Top Best Toonify Alternatives in 2021

Top Best Toonify Alternatives in 2021

Toonify is a powerful AI-based online platform that gives you a wide range of tools for changing your face cartoon in an easy and intuitive way. Tony is giving you a lot of different face generation models so that you can add some characters to the real image or change the characteristics in a way cartoonize a picture that works for you. As soon as you upload the picture, you can see what kind of changes are possible. It’s like making your own CGI movie.

Top Best Toonify Alternatives in 2021

Here are the list of best toonify alternatives apps to use.

1. TheCartoonist


TheCartoonist is a good place for artists and painters to get help with giving their pictures a new look. When you start it, all you have to do is upload a picture from your device or take a new one with your camera, and then set up your contacts.

The platform comes with a lot of cartooning tools that will let you stay in your comfort zone as you make avatars and caricatures. There are a lot of characters to choose from, so pick the one you want and it will be sent to your email address at a good price. All of the cartoon face are made by hand and have the artist’s signature on them. They also have a high resolution.

2. Cartoonize


When you use Cartoonize, which is also called Colorcinch, you can make your photos into cartoon face in a simple way with the help of artificial intelligence. cartoonize a picture is making photo editing even more personalised and vibrant so that you can have instant flawless editing and your own unique art. Then, download or share them with your friends and family when you’re done with them.

This tool comes with a lot of different filters and editing tools that will help you get the perfect avatar for your social media pages. Thanks to advanced editing tools, you can get the results you want in record time, and there is no need to sign up to use them. All you need to do is choose a picture from your phone’s gallery and then use the features, functions, and tools to make it better. Add colour, lines, effects, and cartoonists to brighten or darken the picture. You can also adjust the brightness of the face cartoon. There are many more features to choose from.

3. Anime Face Changer

Anime Face Changer

An anime face changer lets you turn a picture of a real person into an anime version. Turn a picture of your friend into a manga version so that you can surprise them with the manga version of their picture.

It has a Cartoon Editor that lets you turn a normal picture into a cartoon face cartoon, and you can use it to make a kawaii manga version of yourself. In addition, the Cartoon Editor lets you apply different styles to your photos, like photo manga, manga eyes, anime kissing face cartoon, self-portrait animation, anime cameras, and more.

4. ToonApp


ToonApp is an artificial intelligence-based app that comes with the best-in-class editor to make faces look like cartoons. It gives faces a fun look. You can even change the background after you’ve edited the images. Once you’re done with the editing, you can turn the images into artworks and sketch drawings with no trouble. Furthermore, if you want to make a caricature for your social media profile, ToonApp is a great and free app to use. In addition, it’s important to point out that ToonApp is a great app to use when you want to change the look of a picture in order to make it more exciting.

You can use this tool to turn pictures into cartoons with the help of AI-based filters that make them look like they were drawn by a real person. You can also turn cartoon face into anime characters with ease. Make an iconic avatar, add blur, adjust the brightness, a magic brush effect, toon backgrounds and layouts, selfie camera files, and more. There are many more features that you can choose from.

5. LucidPix 3D Photos

LucidPix 3D Photos

LucidPix 3D Photos is one of the most popular apps for editing and taking 3D photos. It lets you make, capture, edit, and share 3D photos quickly and easily. With this, you can quickly make and take 3D photos, change their colours, add 3D frames, add text, and more. In this app, the interface is very simple and easy to use. You can quickly edit and take photos with just one tab.

An expert team of developers and photographers made and published the app. It has almost all of the best tools and features to make it one of the best 3D photo makers. There are a lot of different camera modes that come with the 3D camera app. Each mode has its own set of tools and features. It’s also called a 3D camera app.

6. Wish2be 


To make a caricature from a photo, you can use Wish2be, which is a free software tool that lets you do it online. There are a lot of pictures of things like accessories, decorations, gadgets, and more in the library.

Use all of the editing tools at your disposal to give your pictures a new and exciting look. Wish2be has a lot of different plans, and the free version has some limitations. You should try to use the pro version to get all of the options cartoonize a picture.

7. Oblik 


Oblik AI is a face app that turns your selfie picture into a pretty avatar. Once you’ve made your avatar, you can share it on your store or use it when you talk to friends on almost every social media site. You can also change your avatar’s eyes, lips, hair, beard, and clothes.

It has built-in smart neural technology that can apply sticker-like effects to a photo that you put in. Then, it gives you an avatar picture of that person. Oblik AI is fully compatible with all Android phones and tablets.

8. Adobe Photo to Cartoon

Adobe Photo to Cartoon

To make a cartoon out of a photo, use Adobe Photo to Cartoon, which is free and doesn’t cost anything. The first step is to choose a cartoon filter, change the intensity, and then download the cartoon photo. No one has to worry about how to do it. There are only four simple steps to follow, and you’re done with the  cartoonize a picture.

By giving you tools that are up-to-date, the software is making its mark. When it comes to giving images an artistic look, these tools will let you feel at home. Adobe Photo to cartoon face has a lot of features, like the retro look, the ability to remove the background, art effects, the ability to adjust the image, the ability to resize the image, the ability to crop and straighten the image, and more. In just a few seconds, the picture will become a picture. You can either cartoon yourself and turn any picture into pop art, or you can apply a comic book photo effect.

9. JokeFaces 


JokeFaces is a tool that lets you make your own videos. The best thing about JokeFaces is that it makes you more likely to talk to people you already know. People can make as many videos as they want. As soon as you’ve made a video with your friend in it, you can share it with them on any social media platform.

It asks you to put in a photo with a clearly visible face and choose a video from a number of different categories to apply to that photo. In this case, you can choose between GIF and MP4. If you want to make a video of your friends and celebrities and then prank them with it, you can. After that, the app gives you a high-resolution video of that face.

10. Morfo 3D Face Booth

Morfo 3D Face Booth

When you take a picture of a person’s face, Morfo 3D Face Booth turns a picture of their face into a video with special effects like talking and dancing. The picture you upload can be of anyone: your pet, your boss, your favourite celebrity, or any other object you can think of.

You can use any picture to make facial expressions like smiling, sad, and talking, as well as verbal communication like talking and laughing. There are seven themes and more than 80 costumes that come with the Morfo 3D Face Booth. You can choose one and apply it to your photos. To play pranks on your boss, you can send him or her an email with a picture of him or her turned into a 3D model.

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