Best Sites like Zooqle, Working Zooqle Proxy and Mirror Sites 2021

Zooqle proxy

Zooqle is well-known for being one of the most popular BitTorrent sites. You will get free sports, videos, applications, and other content. Many countries around the world have recently banned entry to the zooqle torrent.

What Happened to Zooqle?

The zooqle proxy is still constantly generating new arguments for hosting. You can download a variety of movies, apps, television shows, sports, and other items from this website. If you are not a regular user of this website and are having trouble locating a functioning mirror spot, don’t worry. In this post, we will provide you with related mirror sites as well as the safest and most fitting Zooqle alternatives.

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Zooqle Proxy / MirrorsTypeStatus


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Zooqle Proxy/MirrorStatusSpeed Fast
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Zoogle ProxyONLINENormal
Zoogle UnblockOFFLINEN/A

List of Best Zooqle Alternatives 2021


You’ll have a difficult time getting a more attractive alternative to Zooqle Torrents than 1337x. 1337x is the third most popular torrent website on the internet in 2018, and its attractive architecture has much to do with it. Since 1337x is a general public torrent tracker, it does not specialize in exclusive material. Photos, games, audio, and apps of all kinds can be found on the website.

Since 1337x users are so relaxed, they sometimes leave comments under the content they download, and they sometimes complain about their performance and warn other users about malware. The majority of 1337x torrents come with a rundown and a mask, so you can easily find something special even though you don’t know what you’re searching for on zooqlw.

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Just like zooqle proxy RARBG alternative to Zooqle Torrents. Thanks to a dedicated community and a number of seeders, RARBG offers an incredible selection of fresh and old torrents for quick download. RARBG has gained a reputation over the last decade as a result of its high-quality torrents and user-friendly interfaces.

A wide range of torrents is organized into a series of useful lists, such as the best ten films or TV shows. As RARBG’s popularity has grown in recent years, it has been banned in a number of countries, including Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Denmark. However, you can use a VPN to connect to a server in a country where RARBG is not blocked.

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YTS is best site like zooqle yts. YIFY and YTS are also the go-to places for torrent fans to browse torrents.
What is the explanation for this? First and foremost, as it burst into the torrenting scene, it filled the smallest file sizes without losing their consistency. People were taken aback by this sorcery at the time.

YTS has amassed a sizable fan base over time, but it has also been downsized by the authorities. Though not as extensive as zooqlw, YTS now hosts a film archive, while the former has everything: movies, TV shows, sports, and software. If you just want to watch episodes, YTS is the place to go!


GloTorrents, a common alternative to Zooqle Torrents, is another torrent platform that is rapidly gaining in popularity. Although the website’s user interface is a little dated, torrents can be found in categories such as apps, TV, movies, sports, and so on.

Unwanted advertisements that pop up on a new screen, on the other hand, irritate users. Although these torrent sites are meant to display advertisements, it appears that this is too late. In any case, GloTorrents keeps the list of available torrents up to date.

The Piratebay

Pirate Bay is the common popular torrent platform on the internet. It has overcome many shutdowns and roadblocks over the years. However, in order to prevent future shutdowns, the domain switches regularly, and it sometimes goes offline entirely.

Fortunately, due to Always-Online technologies or a Pirate Bay proxy, you can always access the web. The Pirate Bay has a huge assortment of torrents, with over one million already available, covering a wide range of categories. You should have no trouble finding what you’re searching for, thanks to the user-friendly gui. Pirate Bay has been blocked by a number of ISPs due to its reputation, but a good VPN will allow you to bypass these restrictions.


Regular torrent users may be more familiar with the name of this torrent platform. Kickass is a great alternative to Zooqle Torrentsoption that is also entertaining. The torrent website offers its users a diverse selection of torrents in a variety of categories. Kickass also has a simple and clean user interface as zooqlw, which is among the best on the internet.

In the Advanced Search section of the web page, you can determine the file size, word matches, torrent indexing times, category (TV, music, films, sports, software, books, animals), and language. On the homepage, there is also a list of the most used torrents.


Zooqle extratorrent as a proxy ExtraTorrent extratorrent as a proxy. ExtraTorrent, like Zooqle proxy, was originally a popular torrent platform. It was also the next largest torrent site in the world in November 2016, but it was willingly shut down by its operators less than a year after it hit its peak in success. Today, a number of ExtraTorrent mirrors are available.

According to the ExtraTorrent IRC channel, one such mirror is https:/, and is the only one run by the original platform’s models. ExtraTorrent clones have been discovered for delivering bitcoin or ransomware, so we recommend sticking with


In a previous edition of this post, Torrentz2 was ranked second. The website, however, is no longer accessible due to technical difficulties. In the year 2021, I wanted to replace the clone with Torrentz2 and the iconic with Torrentz2.

It’s worth noting that Torrentz2 isn’t only a torrent website; it’s even a meta-search engine that aggregates the findings of hundreds of other websites like zooqlw. Day-by-day sorting, an ON/OFF filter for adults, and a choice that has not been checked are all available on the Zooqle alternative search page.

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