15 Best Free Voice Changer For You in 2021

Looking for a Discord voice changer that works in real time? The Voxal Voice Changer is capable of a wide range of functions. In every application or game that uses a microphone, it can edit, disguise, and transform your voice. It can be used to make things more enjoyable.Voxal Voice Changer appears to have an infinite number of possibilities. The library contains a large number of templates and configurations.

It will take a long time for you to try them all out. From animal voices to location-specific sounds to strange alien voices, there’s something for everyone.Using a microphone or other audio input device, you can apply effects in real time.It’s quick and easy to use. Any template or setting can be tweaked to your preference. Its mic level, pitch, flanger, and loudness may all be adjusted. Seriously, you can customise each voice to create a one-of-a-kind sound that you won’t find anywhere else.

The non-commercial version is free to download and use at home, and it works with both Windows and Mac OS. It’s small and uses little CPU, so it won’t interfere with other programmes, such as games. You can use it without fear of performance

15 Best Free Voice Changer in 2021


best free voice changer

For gamers, multimedia creators, and YouTubers, Voicemod is one of the free voice changing software options.
With this software, you can make yourself sound like a robot, demon, chipmunk, woman, man, or anything else you can think of. It is compatible with all of your favourite games and seamlessly interacts with Elgato Stream Deck, Streamlabs OBS software, Twitch, Gamecaster, and Omegle. This is the most powerful voice changer for Discord mobile, with a long list of capabilities.

2. VoiceChanger.io

best free voice changer

It is a web application that allows you to change your voice changer. Another online voice changer tool is VoiceChanger.io, which can transform your voice into a variety of other sounds. Your voice can be modified to a variety of presets, including alien, robot, telephone, devil, and other movie characters such as Jakie Chan and Bane.

This Voice Changer programme also allows you to customise your own voice. You can either import a sound clip or use your microphone to record a sound. Another feature of this online voice changer is the ability to import text, which can then be transformed to voice output.

3. Clownfish

best free voice changer

Clownfish Voice Changer has proven to be the most powerful voice changer available for Windows. This software will be installed on the computer’s operating system. As a result, it will affect any programme that employs a microphone or any other device that gathers audio. As a result, your voice will be altered according to the settings in Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, Viber, Steam, and other similar applications.

4. JR MorphVOX

best free voice changers

MorphVOX Junior is a free voice changer that changes your voice to fit your personality. You can imitate a man, a lady, or a child. This voice changer is very easy to use because it comes with built-in voices and sound effects.
MorphVOX Junior is designed for online gaming, but it can also be used to make prank calls to pals via instant messaging and VoIP. With the press of a key, mouse, or joystick button, this Discord voice modulator can even send off automobile screeches and drum rolls.

5.Voice Changer Pro by RoboVox

best free voice changers

With RoboVox, you can transform your voice from scary to hilarious, from male to female, and from evil to robot using vocoder technology. Users can experiment with pitch and modulation settings by sliding their finger around the X-Y control area, which includes 32 different voice patterns. The software has three modes of operation: real-time, parrot, and recording. Pitch Shift (Chipmunk, Helium voice), Discobot, Badman, Exorcist, Cylon, Dalek, Singing Robot, Vader, HAL, Stephen, Prophet, and more are among the voice models available.

6.Voice Changer for Discord

best free voice changers

This programme allows you to record your voice and have it sound like Yoda, Gilgamesh, or your bottom doppelganger. This Discord voice changer is mostly intended to deepen the voice, alter accents, and create a humorous voice. This voice changer works as a switchboard, allowing you to apply a variety of sound effects to your voice with ease. We are confident that this programme is a superb game recorder and a thoroughly engaging application, given all of its capabilities.

You can also use this app if you have a baritone voice or a strange sore throat. If you have a macaw, you can also experiment with helium effects on his voice, or switch to extraterrestrial impacts like Sith or Dalek, or Robocop effects. This Discord voice changer features a simple, elegant, and intuitive UI that allows you to create an unlimited number of unique shifting voices.

7.Diamond AV Voice Changer Software

best free voice changers

You may get a free trial of this voice shifting programme that allows you to do practically anything with your voice by downloading and running it. You may cut, mix, and edit your voice or any audio clip in real time, as well as do waveform editing.Because the programme puts you in command, you may adjust the age and gender of your voice, as well as access and modify every attribute of your voice with ease.You can make your voice sound deeper, younger, higher, older, more masculine, more feminine, or customised in any way you choose by utilising the software.
The programme is built using cutting-edge algorithms that ensure that each audio output is treated to the best possible natural quality.

8.Voice modulator

best free voice changers

It’s an online tool that allows you to change the sound of your voice and apply effects to it. The software allows you to adjust voice effects to your liking. It’s free to use, and it guarantees that you’ll be able to generate a sound that sounds just like the genuine thing. The application allows you to use a microphone to record voice in a web browser.
You can also add a new voice or change the voices in a pre-recorded audio file.This online tool offers a variety of voice effects and allows you to upload files from your hard drive.

9.Voice changer with the best quality

best free voice changers

For Android users, Best Voice Changer is a free voice changer app. This app is available for download from the Playstore and offers a number of benefits. For example, you can use this application to record a sound or select an existing audio file to convert. Furthermore, you will have fun while using the software, and you will love the process of converting the voice of yourself, your friends, or your family. The recordings can be shared on social media channels. Monster, Diving, Robot, Helium, Kid, The Smurfs, Chorus, and many other effects are available in the programme.

10. Funcalls

Funcalls is the best voice changer and call recorder on the market. Funcalls – Best Voice Changer & Call Recording is a free voice changer designed for instant messaging users. It has the ability to adjust the quality of its owner’s voice in the microphone. Everyone will appreciate an application interface that is simple and intuitive. This programme offers a number of blanks for various types of congratulations, contests, and other activities. The possibility of voice translations would be a nice alternative. When chatting with friends or business colleagues, such a feature will come in handy. You can speak in your native language, and the programme will translate it for you.

11. Aleaf Games’ Vocie Changer

best free voice changers

This is a very user-friendly app. When you go to the main menu, you’ll notice that you may record your voice, layer effects, or select a track from the library. There are around 20 different voice effects to choose from. Furthermore, the interface design is incredibly colourful and enjoyable, yet it isn’t irritating at the same time. You can alter your voice into being drunk, being in the cave, being a squirrel, helium, monster, and a variety of other characters.

12. AndroidRock’s voice changer

When you first start this software, you might not like it because it has an outdated user interface.
However, because it is so basic and easy to use, we may overlook its limitations because the effects given here are excellent for changing your voice. First and foremost, you must make a voice recording. You can do this by recording in the app or selecting a tune from your phone’s library. The software will then bring you to the effects, where you can experiment. You can select between a robotic style, a youngster, an elderly man, a chorus, and a variety of other options. However, if you’re looking to change your voice on a professional level, this isn’t the software for you.
It’s mostly for fun, so everyone will be able to hear your voice change.

13. Live Voice Changer – Prank call

Live Voice Changer Discord

This app is now available for iOS and iPad OS on the AppStore. On your iOS device, this app functions as a real-time voice changer. You can choose from very amazing options like Talking Tom Cat, Squirrel, and even Darth Vader!
There are 11 live voices to choose from, and you can simply adjust the tone colour with a 12-band equalisation for a more authentic sound. Furthermore, with the aid of this application, the microphone can have 15 reverb effects, and you can simply prank your pals with it.

14. Voice Changer Plus

19 Best Voice Changer for Discord 2021 (Free & Paid) 8

Only iOS and iPad OS devices will be supported by this application. It’s available on the App Store. In comparison to the other apps described above, this one appears to have one of the clearest user interfaces. With the aid of this programme, you can even play your voice and sound backwards. You have access to 55 voice effects and background sounds, as well as trim control and full voiceover support. You may also open previously saved recordings to add additional effects.

15. Voice Changer for Skype

Skype Voice Changer Pro lets you change the tone of your voice in real time and speak anything with a computer-generated voice. It also allows you to record your chats and playback pre-recorded noises to the person you’re chatting with. It’s simple to use, and you can test it out right now. Have you ever wished you could appear to be stranded in a car, waiting for a herd of sheep to move out of the way? It’s no problem! Skype Voice Changer Pro allows you to playback pre-recorded sound effects for someone else to hear. The trial edition of this tool came with a few of built-in ones to get you started. Have a good time!

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