?

Anyone may enter a gamertag or PSN ID on the xResolver website to see if the website already has information about the IP address associated with that account. The webpage states that around 25 million accounts have been “resolved” as of right now.

Although being included in the xResolver database is not ideal, it is not catastrophic. As previously said, simply being there does not indicate that someone is deliberately attempting to hurt you. It simply indicates that you engaged in online gaming with a jerk who stole and subsequently released your personal information.

If you pay for a premium service, certain websites, like xResolver, assert that they will “blacklist” your information. Although a single website may remove this data from their database, they won’t guarantee that their rivals will follow suit.

They are attempting to con you out of your hard-earned money. You don’t really need to bargain with them because they lack the ability to defend you.

The best course of action is to secure your IP address going forward by changing it.

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How to secure yourself and modify your IP address

Depending on your hardware and configuration, changing your IP address may be as easy as turning your router on and off. It’s more difficult than just flipping the IP address on your associated device since you want to modify your public IP address, not your local one.

The simplest way to fix xresolver.com for PS4 is probably to unplug your router for a short while and check to see if it fixes the issue. You may use the free website below to find out your IP address. If your data is scraped again, this method should provide you with a new IP address, but it won’t prevent another hacker from posting your updated information to xResolver.

Purchasing a VPN would be a better long-term fix. VPN services help protect your IP address from fraudsters and hackers while also making changing it simple. VPN services might offer additional advantages and be reasonably priced.

We hope that this little guide has helped you feel less stressed about xResolver. They certainly aren’t a nice group, but we shouldn’t allow them to ruin our wonderful time. It’s simple to say that everyone enjoys gaming, and that concludes our conversation.

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